13 Best Car Wax in 2019

It is not sufficient to wash your vehicle with various soaps for car washing because the paint on the surface could become damaged over some period of time.

So, indeed, you need the best car wax to prevent just that and similar problems.

You will not have big benefits from thick layers of car wax added over its paint only if your car is mostly used for some industrial purpose or another type of heavy duties.

You need to decide about the exact amount of time that you can spend on your car. if you just need to wax your car after washing, then you need a cleaner one. Or, if your vehicle is old and got bad looking paint, then you’ll need a much longer procedure with polishing, and after that step, you do some waxing.

Car wax is hard and solid like a granite rock when it’s dry. But in the case of some automotive purposes, it is a mixture certain special oils with the wax, mostly naphtha or forms of various petroleum distillates with carnauba wax. Dust, salt, debris, and most of all, ultraviolet light rays can easily damage your paint, because of that sole reason, you need to choose the best car wax.

Top 13 Best Car Wax reviews

Best car wax for light color cars

1. Cherry Wax – Wet Look – 16 oz

car wax

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This is good for usage on the light-colored cars. It works well and has a fine scent when it is applied on the surface. Some would say that this is a mediocre product that doesn’t do the great waxing job, but the facts are the opposite, despite it is not good for the cleaning. This is not that kind of a product, but it adds the shine without problems and because that it deserves to be on this review.

The added fine scent really makes a great pleasure during work with this one. To apply it is easy off and easy on, a quite simple task for anyone. Some say that it works better on the darker colored vehicles, but it has high-quality regardless of the color of the car. It is not so hard to see it even on white cars, even if the color is not so bright in that case, but it is satisfying enough.

But, as it is previously mentioned, obviously, this is really not a cleaner product. But it truly works fine for adding some great shine and basic protections to the various types of paint and looks pretty. Because it is so easy for use, just wait some small time period after the first layer and after that add another one layer, and you will surely feel fine with this product.


  • Deep gloss
  • Ultimate finish.
  • Painted surface protection from harmful airborne particles.
  • Good for black and dark color cars.
  • True Wet Look.
  • Cherry scented


  • Not a cleaner type of car wax

Best Synthetic Car waxes

2. Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax – 11 oz.

car wax

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This is really deserves to appear on this list as a paste type of the car wax, because it is also very easy to remove or add. Regardless if you use a towel that is microfiber or a something else, you will finish the job with this one in a light and correct manner.

You can see the valid proof car pictures before and then after using this wax. This product is really fine, and if you have some rituals with maintaining you car shine it will do well. In the real life, and not just on pictures, this wax hides the little swirl spots and scratches even if you are a beginner when it comes to your car waxing. If you use some 1500 grit, then after that use this product and then the same brand’s ultimate polish. The shine will not be perfect, but it will be on a fine level without much effort.

You should buy this product and apply it to your finish, and you will surely become a new fan of Meguiar’s waxes. You can try some different brands of wax’s during many years searching for the finest one and I can bet that these brand products will be your favorites. This wax lasts long and it will be a fine investment for your car if you are a rookie in car polishing activities, because extra care for your vehicle lies in tiny details.


  • Great synthetic protection,
  • Fine durability
  • Easy and effortless application and smooth wipe off
  • Synthetic polymers that are highly advanced form a firm protective barrier highly amplifying reflection
  • Secure and safe on almost all clear coats, and most of the glossy paints


  • Shine that is far from perfect

Best carnauba car wax

3. Collinite No. 476 Super Doublecoat Auto Wax

car wax

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If you are not in any way some pro valet or someone that takes great pride in their vehicle shine then this is the right thing for you. Because of its durability, and because you don’t need to work too much with this one to protect your cars paintwork. Preventing the dirt is the main and the best possible quality of this product, and not the perfectly shining surface. This best car wax is also somewhat more costly than some other products but it is worth it.

If you had chances to use something like this product on your car, you will surely love it. You should read the instructions and apply it to different parts and sections of the finish, and leave it in a couple of minutes and it will shine. This one is among the most durable on this list but does not leave the perfect shine, but nevertheless, it is a high-quality car wax. You can use it even after four or five months.


