These days more and more people are preferring to consume video content rather than read text-based content. We live in a world that’s becoming more impatient and attention spans are shrinking. Fewer people are willing to read every single word of a 2000 word blog post, but they’re happy to sit through a 5 or 10-minute video that provides the same information.

Video is everywhere, from TV, to social media, as well as on some of the most popular platforms online like YouTube and Vimeo. If you’re trying to promote your brand and your products or services, then you’ll definitely want to include video into your marketing mix, and preferably videos that have been professionally produced.

Whether you choose the best video production company Sydney has to offer, or anywhere else you may be in Australia, it’s worth allocating a portion of your marketing budget on professional videos, as these will stand out from those made on a home camera or smartphone.

Let’s now take a look at some key reasons why video should form an integral part of your content marketing mix.

#1. Videos Are More Personal and Build Trust

‘Trust’ is a buzzword that is becoming more and more important in the world of marketing and sales. People are more informed now. They have information at their fingertips. There is a glut of options out there.

These days building trust in yourself, your business and your brand are vital if you’re going to thrive; especially in the online world. One of the best ways of building trust is through the medium of video.

When you write a blog post it’s all very impersonal and anonymous, but it’s entirely different if you’re featured in your own marketing video. People can see you and relate to you. This creates trust in you and your brand and will lead to more conversions and sales.

#2. Videos Are Far More Likely To Be Shared

You want your content shared as much as possible. If your content goes viral, all the better. That’s exactly what you hope for and want to happen.

Videos are far more likely to be shared from websites, via YouTube and on social media than a text-based blog post. Writing and text will always have its place, but videos are shared far more often than virtually any other media.

#3. Videos Are the Most Popular Medium On Mobile

It might be because the text is harder to read on a smaller screen, but a video is definitely most popular on mobile devices. Anytime people are using their phones to view content, more often than not they’ll be watching a video on their device. It could be YouTube, a video that came up in their Facebook feed, or even one on a business website or news site.

Mobile users consume millions of hours of video a day across the globe, and more and more people are accessing the internet via mobile devices than they are via computers.

#4. It’s Far Easier To Explain Things In a Video

Sometimes people won’t buy because they either haven’t been convinced enough to make a purchase, or they simply didn’t fully understand what was being offered.

When you promote your content in video form, it’s way easier to explain how something works or what it is by speaking and visually demonstrating it to your audience, rather than trying to get that same message across in blocks of text and static images.

#5. Increase Dwell Time On Your Website With Embedded Videos

Dwell time is great for SEO and improving Google rankings for your website. When you have videos on your site, embedded in your content, it increases the amount of time people spend on the page.

You can double up on the value of your marketing/promotional videos by doing this. Firstly, you can upload the videos to your YouTube channel for people to find. Then you can also embed that same video on your site on a page of relevant content.

The more ways you can get eyeballs on your professionally produced videos, the better and this method will also boost your website up the search engine rankings as well.


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