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Before this article, it is clear from the title that both volleyball and running are different. As a normal person, we couldn’t find any difference between these shoes due to their appearance, but really it’s not the same.

Maybe it looks similar on the surface but under the surface, it has two major differences which are weight and sole. Some persons use the same shoe as a multipurpose one but obviously, it’s awry. Every one of us is not similar we have our unique style and comfort like this, every athlete needs a special unique shoe according to their sports.

There are several reasons that volleyball shoes are light and flexible. In this article compares the major difference between volleyball and running shoes and suggest the best thing to use.


The professional running shoes are designed to support the one-directional movement for long distance so, it needs good heel support. These running shoes have a great cushion impact as well as thicker and heavier heels.

On the other hand, volleyball shoes tend to have more cushions all over especially on the front and toes for helping to hard hits and jumps. Whether you choose a shoe with gel cushioning or wave cushioning technology. One thing your shoe must do is absorb the shock you put your body through with hard landings. So make sure your shoe support, shock abortion and traction you need to perform your best.

Normally volleyball shoes designed to have gum rubber soles that lacking markings. That helps the players to move freely with comfort. And the sharp edges of these shoes help the players to stop and start playing on a smooth surface. And the rubber soles will offer extra adhesion control.

The special thing to be noted is, that the rubber gum soles used in these volleyball shoes are different from other ordinary gums. These rubber gums give extra support at the same time it was designed with semi-transparent which match with undergoing dyeing. But the running shoes have thick soles so that it gives a perfect comfort to the players.

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Weight comparing:

Every athlete needs strong support, stability and strength on the ground but in volleyball, it is comparatively different. These players need a maximum deftness. So that volleyball shoes are lighter with made up of materials such as synthetic etc. At the same time, running shoes are made up of little hard material for weight support so that the heel support on the floor is on position and also it’s avoiding ankle slipping’s tendency leads to get great stability. Using of lighter shoes for running may damage your support on floors and cause skidding. So it is necessary to select the right athletic shoe according to your game.

Finally, the conclusion of this topic is- it is not the right way to use a particular shoe as a multi-purpose one. There will be the most important difference in it. So it is better to avoid the volleyball shoes in running and recommend that always choose the right one so it makes you feel more comfortable and helps to show your best.

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