  • Good durable mix of synthetic waxes and main carnauba wax
  • Detergent proof
  • No special applicator is needed, no hair rubbing
  • Will last a long time even during dire conditions
  • Safe and secure clear coat


  • Costly

Best car wax for dark color cars

4. Fukken Wax – 17.5oz Aerosol Spray Wax- Fw1

car wax

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For the dark blue and other darker colored cars with a lot of nasty spots, this product will prove to be a life-saver. 17.5 oz is a lot of car wax, and that will help you to achieve the great and durable shine on the car and its glass, counters and more. Brazilian leaf from the palm is the source of the Carnauba material, and this product got a lot of it which make durability of this wax great.

By some cold and liquefying the main Carnauba material into a specific aerosol it looks like it is very easy for the user, but, in fact, this is more of the safe type and you need a little patience to use this one properly. This one is a wash-n-wax, and in cases that you mix the easiest application with the fine shine, then you got more than decent product here. So, despite that this one is near to the bottom of this best car waxes list, be free to buy it!


  • Fine scratch removal
  • Safe usage
  • Benefits that last
  • Durable
  • Great amount of Carnauba wax


  • Needs more time to work with

Best automotive wax for black cars

5. Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Car Wax High-Gloss Shine

car wax

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This product can make your black-coloured vehicle like it is in the exhibition showroom. This one will surely help you remove some tiny dirt pieces and other vile contaminants, it also hides many smaller problem and it is very easy to use and also to remove without problems. Formula 1 product is one of the best paste waxes available, so if you prefer this type of product, then it is surely the best available paste wax made for you.

Know about the applying procedure of the paste car wax by fully watching this video.

If you are concerned that your best car wax is chemically reconfigured or something similar you must contact the manufacturer. There are no such changes in this case. This will not be the problem because Formula 1 makes very durable products that also got the technology made from advanced micro-polishers and that fits with other waxes of the Carnauba technology. With this one, you will have a smooth and very clean surface of your vehicle.

Natural Carnauba Wax

car wax

Carnauba is a substance that is derived from the leaves of palm trees which is more commonly found in Brazil.

It is well processed and prepared by combining it with a substance like turpentine or beeswax before it reaches the hands of its customers. It will give the vehicle a beautiful shine and makes the colour texture warm and deep.

It is great for protecting the paint from contaminants and offers great water beading. However, carnauba wax does tend to wear off quickly when compared to synthetic wax. However, it can last up to 4-12 months. This wax is recommended mostly for dark-coloured vehicles.

Another point to remember is that it comes in two main colours – yellow and white – which is a way to distinguish between different grades. The pure form of carnauba wax is yellow and is relatively more expensive than the white one.

Paste Wax

car wax

Paste wax is the oldest form among the different types of car wax. Applying the carnauba wax is always a challenging job and requires lot of elbow crease since it has a very hard texture which makes it hard to apply when cold.

You may need to warm the surface first by keeping the engine running for a while to facilitate application.

Natural carnauba paste wax is great for achieving that beautiful glossy shine you have always wanted. This shine is due to the addition of other substances like natural oils to the wax.

Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax

Formulated with No.1 Grade Carnauba for deepest shine and lasting protection. It is manufactured by Northern Labs Inc. which makes high-quality car care products from pure and natural Grade 1 Carnauba Wax derived from the leaf of the palm tree in Brazil. Formula1 has a rich heritage for 25 years. Marketed in over 75 countries worldwide.


Superior Quality

Formula 1 only uses the highest grade with superior quality carnauba palm leaves in its purest form sourced from Brazil. This is the hardest known wax to man and it has been specially formulated to be easy to apply and wipe off giving a distinguished shine and water beading which will last a minimum of 1 year.

Advanced Micro polishers

car wax

This contains micro-polishers so it can pick up small debris, dust particles and other contaminants that regular shampoo cannot.

Also, it fills in and helps to remove the scratches as well as clears the haze once it’s finished. This gives the car a smooth and clear finish.

Glossy finish

Formula 1 car wax brings out the true colour of your car’s paint.

The Paste Wax is safe for all finishes including clear coat and is specially designed for use on auto paint.

