Queen Medb of Ireland

Queen Medb of Ireland was a beautiful and powerful woman who ruled the land of Erin from before the beginning of time. She was a fearless, strong-willed, and cunning ruler who had an immense appetite for battle. In fact, thanks to all her battles with rival nations in which she always came out on top, many people now think that she is the inspiration for all those romanticized Irish tales.

Queen Medb of Ireland

  1. Who was Queen Medb
  2. Queen Medb’s Date of Birth
  3. Early History of Ireland
  4. Life and Legacy
  5. Her Death
  6. Conclusion

Who was Queen Medb?

Medb was the queen of Ireland, and she was considered to be its most powerful female ruler. She ruled the country for many years before she married King Eochaid Airem of Connaught who was king of Tara. She spent her whole life fighting battles with other nations, many of which involving war and bloodshed. Even during the reign of her husband, Medb continued to fight battles; one of these is considered to be the Battle of Mag Tured.

Queen Medb’s Date of Birth

Her date of birth has never been revealed, but there are many beliefs about it. One story claims that she was born in the same year as the death of her father, Conchobar mac Nessa, the king of Ireland. Another story was that she was born on a winter day on which a full moon had not been seen for seven years. This led to the prediction that the girl born on that day would be a very powerful and courageous queen and would never know fear. A third story was that she was born at sunrise on Friday, signaling her mastery of battle skills.

Early History in Ireland

Many believe that Queen Medb was said to have been born in Inis Mór in Inishowen, Ireland. It is also believed that Medb ruled the counties of Meath, Westmeath and Longford as well as parts of Cork, Tipperary and Offaly. She lived with her father in the kingdom of Connaught until she was 19 years old, when she married Ailill mac Máta.

After marrying Alilill , King of Connaught, Medb enjoyed her life in the kingdom. She bore him three sons, Cúchulainn, Ailill and Íthengin. One day during a battle between the gods (this may refer to the Tuatha Dé Danann versus the Fomorians) which occurred when no one was looking, she stood up on top of her chariot with each hand holding the reins of two horses.

Life and Legacy

A year after marrying Ailill mac Máta, Medb gave birth to a son named Maine (pronounced “MY-nee”). After Maine’s birth, Ailill and Medb decided to travel to Tara where they were welcomed by his brother, Eochaid Airem. The couple soon became king and queen of Connaught. Eochaid was loyal to Medb and played a major role in her victories throughout the centuries.

Medb ruled supremely for many years over the various kingdoms she inherited from her father: Connaught, Meath, Westmeath and Longford as well as parts of Cork and Tipperary. In her time, she had a number of wives and concubines who sometimes fought each other for the throne of Ireland. She was also credited with being responsible for the rise of the Nemedian tribe, led by Cúchulainn, from minor to major political forces in Ireland. It is said that the tribe supplanted the more traditional and heavy-set Érainn clan which had been ruling Ireland at least since its first inhabitants arrived on these shores about 12,000 years ago.

Her Death

Queen Medb ruled Ireland until she died around the year 599. After she passed away, her son Maine took control of the kingdom and ruled for many years before his death in 613. He was succeeded by his brother, Eochaid Laigdech, who ruled for 13 years before he was killed in battle by Aodh Mór mac Murchada, a man from Connaught who had been banished from Ireland due to his cruel and savage deeds.


Queen Medb was a magnificent, powerful woman who ruled with an iron fist. Her bravery and determination led her to be both feared and admired by those who knew her. In fact, many people credit her as being the inspiration for the legend of the Irish Queen Maeve.

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