How to Find My Information on the Dark Web

How to Find My Information on the Dark Web

Your data may be on the dark web. As frightening as that sounds, it is widespread. You need to know if your data is floating around the dark web, and what...

5 Typography Best Practices for Mobile Web Design

The number of mobile phone users is increasing exponentially and almost every user is accessing Internet on these devices.  Owing to this trend, it has become incumbent upon every...
Safeguard Your Website from Hackers

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Website from Hackers

Hacking is a word that is used far too often in the modern digital world that we live in today. People that you’ve never met, never interacted with, or probably don’t...
never settle

12 Tips to Protect Your Company Website from Hackers

Hackers! This is a sure-fire word that is bound to bolt any modern entrepreneur and business owner from a deep sleep even if they were dreaming. Hackers have become quite the...
web development

Modern Technologies for Advanced Web Development

Web development continues to change, and we’re seeing modern technologies rapidly evolving. Simple websites are back, sort of, with one-page website design, but there are complex operations occurring behind...
vps hosting

VPS gone down: how to get the server running again?

No matter how many times, each time server crashes and stops working it causes panic and despair. Windows VPS hosting, as well as Linux VPS hosting, can result in the server...

5 Reasons Why Google Forces Websites To Use SSL Certificates

If you have a website not secured with an SSL certificate, by now you might have seen that Google Chrome marks your site as ‘Not Secure’ in its address bar. You...

8 Best Health Website WordPress Themes

8 Best Health Website Wordpress Themes There is no hiding the fact now that websites and online presence are a must for any business. With the exponential growth of the internet over...

Top 5 Cloud Providers for Small Businesses

The cloud has drastically changed the way modern companies operate. Thanks to their high level of accessibility, now employees can access information from different devices - even mobile - allowing them...

Benefits of VPS hosting for a WordPress site

When building their first sites, many web developers use Shared Hosting. It's quite simply the cheapest option and is largely sufficient for most startups. As the site grows, it will begin...

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