You can revitalize your automobile’s appearance with a fresh coat of Formula 1 wax and give it shine equal to that of show cars.

Long Lasting

Enjoy the great look of Formula 1 Car Wax for up to 1 full year. This means your car will have a long-lasting water-beading protection. Hence there won’t be any water stains or oxidation marks which will cause corrosion the plush paintjob of your car


  • Brand: Formula 1
  • Model number: 613762
  • Weight:500g
  • Quantity:340g
  • Size:12 oz
  • Dimensions: 5x5x2.7 inches
To get the Result

A periodic application of the wax is recommended for best results. Use the wax that is at room temperature. If the Wax is too cold it might leave streaks on your paint finish. The recommended temperature of the paint surface of your vehicle should be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for the wax to easily bond to the surface.

Applying wax in a thick layer makes it difficult and hard to remove. It simply wastes product. Whereas by applying a thin layer you can minimize the usage of the product making it to last for longer time and also avoid streaking. Remember a little goes a long way.


  • Clear coat synthetic polymer mixed with Carnauba technology smoothly cleans
  • Deep, gloss, shine in a simple step
  • Durable
  • Formula very compatible with all others Carnauba waxes
  • Easy usage
  • Advanced micro-polishers


  • Because it is a paste wax it needs to be bought more than normal wax

Best car wax for the money

6. Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound – 15.2 oz. Compound

car wax

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Yet another Meguiar’s product on this list is proven to be among the best compound types of wax in the world for the money, if not the best one! You can avoid the bar step made from clay with this one, and a polisher machine will help you to completely clean your paint with this product. Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound also superbly removes blemishes and haze, and its formula clearly reduces the effort needed to fix some neglected finishes.

For the vast majority of users, this one perfectly restores the surface and removes oxidation without any scratching. If you follow a lower abrasive compound or some fine product to remove scratches then do it that way, and you will see a beautiful finish in the end of your work. Compounding is really abrasive and you must remember that. That means you will need some another Meguiar’s stuff to solve the worst problems with scratching but with the time that will rarely trouble you if you buy this product.


  • Removing scratches, water spots, oxidation without the smallest scratching
  • Restores surface without swirling
  • Formula reduces time needed for the job
  • Exclusive technology that is micro-abrasive leaves a good finish
  • Effective and truly safe for use


  • Noe effective for extremely bad scratches

Best quality car wax

7. Turtle Wax T-415 Premium Grade Rubbing Compound – 18 oz. Compound

car wax

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If you have some shallow scratches on the surface this one will remove them without a problem. Problematic water spots that are also to be gone with an exception of the extremely deep ones. In that case, you need some abrasive product, but this silicone free compound car wax is safe and effective enough to be considered as a fine product.

There is no great design of the bottle here, but that doesn’t mean this wax is not easy to use. It means that you just need to be more careful with it in the beginning. And, if your car is dark-coloured or black you will hate the bigger scratches even more than if it’s not of that color. This wax is the game changer because it will help you to simply remove those nasty scratches with ease, and that is its specialty as a product.

Rubbing Compound

Rubbing Compound is a pasty liquid also known as cutting paste. It’s an abrasive material that acts like a very fine sandpaper. It is used to grind the surface layers by gently smoothing (sanding) the scratches of a car’s dull or damaged paint.

car wax

It’s also an easy-to-use restorer which breathes new life into a vehicle’s old paintwork. This allows the customers to apply a new top coat and achieve a smooth and even finish.

It is also an easy and economical way to remove a scratch as it is relatively cheap and manufactured by a variety of companies. One of the better-known rubbing compound brands is Turtle Wax.

Turtle wax premium rubbing compound

For quite some time now a major drawback of applying rubbing compound is that when it is removed, it often produces swirl marks. It is most prominent on the vehicle’s surface that has a dark-coloured paint job. This shouldn’t be an issue for Turtle wax because its rubbing compound is formulated to remove moderate to heavy swirl marks, oxidation and scratches. It can be used both by hand and with a buffer machine.


Turtle wax rubbing compound can be applied both by hand as well as by foam applicator, a terry cloth or a microfiber towel. Unlike other rubbing compounds which leave a swirl mark after applying Turtle wax takes out moderate to heavy swirl marks and scratches. This can be used as a spot treatment or to remove sanding marks of 1500 grit and up which is left after wet sanding.


