How To Lace Volleyball Shoes for Better Performance & Fit

It may seem strange to think that shoelaces are important to our life, but if you’re a volleyball player or even an athlete, as a matter of fact – lacing your shoes fittingly is vital to improving your performance and fit on the court.

Just the way loose roots would cause a tree to fall down, in the same way, if your laces aren’t tight and secure, your misfit volleyball shoes will most likely hamper your movement and jumps. Worse, it can even cause injury if not properly secured.

“Lacing the right way can really make a difference in how your volleyball shoes feel on your feet.”

Whether you are a beginner or advanced – knowing how to lace your volleyball shoes will allow you to improve traction on the floor with a solid grip, bring stability to heel-toe transition, and, most importantly, aid you in being more comfortable without your shoes being crazy tight.

How You Lace Your Volleyball Shoes For Better Performance and Fit

To start with, you need to begin by stringing the shoelaces through the holes on the inside of the shoe. Next, take the laces through the sole and braid them through the eyelets on the other side. 

Once you have done it correctly, according to your preference, start overlapping the laces over the top of the shoe. Vitally, make sure you pull the laces tightly to make the fit comfortable. At the same time, ensure your feet don’t feel too suffocated, though. 

Once you have tied the laces of your volleyball shoes properly, you can either lace them together or tuck them into your shoes. 

If you are comfortable with the first option, ensure the knot is secure, and your shoes don’t come undone during play. When done correctly, you will automatically feel more comfortable and sturdy – which will directly improve your moves and your game.

With that said, whichever lacing method you choose for your volleyball shoes, your primary concern should be comfort and making sure that your shoes are fitting. But it shouldn’t be too tight, though! 

What Do You Do If You Have Swollen Feet?

If you’ve swollen feet, worry not! There are different ways through which you can lace your volleyball shoes easily – and we will tell you how!

One of the easiest ways to do it is by using a figure eight pattern.

To do it properly, you need to start by interlacing your shoelaces through the gaps on the inside of the shoe. Then, you tie a knot at the end of the shoe. 

The next technique that you can apply to lace your volleyball shoes is through threading the laces through the laces on the outside of the shoe. Once you have reached the last hole, you need to thread the volleyball shoelace back through the second to last eyelet and then make another knot to keep the lace from slipping. 

This will also aid extra support to your foot.

For swollen feet, you can also use criss-cross patterns to tie your volleyball shoes. This shoelace-tying pattern is highly effective for providing extra support from the foot while preventing it from slipping. 

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Are You Lacing Your Volleyball Shoes Correctly?

Your volleyball shoe laces may seem like an insignificant part of your clothing. But in reality, it has a major impact on your overall game and performance. Once you have found the perfect shoes for your game, your immediate next step is to learn how to braid the laces and tighten them up snugly by each eyelet. But never make the mistake of overdoing it and pulling it too tight, which will hamper your game. 

Hope you find this read helpful!

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