There can be no organization without any staff. However, it does not mean that the organization can hire anyone without proper checks. There are various factors that affect the decision of HR while hiring employees. For the large sized organizations, the number of employees needs to be high, and that is why the team of HR needs to find the best ways that can help it in getting the best employees in the least time.

The experience and qualification can be checked with the help of the interview of the candidate, but when it comes to knowing the skills, it is not possible for HR to know it. In the market, one can find many people who are willing to take the job although they have limited skills and for them, it is not that easy to fool HR as there are some tests created by experts which can check the skills of an employee also.

The assessment:

With the help of the tests which are particularly designed for a job, the team of HR can find the profiles that are most suitable to the given job. Such an assessment is carried out at an assessment center or development center. The word development center is used here to specify that at the same place, many of the organizations carry out the training of the new employees also. Here one can learn various skills and gain operational knowledge, which can make one, offer the desired services to the company. It is a dedicated place where various activities for the employees are carried out. Hence usually it is the spot looked after by the team of HR only.

The center:

The assessment center is the right place for the people who apply for the job and who have recently joined the organization. Here one must remember that such a center is not possible to be with any organization and only large organizations can afford the same. This is the center where not only developmental activities take place but also an assessment of the skills of candidates is done. There are different assessment aspects for different categories of employees which are duly taken care of by the team of HR as well as business.

In the routine, when the business wants to hire the people, HR is asked to hunt the candidates from various platforms and scrutinize all of them as per the parameters set by the business. The businesses have different parameters for different positions, and accordingly, the recruiter needs to find the best people who can justify the position they are given in the organization. Some of the positions are mechanical, where one has to deal with machines while some are such where one has to deal with people and focus on the business. Hence the recruiter needs to keep in mind that certain people who apply for a specific position must have certain qualities. The recruiter can know the experience and educational qualification of a candidate by meeting him as well as going through his bio-data, but the skills or talent is something that needs to be checked in a different way.

The test:

To assess the quality of the candidate, there are certain tests which are designed by the experts in the field. These tests have certain questions which are categorized in different sections, and one needs to score well in different sections to have the best position in the company.

The recruiter can use an old test which is usually available online or in the market from various service providers or gets one developed by experts in the field which can be strictly for the purpose of recruitment to the company and for definite positions only. The test has some tricky questions that can be answered by the people who really possess sound command on the subject. Hence those who cannot get a good score here can be avoided from hiring. This test is also taken in two different ways, which are online and offline.

The test type:

The offline test is like a typical exam where a paper is provided to the candidate which possesses some questions. The questions here are with multiple choices, and one needs to point out the right answer. Different sections in the paper must be completed in a specific period. After a certain period, the paper has to be submitted, and the checker comes with a score after checking the test paper. Hence it is a little time-consuming style of test which may not prove as effective when it comes to having mass recruitment.

In the online system, the candidate needs to sign on the portal before it takes on the test.  The paper becomes available to him automatically where he just needs to click the right answer. The system keeps on watching the time, and once it is over the same section cannot be checked by the candidate again. It is the system only that takes care of the time, and after the specific duration, one has to submit the test. The main advantage here is one can have the score immediately available as it is completely automatic. Hence the system only checks for the score and recruiter is updated with the same that can help him decide if one can be hired or not.

The online system of the test is convenient for the companies in this rapid age, and hence,the majority of the companies prefer to go for the same. For the candidates also it proves more beneficial as they can be hired quickly and in case of the online exam they can appear in the test from any location. The companies that prefer to have an online test can have a wider scope to hire talented people from a huge geographical area. The test proves as a tool that can help one get the best and most suitable people from the field. However, one needs to keep in mind that after certain years, the style of the test must be changed to get the most efficient people on board.


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