Also safe for machine use with cotton, microfiber or foam pad combined with an orbital buffer. This compound rubber is safe to use on most automotive paint finished be it clear coated or non-clear coated surfaces.

Prep before procedure

The most important thing is to wash your car thoroughly with a high-quality car wash to remove crease and other debris, before applying the rubbing compound. Because applying it to a dirty car will result in a futile effort. You can do this either by claying the car or by using a high-quality car wash.

The claying process will require some kind of lubricant like soap water since the clay might not move freely if applied directly. However, claying should not be done often or every time you polish the car unless it’s absolutely necessary. Using a high-quality car wash is recommended as this will give best results.

Also before applying, examine the scratch with your fingernails which is also known as the rule of the thumb. 


Generally, the compound is applied in a back and forth motion. However, it can also be applied in other ways like a “swirl” motion. Pressure needs to be applied to the sponge when applying the compound onto the vehicle’s surface. In case you are applying by hand you will need a lot of elbow strength.

car wax

When the rubbing compound is applied to the damaged surface, it smoothens the edges of the scratches and evens out the surface of the paint. The marks and minor scratches from the paint’s surface are in turn removed.

The surface will appear dull and oxidized once the compound is applied. But the scratches appear smooth and are no longer visible once it is filled with polish or wax.

Rubbing compound can almost completely eliminate surface scratches and can make deeper scratches less visible when coupled with a coloured wax that matches the vehicle’s paint.


Removing the rubbing compound will be easy to wipe it off. As long as you have not applied too much which then takes more time and energy to remove it.


Once the surface is properly prepped and the product is applied using the correct tools and method it will give a good glossy shine to the paint. But in case yo’re applying it by hand it might take more application and effort to get the desired result.


  • Removes scratches
  • Silicone free
  • Can be added with rotary polisher or simply by hand
  • Pretty safe for most finishes
  • Restores gloss
  • Ok to use with foam pads, cotton or microfiber


  • If the dirty spots are very strong and deep you need more abrasive wax

Best liquid car waxes

8. Griot’s Garage 11171 Best of Show Wax – 16 oz. Liquid

car wax

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Griot’s Garage is smooth to apply, and also easy to remove if you don’t dry too often, and it has an outstanding, almost perfect shine. Carnauba type of wax is always soft, and that means it last a 3 or 4 months. In vase that you favor better shine over longevity and durability, be free to try this car wax, and you will surely not regret it.

The frequent application will be a true joy when you apply it to the basic types of the polisher because it gives so much detailed depth to the shine. But, you must be patient to read instructions before your work and to apply a thin coat of this product on the car, because if you do not do that the Griot’s Garage 11171 Best of Show will be a hard product for removal.

Despite its slightly shorter durability, this is one of the best waxes for a moderate amount of money. The clarity that this one gives is not overestimated at all. This brand truly serves those people who truly need the most high-quality products, and this one is really the great product.


  • Completely effective wax content made of carnauba
  • Water based
  • Silicone free
  • Clarity and depth of an outstanding paint
  • Easy for use


  • Not very long-lasting

9. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax – 16 oz. Liquid

car wax

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If you are very proud of your car that will also here apply to vehicles car-care. Aside from the many different waxes you can use, this one is, clearly without a doubt, the best liquid wax to apply or remove in a very smooth way and very quick time-span. It has very simple instructions for putting the first thin layer, but you must read the manual. Like all other Meguiar’s products, this one is top-quality, and that obviously means durability and really nice shine for the finish.

Water will bead here strongly. If you love details then you will surely the Meguiars Detailer product in-between other car waxes. On clear coats and glossy paints, this wax is quite effective, and this one can be easily applied to different types of polisher or with a hand. Some would say that shine is not perfect, but the extreme longevity of the Meguiar’s is their well known single characteristic, and if you try this one you will enjoy and have good use of it.


