15 Best Knee Pads in 2019

It is very significant protecting yourself whenever you are working in an environment that can bring you long term or unnecessary injuries.

The best way of ensuring that you are protected especially when it comes to sports is by wearing protective garments regardless of the circumstances or how often you undertake these sports activities without having injuries.

There are many protective gears such as safety goggles, helmets, gloves and many others, but today we are focusing on the best knee pads found in the market.

Knee pads are an important part of our daily activities, be it gardening activities, mountain climbing, sporting like playing volleyball and others. They come in many types, and it is good understanding the right one to use depending on the activity you are undertaking.

In case you are undertaking concrete or gravel work then it is important to use the capped knee pads that can withstand any injury that may hurt your knees. Also when working on hardwood, tile or soft stone, then consider using the soft capped knee pads.

Below is a review of the best knee pads that have been designed in a durable way and to give the comfort of high quality while still providing the best possible impact resistance to your knees. Choosing the best knee pad will make sure you have a safe and comfortable workday.

Top 15 Knee pads reviews:

1. Gardening Flooring Volleyball Best Knee Pads

Best Knee Pads

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The gardening volleyball knee pads are versatile and are used for many purposes. Their ergonomic design makes them flexible, comfortable and breathable. These knee pads are not only good for workouts, wrestling, weightlifting, snowboard but they are also suitable for protecting the knees from many outdoor and indoor duties. This is the perfect volleyball knee pads on the market.

They also have tibia padding as well as a K-resin and PP hard shell make which add up their protection. They are also made of elastic cotton with an extensive band both found at the bottom and purposely for anti-slippage. Their padding also makes you feel comfortable even when kneeling. These knee pads also remain their shape even after washing them over and over again. They are also elastic enough to fit a 13 to 17” knee circumference.


1. Easy to put on

2. Have an ergonomic design

3. Have multi-purpose uses

4. Comfortable when wearing


1. Tear out easily

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2. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads


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The Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads come in a pair that can protect your entire knee, and you can wear it the next time you realize that your knees are going to take a battering. It is a versatile kneepad that is suitable for many things such as work, sports and much more. It is also suitable for more demanding work like the construction field.

They are an excellent kneepad for rehab after a knee injury or a knee surgery. What’s more cool about this product is that you don’t have to shift it around in your knees, as it stays in place till you remove it.

The high density foam is really tough. Although that’s the case, it wears out pretty quickly if used regularly.

When we speak of its design, it is ergonomic, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day long.

Apart from that, the key features include:

  • Snug and secure fit.
  • Doesn’t slip and stays in place all day.
  • Doesn’t have a strap that in itself is a good feature.
  • Designed for all genders.


  • Gives you the freedom of movement.
  • Complete protection to your knees.
  • Increases blood circulation to your knees and its muscles.


  • The foam wears out pretty easily.

3. Brutus 79637BR Contour Washable Knee Pads

Best Knee Pads 2019

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The Brutus knee pads are designed in a way they should support your knees in a way they offer the greatest possible standard of soothing while still being sturdy and tough. These pads are also made of a fitting material because they are 100 percent machine washable which is an added advantage. This makes them easy to maintain.

These knee pads also have the Velcro straps which have a great design to provide a tight grip on the user’s legs throughout without causing any discomfort. These nylon washable knee pads ensure your knees are protected at all times while you are working on surfaces such as carpet, wood and also vinyl. Their straps are also easy to open and close thus they are easy to fit in or off whenever you want. You can use these lightweight & high quality knee pads for mountain bike, skateboard, wresting & more outdoor activities.


1. Lightweight making them safe and comfortable to use

2. Can be used when working on both soft and hard surfaces

3. Easily washed by machines thus making them durable


1. Have rubber handles on the straps wear out easily

4. Custom Leathercraft 345 Professional Kneepads

Top Knee Pads

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The CLC 345 is made from extra strong 600D polyester. These best knee pads are among the most flexible in the market. They have super thick half inch high-density foam which provides enough comfort to the user. They also have neoprene straps that hold well below the knee providing comfort to the user compared to others which the user keeps fastening. These knee pads also have two fastening straps which add stability. This knee pad is ideal for flooring & plumbing works.


