Going For The Correct Fit For Running Shoes Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficut

It is one thing to desire and go for running shoes, it is an entirely different thing to go for running shoes that are your perfect fit. The fact that you need to go for running shoes that fit you well cannot be overemphasized.

Running shoes that perfectly fit goes a long way in preventing injuries and making running an adventure worth looking forward to. Running entails covering some reasonable distance and this means you have to be intentional about your comfort and wear shoes that fit as you cover these distances. Asics sales are on for shoes that perfectly fit you!

This is a guide on how to ensure the correct running shoes & find the perfect fit.

Going For The Correct Fit For Running Shoes Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficut

Knowing your shoe size

There is the common assumption that after we reach adulthood, our shoe sizes remain constant and hardly change. This may not be totally true as a number of things can happen to our feet and make them change in size. Some of these things include but are not limited to:

  • Increase in the length of the feet when they become flatter.
  • Widened feet as a result of pregnancy.
  • Increase in the height of arches, particularly with people with already high arches.
  • Changes in foot shape as a result of injuries.
  • A change in the shape of toes as a result of heels, tight shoes, and pointy shoes among other things.

Based on the above, it is ideal to be sure of your shoe size before you go for that pair of running shoes. Your shoe size might just have changed to your utter surprise, and employees from AU Asics stores can confirm that this happens!

How can you check for your foot size? That’s pretty easy!

You can easily check your foot size by standing on a sheet of paper (ensure you have your running socks on) and drawing the outline of your feet. After you have drawn the outline, you can get a tape rule, a ruler, or any other relevant measuring instrument to measure the length and width of the outline of each foot.

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The correct fit for running shoes

Do you know that your feet have a remarkably high tendency of changing in size as you run? Well, now you know! Every time your foot hits the ground, there is an increase in length and width as the force of hitting the ground is distributed to your foot muscles and bones. Interestingly, once your foot is off the ground, these muscles and bones that spread out initially, return to their normal sizes. This phenomenon points to the fact the correct fit for shoes used for running is totally different from the correct fit for leather or casual footwear which are only used for activities like walking, sitting, and standing. It would be an error on your part to think that the size you use for other shoes is the same one you should use for running shoes.

It is a common recommendation that you go for a running shoe that is a little bigger than the shoe size you use. This provides your foot with the chance to move freely as you run and as your foot expands when it strikes the ground. A shoe is chosen while standing and which perfectly fits can cause pain in the toes when running with it.

Your need for speed is an important factor

If you are a fan of fast-track running, it might be in your best interest to go for a closely fitting trainer. (Ask the staff at any Australian Asics store to help you with a fit that is snug, but not too tight). This is because the reduction in movement comes in handy when you strike the ground with more force. On the flip side if you’re one for marathons it is in our best interest to go for running shoes that do not fit closely as those used by fast-track runners.

Your socks matter

Whenever you go shopping for running shoes, it is best that you bring along your running socks. These running socks might be thicker or thinner than your regular socks; this is totally based on what you prefer. Ensure you bring your socks along and wear them as you try out different running shoes to know which would perfectly fit with your socks on.

Timing is crucial

Do you know that your feet slightly increase in size as the day goes by?

The simple explanation for this is the fact that humidity and high temperatures raise the body temperature. As a result of this, the blood vessels dilate to improve blood circulation and this in turn leads to slight swelling in the hands and the legs. Based on this, it is wise to go for running shoes for fit later in the day because your feet are bigger at that time.

Foot width is an essential consideration

If you have wide or narrow feet, do not burden yourself by going for the regular shoe sizes; there are a bunch of Asics shoes for sale that offer both narrow- and wide-fit variations on many running shoe collections.

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Consider foot problems

If you suffer from foot problems such as bunions or heel spurs or you have suffered from them at one time or the other, it is important that you seek guidance as to how to go for running shoes that won’t make them worse or bring them back.

Asics Australia online stores are notable for having the perfect running shoes that will be great for you.

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