This combination not only gives you incredible water beading but also provides maximum protection and durability. Ultimate liquid wax uses Meguiar’s thin-film technology which allows for even smoother application and faster wipe-off even under direct sunlight. In addition, ultimate liquid wax’s exclusive synthetic formula won’t turn plastic trim white like most traditional waxes.

car wax

Preping the surface

Before waxing remember to wash and dry the vehicle thoroughly with a high-quality car wash. Then make sure its free from any defects or bonnet contaminants. If not you will need to use a clay kit or rubbing compound to properly prep the surface before applying ultimate liquid wax.

Alternative procedures

If you don’t have access to a hose, a great alternative is a spray on waterless wash and wax. All you need to do is gently spray on and wipe it with a high-quality microfiber towel. Finally, flip the microfiber cloth to a clean portion for a final wipe.

Apply ultimate liquid wax to a small section at a time and wait for three to five minutes. Then removes it using the included supreme shine microfiber towel. Whichever method you prefer to use it you’ll get both maximum protection and water beading action.

car wax


Whether you’re working by hand or with dual action polisher, ultimate liquid wax with its thin-film technology, allows you to be flexible on the application and removal. This means if you prefer to apply on the entire car before removing it you will have no problem at all. However, this formula also allows for a wax on / wax off type of application if preferred.

Long lasting

As with all Meguiar’s products, a little goes a long way hence its always recommended to apply ultimate liquid wax thin and evenly. This will help the wax to come off easier when wiping it off and also keep you from wasting the product. To get the best results and extend the life of ultimate liquid wax always use a wash specifically for car finishes on a regular basis.

Also, it lasts longer than the regular carnauba wax and even many other synthetic waxes. Meguiar’s proprietary hydrophobic polymer technology reduces the surface tension of the water beads which rolls off and doesn’t make a stain.


  • Great synthetic protection formula,
  • Durability
  • ThinFilm technology gives effortless application
  • Effective synthetic polymers make fine protective barrier
  • Water truly rolls and beds off the paint
  • Safe on most glossy paints


  • Not so smooth feeling like the Carnauba products

Best wax for white cars

10. MOTHERS 05750 California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid – 16 oz (Ultimate Wax System, Step 3) Liquid

car wax

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Another one Mothers wax on this list gives some reflective shine, and it is not so hard to apply. But it is somewhat too much thick to be removed easily. But, nevertheless, on the end, you will a finish that is mirror-like, very shiny and simply great. This wax gives outstanding results, because its liquid is rich with the real Carnauba, and it protects from the problematic climate conditions very efficiently, and the price is also very affordable.

If you buy this Carnauba product for your all oiled bronze bath faucets and shower fixtures. This wax is excellent for the bronze type of finish, and the main reason for that is in its non-abrasive behavior. If you have the idea to put wax on this type of surface, remember to buy Step 3 version of this product. Also, if you have a car that is completely white, this product will not cause a stain, and the vehicle will remain white, so, I warmly recommend it if you want to buy it!


  • Great protection
  • Non-abrasive product made from Carnauba
  • Safe
  • Heat resistant wax
  • Nice and durable shine


  • Needs longer and sustained removal efforts

Best spray wax for cars

11. Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax – 15.2 oz. Spray

car wax

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This Megiuar’s brand wax can really improve your finish, mostly if your vehicle’s paint is not oxidized, and if it has fine paint. It is quite slippery, and also pretty smooth so the dirt sticking will not be a problem here. Here you have a possibility of a great preservation of the paint, and all you need to do is just some vehicle rinsing off once in a week. So, you can dry your vehicle after using this in 6 min time span, which means that Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate is really an outstanding quick wax.

This car wax provides much gloss and fine slickness. Nasty bugs and dirt will not stick if you use it after a regular car wash. Details on your car will look fine and freshness will be visible. It is also important to mention that this wax doesn’t stain plastic trims and black vinyl, and can be added well on chrome, and also glass, which means that the rain will simply fly off your vehicle. Because of the all of the previously mentioned fine traits I highly recommend you this wax.

Why use Quik Wax

car wax

Although it makes a perfect maintenance wax for existing wax applications it is used mainly for paint protection.

Hence it’s a great way to reinforce the polymer protection on its paint after regular washing.

Therefore its easy to obtains a waxed looked on vehicles without having to use other types of wax.


Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax is a polymer-based spray wax.