1. Provide comfort to the user

2. Durable to sustain hard grounds

3. Have a protective coverage


1. Little big in size.

5. Caterpillar Men’s Knee Pads

15 Best Knee Pads

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The caterpillar best knee pad for work have a moderate basic design which provides a sufficient amount of protection to your knees without enduring much cost. These pads are also not that much expensive, and in some way, this makes them less effective compared to the expensive pads. These pads have an ergonomic design which fits all workwear bottoms.

When wearing these knee pads, you are assured that you will not put a lot of effort when wearing them onto your clothes. Consider buying the Caterpillar knee pads, and you have a 100 percent of long hour’s period in your work. It does not make your knees sweat and it allows better airflow to cool down your knees.


1. Have an ergonomic design

2. Easy to clean because you can hand wash them

3. Fit every cat workwear bottoms

4. Less expensive


1. Less effective compared to some other knee pads

6. DEWALT DG5224 Heavy-duty Flooring Kneepads

15 Best Knee Pads in 2019

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The DEWALT DG5224 comes with a fabric neoprene liner which makes the knees to stay comfortable the entire day. These pads also have a dual layer, heavy duty, and a ballistic poly fabric as well as an outer shell made of PVC which provides an added comfort to the user.

These best knee pads for flooring have a slip buckle fastener together with adjustable straps. These double straps also make sure that the pads stay in place the entire day. The DEWALT knee pads are made of high-density cell foam padding with a centralized technology which ensures the pressure on the kneecap remains low giving the user an added comfort. Its tough fabric also ensures that it is durable.


1. Provides extra comfort to the user

2. Reduces pressure around the kneecap

3. Its straps make the knee pads to remain in place


1. After wearing the pads after a long time, the straps finally loosens

7. Custom Leathercraft 313 Heavy Duty Leather Knee pads

Knee Pads

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In case you want best knee pad to protect you anytime you are working indoors, then consider the Custom Leathercraft. These knee pads are mainly designed for flooring surface. They have a double thickness lining which is meant for keeping you comfortable the entire day.

They are also using top leather for an added durability. They also come with steel buckles that are usually riveted for an added longevity as well as strength. They also fit many knee sizes thus you making one pair enough. Their lining is also repellent from water which makes it have a tough exterior.


1. It fits all

2. Extra strength feature making them durable


1. Loses its shape after multiple washing

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8. DEWALT DG5204 Professional Knee pads

Knee Pads

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The DG5204 professional knee pads are made of a ballistic poly material which gives it a natural durability and strength. They also have an adjustable neoprene strap which is meant for its stability at one place. It also comes with a layer of gel technology with closed foam padding which perfectly surrounds the knees providing an ideal comfort and support to the user. These pads also have a slip buckle fastener which has the adjustable straps for holding the pads right in place. It is suitable for any floor activity like dancing, floor exercise, plumbers and more.


1. Has neoprene liner which helps knee remain comfortable

2. Comfortable to wear


1. The straps loosen fast

9. Alta Tactical AltaLok Contour Knee Pads

Knee Pads

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The Alta Tactical kneepads are other well-designed pads which come with added flexible foam padding. They also have an off and on fastening system which is adjustable to fit knees of any size. These knee pads also have a nonslip rubber strip at the back which helps in holding the pads in a comfortable place around the knee. They also ensure no moisture or particles get into the pad causing any uncomfortable feeling to the user. These are the wonderful tactical knee pads for gardening, skateboarding & dancing.


1. Fit any size of leg

2. Comfortable when worn

3. Extra flexible


1. Not durable enough to hold rough texture

10. Custom Leathercraft 361 Ultraflex Non-Skid Kneepads

Knee Pads 2019

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The CLC 361 knee pads are very flexible ad soft too thus offering the knee a comfort zone throughout the day. It also comes with a non-disfiguring cap surface which is sturdy enough making this knee pad very durable. It comes with thick and high-density outer foam which has a soft surface to touch. Its surface also holds well on both soft and hard surfaces without being scratched. They also have a high-accordion ultra flex make which gives them enough protection.


1. Provides enough comfort to user

2. Got a non-marring surface


1. Not completely adjustable

11. Gamba Tools Gel Elite Knee pads for Work and Gardening

best 15 Knee Pads

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Gamba knee pads are not only comfortable but also very protective. They have been designed to give a better all day long comfort and protection as well. They have a gel cushioning making them a true knee saver. They are made of highly thick density cell foam padding and fabric which makes you feel like you are kneeling on a two gel pillow.

