Modular kitchen making is a one-time investment. When you decide to transform your kitchen into a modular kitchen that means it’s time to plan a budget. It is impossible to make the decision one day and start working on it from the next day. Modular implies a group of various modules. Nowadays it’s easy to get a modular kitchen because many companies have their catalogues. Generally, a modular kitchen package starts from rs.1lakh. The amount depends on the size of the kitchen (sq ft).

According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global kitchen appliances market size was USD 159.29 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 210.80 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period.

You can customise any modules of the package as everything in the package is not going with the house. This is the reason you need proper research and planning before making any decision. You can also get a modular kitchen price idea by customised estimation method on various online portals. You can also customise it according to your needs and see the prices for your custom modular kitchen.

Facts that need attention first

Before you prepare a budget or a modular kitchen cost calculator, you need to know your requirements. And to understand your requirements, you have to judge the following facts.


You have already learned that the transformation of your kitchen from scratch costs pretty much. So it is evident that if you see you need to invest more money after a few days, it will not be very satisfying for you. So quality matters.


Your accessories must compliment your kitchen design. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy fancy accessories. But a group of small things can change the whole look of your kitchen. So the choice of accessories is one of the essential steps of your project.


If you have already taken a step ahead, then there is no meaning in not finishing your project. Without a few appliances, your modular kitchen will not be completed.

Preparation of modular kitchen cost calculator

Now when you have decided precisely what your requirements are, it is time to calculate the cost. The different parts of a modular kitchen cost differently. So to prepare the modular kitchen cost calculator, you need to judge the cost of the various modules separately.

  • Kitchen Size: The base of the latest modular kitchen cost calculator is the size of the kitchen, as the whole package depends on it. The modular kitchen packages are available in different shapes like L shape, simple rectangular shape, U shape, parallel shape etc. The package amount depends on which form you want and most importantly, what is the size of your kitchen. The whole package starts from 50,000/-
  • Cabinet: Cabinets own the majority of the modular kitchen. So the look of the cabinets matters. There are various options of cabinet finish available. Like acrylic, polymer, membrane foil, laminates etc. Among this acrylic is the expensive one and laminate is the common one and also cheaper. Your package price will increase based on these choices.
  • Accessories: Accessories make your kitchen look good as well as it makes your kitchen user-friendly. Not every company includes accessories in their package. In that case, you will have your freedom to research widely and to use your creativity to decorate your modular kitchen with appropriate accessories. You can also customise or eliminate the approx total cost of accessories from the package cost.
  • Countertop Material: Most people don’t bother themselves much when it comes to countertop materials. According to them, the look of a countertop matters more than the quality. Here it’s appropriate to mention that quartz is the most expensive countertop material for its high quality. But most people prefer Corian and polish granite due to their natural, high-end finish. The price starts from rs.2856 to rs.4285 per sq ft.
  • AppliancesModular kitchen cost calculatoralso includes the electronic appliances that make your life easier. You may not purchase the appliances from the modular kitchen provider, but while transforming your kitchen, they fix them in particular spaces. In one line modular kitchen is incomplete without its inbuilt appliances. So the purchase price and the installation price of the appliances will be included in your modular kitchen cost calculator.

Here a chart is given for your better help.

Name: Dishwasher
Purchase price: 28000/- to 40000/-
Installation price: Appx 14000/-

Name: Stove and Range
Purchase price: 46000/- to 100000/-
Installation price: 7000/- to 14000/-

Name:   Microwave
Purchase price: 14000/- to 35000/-
Installation price: 8000/- to 14000/-

Name:  Refrigerators
Purchase price: 32000/- to 200000/-
Installation price: 10000/- to 17000/-

In the modular kitchen cost calculatorthe total amount of the above chart should be included. Though the purchase price will not be a part of the modular kitchen cost package if you choose not to purchase your appliances from the modular kitchen provider.

At the end 

Maybe it’s evident to you that you cannot prepare a whole modular kitchen cost calculator only from internet research. It’s a long term process. Modular kitchen is not at all a pocket-friendly project. So preparation of a budget has to be your first step. And a cost calculator can make your work easier.

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