It can be applied in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces and yet it leaves no streaking or white residue on plastic trim. It also takes only a fraction of the time to apply Ultimate Quik Wax on any vehicle, compared to applying a traditional paste or liquid wax.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax has a synthetic non-whitening formula that produces amazing results in less than fifteen minutes. You can apply this with spray on and wipe off application. Thus offering a long-lasting protection and relentless water beading from Ultimate Quik Wax in form of a spray wax is pretty unique.

What is Hydrophobic technology

The word hydrophobic literally means fear of water. So the new technological breakthrough builds an incredible water beading formula on any vehicle’s surface. This causes water to bead up and glide off its paint finish after every wash.

Although it’s new and powerful it wipes off clean for a high shine. Simply mist on and wipe it off to have long-lasting protection and relentless water beading which will last for weeks.


Preps to be made

First and foremost is to start with a clean car. So wash and dry the car or wipe the car clean using a mist and wipe product like quik detailer. Next step is to apply Ultimate Quik Wax onto the surface and spread the product around using a clean, plush microfiber polishing cloth. Fold the cloth or a clean wax applicator pad 4-ways. The secret here is before starting first dampen your microfiber polishing cloth or wax applicator pad with Ultimate Quik Wax.


Start at one section of the vehicle and continue applying Ultimate Quik Wax using your dampened applicator pad or microfiber polishing cloth. Do this until the entire car is covered with a thin coating of wax. In normal temperatures and humidity, Ultimate Quik Wax will dry in just a few moments and will be ready to wipe off.


Wipe off the dried wax by starting where you first applied the product and then move the same direction you applied the wax. Move gently and carefully wiping the dried residue off the paint. Use a separate, clean dry microfiber polishing cloth to remove the dried film of wax.

The Reason

Using a microfiber polishing cloth folded 4-ways provides a thick plush wiping cloth that helps to spread the pressure of your hand out over the surface of the cloth. Also, it gives you 8 sides to wipe with. The reason a dampened cloth or applicator pad works best is because it’s easier to spread out a thin liquid film.

If your cloth is already wet or damp with the product you’re trying to spread out it’ll make the work much easier. If you are using a dry cloth to try to spread out a thin, liquid film then at the same time you’re trying to spread the product onto the surface. The dry cloth is trying to remove or absorb the product off the paint.

Because a dry cloth absorbs liquids, trying to use a dry cloth to spread a liquid will, in essence, result in you fighting yourself. Therefore in the process of trying to spread and leave a liquid in the paint.


  • Great water-beading long-lasting protection (Hydrophobic Polymer)
  • No wax residues on trim and plastic pieces
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Safe on many painted surfaces
  • Spectacular shine


  • Does not easily and smoothly wipe off

Best car wax for new car

12. Mothers 10016 Reflections Car Wax – 16 oz Liquid

car wax

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A fine and useful synthetic sealant, Mothers 10016 is very valuable for the price. The wax is very easy to remove or apply, and there is no streaking at all. If you prefer this one over some Meguiar brand waxes, that is mostly because it is less costly but offers the same amount of quality and effective work.

This one leaves a fine shine on the many dark-coloured cars and provides true depth and pretty washed look. It is also great if you want to experiment with this one, and the carnauba waxes, and if you during the first day add Mothers 10016, and the next day another one you will be probably very surprised when you see a very fine shine and protected paint on your vehicle that will look like it is bought directly from the auto show exhibitions.

So, if you want to create the 3D type of effect with this one it will do just great. There is a great reflectivity here but no candy-coating outlook which is also nice, because of many synthetic sealants sometimes, sadly give just that. Overall, you will have very pleasant time if you choose this product.


  • Extra wet shine
  • Easy for use
  • Good for car enthusiasts without a plenty of time
  • Long lasting benefits for the car
  • Gives nice shine


  • Not so good for the lighter-coloured cars

Best rated car wax

13. Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish – 16 oz. Liquid

car wax

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This is the ultimate wax, besides carnauba of the Gold class brand, and it deserves to be in the first place of this list. Both waxes make the black vehicles shine, and they are, without a doubt, top-quality ones. Liquid glass deserves only to be mentioned in very positively rated reviews, and if you have a dark-coloured car you should choose to try this one, and you will not be disappointed at all.