These padding also help reduce fatigue on your knees. They also come with a large heavy duty cap which is usually non-disfigurement. This pad is also designed to prevent any outcome of rollover mainly on hard surfaces of hard terrain. These knee pads also come with a great fit because they have elastic and adjustable straps which help you maintain the pads at a desired position.


1. Have a perfect fit

2. Have a superior protection

3. Provide you with an all day comfort


1. Don’t retain their design

12. Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads

Knee Pads

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These light knee pads are comfortable and lightweight making them a perfect way of preventing the sore knees whenever you are kneeling in the garden. They ensure that you don’t slow your work down whenever you are working as well. They come with straps which are easily adjustable so that they may fit both big and small users in a comfortable way. They also have a moisture proof outer guard that provides a perfect durability for protecting the user from any tough ground. This is the best knee pad for basketball, volleyball, MTB & other sports activity.


1. Durable

2. Have a lifetime warranty

3. Have a great padding which provides comfort


1. It flattens out after some time

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13. TroxellUSA SuperSoft Leatherhead Kneepads

Knee Pads

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TroxellUSA knee pads have a patented design which makes sure that they will not take any damage from scraping the user’s knees when on a hard surface. They are made of a premium neoprene which makes them durable and sturdy. They also come with a free from damage leather cover which serves the same purpose of durability making them very effective when you are working on hard surfaces. These pads also have a Velcro fastening strap which is ideal when keeping the kneepads in one place throughout.


1. Easy to wash

2. Durable

3. Provide a 24/7 comfort


1. Have a single strap that means it is not firm enough compared to a 2strap pad

14. Arcteryx Kneecaps

Knee Pads

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Arcteryx pads are among the most lightweight knee pads. They provide a fast adjustability because of their low profile locks. They also have an articulated pattern and an anatomic shape so as to fit all types of legs as well as providing comfort to the users. They are made of thick layer foam that means these pads are very sturdy too. They also come with two strong elastic straps which keep the pads in the correct place.


1. Designed with a great shape to fit all users

2. Have a durable knee protection

3. Adjust in easily


1. Its straps loosen up easily

15. KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

Knee Pads

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The KP Pro knee pads have a hard plastic outer shield which usually protects the knees from any harm or danger which you may come across in your working situation. These pads have a non-marking hold strip which makes them better than other kneepads on the market. These grip strips have been perfectly designed to provide a perfect hold when you are kneeling on any surface be it smooth or hard. These knee pads are hinged to make movement easy.


1. Durable and strong

2. Provide easy movement to the user while walking or kneeling

3. Have a foam pad which provides comfort


1. Not the best design in the market


From the above knee pad guide, it is clear that we need these products for us to be protected from any dangerous as well as unnecessary injuries which we can avoid. Therefore, it is important that you consider buying one of the above knee pads today and get yourself the safety that you have always thought you would never get.

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  1. Hi, This article opened my views on knee pads. There are lots of knee pads available in different category. I am actually a plumber. So, I need knee pads for plumbing. Is there anybody suggest me good knee pads for plumbing and specially housework.

  2. Hello George,

    Yes there are indeed many knee pads to choose from based on your needs!

    As a plumber myself, I personally recommend these Professional Knee Pads by RNF Supply:

    I was super impressed with their product. As plumbers, we are constantly moving around on our knees. I’ve tried so many different styles and brands, but this one really stood out.

    1) The problem with most knee pads is that they constantly slide down your leg while moving around. These pads have a handy velcro strap that wraps securely around my leg and completely eliminates this issue.

    2) The gel cushion is SUPER comfortable. At the end of my day, my knees feel great. The gel material is very soft.

    3) I work on a variety of surfaces, so their hard shell design was most suitable for me. The caps are flat so I stay stable.

    4) Their customer service rep was super friendly. I actually had an issue with Amazon’s delivery truck, so I contacted support and she got the issue sorted out right away. She even offered to send me another pair for my troubles. Super impressed.

    As you can tell I am really happy about my purchase. I won’t buy any other brand. If you’re looking for knee pads I highly recommend you give them a try!



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