Top 10 High Tech Drones and Their Applications

‘What are the best high-tech drones of today?’ This is a question which most drone lovers continue to ask themselves. These trendy devices are some of the most unique technological innovations we’ve seen over the past decade. So, if you’re also asking yourself this question, this guide has all the answers.

Now, there are drones with improved video quality and stabilization. However, since many of them are expensive, before buying, have the right research as you look for the best drones out there. While some are simple toys, others are used for cinematic and media coverage. Take a look!

Top 10 High Tech Drones and Their Applications

  • The Mavic 2 Pro DJI

Our first pick of the best drones 2020 devices is the captivating DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Although it’s quite expensive, it offers sharp video quality using its Hasselblad, gimbal-stabilized camera. It also comes with a unique CMOS sensor of approximately 1- inch.

Its image quality is impressively superior compared to other drones on this list. Besides, they are brighter and of better depth, unlike previous versions. Lastly, you’ll also love their software, which allows you to be more innovative and creative when shooting videos and taking photos.

Top 10 High Tech Drones and Their Applications

  • Mavic Mini DJI

This class of drones has been flawlessly created by the DJI Company. It’s constantly used in the UK and the United States and has brought successful results. Most importantly, when you get it, you enjoy impeccable video quality capped with captivating body design.

  • The Baby Elfie Xtreme Foldable Drone

Here is another fantastic portable drone. It particularly falls in the class of ‘xtreme foldable drones’ for its breathtaking performance. Compared to the original model, there have been massive improvements in this Baby Elfie. Of course, the greatest development is in its camera, not to mention its safe flying capabilities.

Interestingly, the device can fly up to 100 meters and has a battery life of almost 7 minutes. So, if you are an avid gamer, once you buy it, you’ll realize it’s even funnier than playing online games.

  • The DJI Mavic Air

What makes this device one of the top-rated drones? Well, in our research, we’ve found it to be smaller and lighter than other drones. It’s 168 millimeters in span compared to the DJI Mavic Experts one and two, which are approximately 198 and 214 millimeters. It’s a unique foldable mini selfie drone that’s unmatched in the industry.

Top 10 High Tech Drones and Their Applications 2

  • Parrot Anafi

Here’s another class of drones that you’ve probably heard of. Although not the cheapest drone in the market, it still costs less than the Mavic Air. It’s also easier to control and make fly, making it even more ideal for beginner pilots.

  • Parrot Bebop 2

This is another drone that’s highly affordable and convenient to use. Although it’s a mid-level device, it comes with several outstanding features. A few good examples include:

  • Fisheye lens
  • Stable software
  • Intelligent frame design
  • Spin clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Rubber dampers to reduce vibration.
  • The Yuneec Breeze

Are you looking for a drone that’s not only cheap but also durable? Well, the Yuneec Breeze will not let you down. It offers a lot of scopes for you to modify it using your 4k camera only. What’s more, its design is highly portable and only costs roughly $500, making it quite popular among many novices. So, if you’re an amateur pilot looking for easy migration, decent and robust devices, then this is one of the most suitable, high tech drones.

  • The Inspire 2 DJI

This device falls in our top 10 drones list for several reasons. First, it comes with a couple of unique features, good examples include 4.3 miles of border assortment plus it can move at an astonishing speed of around 67MPH. Second, and maybe, it’s most impressive aspect is its captivating camera and autopilot capabilities.

  • Zero-Tech Dobby

This is the smallest, and maybe the cheapest one on this list. It’s a versatile and efficient gadget that won’t let you down. It’s also a foldable mini selfie drone that you can easily store in your bag. This gives it a huge advantage over other similar drone devices, that are often quite large and almost impossible to carry.

  • The Draco Uvify HD

Closing our list of the best drones we have this modern and fully customizable device. It’s considered the drone for capturing racing events because of its ability to switch from the video transmitters to the camera. You’ll also love its agility and quick stocking configuration.

What are the Applications of these Top High Tech Drones

  • Disaster Management

With these top-rated drones, you can cover natural and man-made tragedies with ease. They are particularly essential in the assembly of information as they look for casualties.

  • Delivering Products

Large companies like DHL, UPS, and Amazon use drones in the transportation of goods to their customers. They are not only fast but also move swiftly through the no-traffic skies.

  • Taking Aerial Photos

This is maybe the most common use of drones today. They are convenient and affordable compared to using helicopters. They’ve filmed catchy action films, cinematography events, and amazing sci-fi movies.

  • Monitoring and Tracking Wildlife

Drones have done a fantastic job in reducing poaching activities in different prone regions across the world. They offer protection to endangered animals like rhinos and elephants, that are normally hunted for their horns and tusks.

  • In Construction

It’s also worth mentioning that when it comes to construction, drones provide stellar metal building help, especially when it comes to inspections and assessing the quality of work. Companies further use them in deliveries, capturing logistical data, and tracking the progress of employees.


Drones will continue to be huge technological innovations as we move on to the next decade. Their ability to capture videos and photos with ease plus their impressive portability nature are unprecedented qualities that should compel you to get one. Luckily, with this list of the best drones, you’ll have a less stressful time.

So, using the information above, which one will you buy first?

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