7 DIY Car Repairs Projects You Shouldn't Do Yourself

You don’t need to take your car to the mechanic to fix every little issue that occurs. Why waste money and the mechanic’s time with something as simple as an oil or tire change. If you’re able to take things into your own hands, who’s going to stop you?

Your car might have something to say about DIY repairs. Some issues are a bit too complex for the average car owner. Your car is a complex machine with many interlocking pieces, and messing with one could affect everything else. A single bad mistake could end up costing you dearly. These are things you should leave up to the professionals.

Let’s discuss what you should not do by yourself for repaired car…

7 DIY Car Repairs Projects You Shouldn't Do Yourself

7 DIY Car Repairs Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

1. Paint jobs

You can’t have a gorgeous car without a gorgeous paint job to go along with it. You need to have your cars paint immaculate and clean to make it presentable. The paint eventually scratches off and chips away, which is why you need to refresh it every now and then.

It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult of a job, so why not DIY it? It’s a lot more complicated than it looks. First of all, the paint used on the car might not be as obvious as you think. The color on the car itself is the dried version, which might look several shades different than the pain on the can. You could end up with an entirely different look if you don’t know what it looks like when it dies.

On the other hand, there’s also the effort that goes into making sure the paint is even. Professionals know how to apply it to all the tough corners and junctions so that it’s never overdone. You might not have this expertise as an amateur, which could lead to your car having specks and uneven paint layers. This won’t look good on your car.

2. Fixing up the clutch

The job of fixing the clutch isn’t something you can take into your own hands. It’s a very important part of the car’s system and mistakes shouldn’t be tolerated. Plus, it’s not as easy as changing a lightbulb.

You need the right tools and expertise for the job. Even professionals take their time to make sure that the clutch is installed perfectly. Even with your best effort, it could take you an entire afternoon to get it right, which means you’re better off leaving it to the shop.

3. Tampering with electricals

Whether it’s your radio or navigation system, you don’t want to have to deal with your car’s electricals. Even if you have some experience with the occasional electrical device, cars are a bit different. They have their own designs and systems that are wired specifically to fit the car.

There’s an element of danger to consider, as you can easily get shocked and injured if you leave the wires up improperly. Let’s not forget, most of the car’s electronics are hooked up to the car’s computer box. If you make a mistake and damage it, you’re going to shudder at the repair bills that come with fixing it.

4. Anything to do with bodywork

After a while, it’s inevitable that your car is going to get in a fender bender. Luckily, the most common ones include bumps and slow-moving collisions. You’ll avoid any injuries, but you’ll get a bad dent in your car. This doesn’t look nice and you’ll probably make it your priority to fix it.

Doing so on your own could cause problems. Aggressively trying to fix a dent might work, but it will leave that part of the body vulnerable to further damage. It’s a small fix that could end up compromising the crash integrity of your vehicle.

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5. Timing belt replacements

Every couple of years, you’re going to need to replace your timing belt. This element of your car makes sure that valves, crankshafts, and cylinder pins all work in perfect synchronization. Every hundred thousand or so kilometers, it’s going to wear out to the point of needing replacement.

It might be tempting to do it on your own, but this is a risk you take at your own discretion. An improperly installed timing belt could significantly damage your engine, causing it to break eventually. It’s a huge risk that comes with little in the way of benefits.

6. Wheel alignment

Something a lot of Australian car owners don’t check is the alignment of their wheels. It’s not uncommon for the wheels to not be centered properly by a small amount. This might not seem like a big deal, but the car’s wheels spin pretty fast, meaning any small misalignment will translate into some strong movements. This equals a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride, and the car will eventually see damage from this turbulent movement.

Aligning the wheels isn’t an easy task. You need some pro tools and expertise to get it done properly. You could end up spending a lot of time and money just to do the job on your own. Alternatively, you could get it done in the afternoon. All it would take is a call to some local Carlingford mechanics and the problem would be solved pretty quickly.

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7. Dealing with an overheated engine

Engines generate a lot of heat, but their heat management systems keep them cool enough to work. In some special situations, the engine will fail to cool down properly and it will overheat. When it’s too hot to work, your car is pretty much immobile.

If you have some experience repairing your car, you might be tempted to replace the hose or try some cooling-system maintenance. However, it’s a futile attempt that will only leave you frustrated. Instead of risking further damage to the engine, you should take it to the shop.


While car enthusiasts might be able to fix a lot of problems that occur in their cars, there’s an equal number of problems that they shouldn’t risk with a DIY job. Sometimes, the risk simply isn’t worth the payoff. If you knew the consequences of making a mistake when fixing your car, you’d probably leave just about everything to the professionals. These examples are especially tricky, which is why experts don’t recommend taking matters into your own hands.

Hope this article was helpful. Stay with our blog for informative automobile-related articles.

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