The study of theology is not as common among students as in other career paths. You may be able to easily find a doctor, accountant, or lawyer as opposed to finding theologians. For instance, in a state as big as Virginia, which has an estimated population of 8.5 million people, you can easily find a Virginia personal injury attorney in no time, compared to the time it would take to find a theologian. 

Top 7 Reasons Why Theology Is Important to Society

Nonetheless, whether one has professional qualifications in the field or not, each Christian should consider themselves a theologian to some degree. Everyone who follows the path of Jesus Christ should reflect on their belief and the importance of their faith in their daily lives.

What Is Theology?

The literal meaning of theology is the deliberation about God. It’s the study of the origins of Christian belief, such as the creation and the Bible. Theology is necessary for seeking the essence of Christianity in modern days. 

The principles of theology are built around humanity, salvation, eschatology, the world and God. You can apply the knowledge gained from studying theology in practicing and delivering God’s message and relation to the world. Theology is a practice that pertains to the reflection upon one’s faith. So what makes this particular domain important? Here are 7 reasons why theology matters:

1. Answers Common Questions and Satisfies the Human Curiosity

It’s common for people to ask themselves things such as “why am I here?” or “Where are we heading to?” and further self-doubting quizzes, theology provides the explanations to such life topics.

2. It’s an Essential Part of Spirituality

The devotion one has to Jesus is the maintenance of theological fidelity and integrity. Only through this dominion are human beings able to connect themselves to a holy life and the spiritual aspect of their identities. From spirituality comes moralism, which is a crucial part of societal prosperity.

3. Enables Us to Acknowledge God as the Heart of All Circumstances 

Not only does it help us in understanding God as the center of all happenings, but it also serves as a highlight to the boundaries for the situations in life.

4. Helps Us Understand and Reflect

Because of the awareness that theology provides, people are able to articulate their experience with God’s grace more distinctly. They learn to recognize and appreciate the grace they experience via theological understanding.

5. It Compels Preaching to Be as Arduous as It Should Be

For there to be preachers that are of sense and substance and whose knowledge and understanding of God is to be passed on to their followers without turmoil, the study of theology is necessary. A credible preacher is one who is informed in the most vital parts of Christianity and theology.

6. Theology Takes up a Crucial Role in the Leadership of the Church

There could be blindness on some aspects of church practices and principles, which could be experienced through uninformed leadership. Therefore having conscientious leaders that are theologians plays a tactical prognostic part in the Church.

7. Supports in Making Things Practical 

The fundamental concern of theology is to make things clear and practical. It tries to provide a sense between spirituality and reality. Spirituality provides meaning to theology. Without it, it would be nothing more than just thinking and talking about God, but with spirituality comes faith that helps everything that theology stands for make sense.

The Bigger Picture

As believers, it’s safe to consider ourselves theologians of some sort. As for theology and spirituality, the two aspects depend on each other for the balance and betterment of our faith.

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  1. I understand that studying theology is a crucial part to build a great and substantial foundation for religious leadership. My brother is lost with his career and he is thinking about going into the seminary re-think about his life path. I hope going into seminars can help him with his decisions.


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