This wax is not only so accessible to apply but is also very simple for taking off. It would be ideal if you got the cobra towels which are soft and made from microfiber to remove this wax when it dries. This wax needs mostly no more 15 minutes to become completely dried, but regardless you have to be patient, and it also helps you to solve some swirl marks and problematic scratches.

It also really looks like a glass finish when you use this one, and the feel is extremely shiny, and resist without problems many unwanted particles that want to stick to it. Truly, according to many happy customers, this Liquid Glass car wax is probably the number one available on the market, so try it!


  • Super durable finish
  • Will never chip or crack
  • Surface will really never turn yellow
  • No need to ever removed
  • Safe and easy usage


  • Must have some patience until its dried

Read also:

How To Choose The Best Car Waxes?

You need to be patient, and also some time and elbow grease when it comes to using a car wax. The car size, the speed of your labor, and the choice of your product are the important issues when it comes to this process. You will need an hour or more to finish this job in a correct manner, and you also have to consider some important characteristics of your vehicle before you buy the appropriate car wax.

Main features for car wax

When you want to buy certain waxes there are some good traits they can offer. Some are very effective on bright and vibrant types of color, while other types of wax are perfect for cars that are painted all in black. That is why many different types of waxes are not being created in an equal way.

UV protection, glossy shines, water beading, and fine application are among the main features of the most high-quality products, which means that fine waxes won’t be in any case washed off during and after strong pressure washing machines use. The best of them are completely immune to that, and you should consider that.

An old or a new car?

Wax of an easy spray type is the right thing you need if you possess a brand new car or one that still has a really fine finish. But, it is wise for you to remember that these things wear out really fast because they are made mostly for a special occasion or weekly applications. The true fact is, that no wax can do a real improvement of the shine on a new totally vehicle.

Waxing can help you to maintain the finish with some durability over some longer time periods, and that is just fine if you don’t want to replace your vehicle soon. But, if your car is really old, or if the finish has begun to slightly oxidize, then you need to buy a car wax that is best for the cleaning. Well, liquid car waxes are clearly the best option for that action and for the bringing back of the finish.

Consider possible abrasion

Harsh chemicals and some very small particles in the various types of waxes can cause a haze or scratches on your vehicle’s finish. Cars that are painted in black or other dark colors show that problems more than those who have light colors. Beware of all those waxes who have a mostly low score, and buy more high-quality ones if drive a car that is pretty dark-colored or black.

Abrasiveness can be a big problem when the finish is harmed by tiny scratches because it can make surfaces cloudy or hazy, mostly that is an issue on the clear-coated ones. Then the paint will look far duller than before. Wax packaging mostly firmly indicate whether a car wax is pretty safe or not for finishes that are clear-coated ones.

How big is the amount of plastic on a car?

On some non-glossy important plastic parts like the door trim, body panels, and porous bumpers various kinds of car waxes can sometimes leave a very visible residue. And if your car is just like some and many newer cars than choosing a wax that has a high score when it comes to plastic compatibility test. Because you surely don’t need a wax that touches those surfaces if you need a high-quality plastic cleaner to solve that issue.

Car wax price

Sometimes you will get only some 5-7 oz of the car wax, and the wax ratio is mostly completely dependent on the cost, especially one of the carnaubas. So, the cost is at least moderately important issue, because you will surely get bigger amounts of the carnauba if you buy a more costly product. You should always consider the quantity, and also performance capabilities before you choose to buy a best available car wax.

How To Wax Your Car


Throughout this detailed review, we named all of these mentioned artifacts as the best car waxes, not as the best polishes. That is mainly because of the clarity, but at the same time, the creators of them use the words “polish” and “wax” interchangeably. Both words describe something that provides a firm protective coating, and also a product that can sometimes remove the embedded contaminants and harmful oxidation.

Before you decide to acquire the best car wax available on the market remember that some premium brands are not necessarily far better than some lower-priced ones. Because, some fine liquids that really have a moderate price, are clearly on this list, and they are far better than other far more expensive waxes. Let’s hope that you will use this information well and make a right choice.

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