College life is a fascinating experience that we all look forward to. Still, as students learn their way through the curriculum and enjoy independence, there are new challenges like time management and finding a way through the countless assignments that should be submitted on time. Thankfully, modern technology offers several helpful tools like online plagiarism checker or handy services that check for grammar mistakes in a paper. Acting as great time-savers, they assist with most proofreading tasks and ensure that there are no plagiarism risks. There are also college planning applications that serve the role of a personal assistant that reminds of all upcoming due dates. It may be difficult to reach success but once a student fully explores all the top technologies available, the sky’s the limit!

College Planning Matters

There is a myriad of available applications that aim to make college struggles easier and help plan all classes and college activities. myHomework Student Planner – is an application that will suit the best. Designed specifically for iOS, it instantly captures with its clear interface and a plethora of diverse functions. There is a sync feature that allows sharing assignments between phone and computer, so links, notes or descriptions can be copied without any hassle. The reminder function deserves a special mention because it stores all the important information and sends a note to keep you safe within any academic schedule. It does not require an Internet connection and is available on the go at any time.

If you are not fond of iOS, there is a LectureNotes app, which offers a unique multimedia experience. It is possible to take notes and draw upon them, attach images, capture lectures in audio or video format or store any textbook scans in a specified order. For user convenience, documents can be exported to PDF or OneNote formats. The full version costs only $3.49, which is a good price for something that has so many useful functions!

One more handy and free app that helps students to remember all their exams and extracurriculum activities is Trello. It has many positive reviews on the web and is usually used for organizing and prioritizing upcoming tasks, projects and more. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details and will be very useful at college.

Beware of Plagiarism!

A crucial factor that may arise when writing an essay or a lengthy college project is plagiarism. Even if there are hours spent on editing and checking for repetitions, there are still high chances that similarities may be found by Turnitin. It allows submitting the paper only once, that is why students look for ways of how to check for plagiarism several times while they make edits. Luckily, there are tools that detect plagiarism in your text for unlimited number of times! Some of them even offer an option to choose the type of text you submit between general essay type, website content, resume or any other kind of work.

Such plagiarism checkers guarantee that your assignment is compared to all texts from the web and their own archives. You can also paste existing text or drag and drop a document in one of the most popular formats. Highlighting all the problematic parts, the system will help to eliminate repetitions or sentences that should be paraphrased. All information submitted is not stored anywhere and leaves the system the very moment you are done the checking. The best part is that it does not include any payment, limitations or registry forms of any kind!

Striving for Perfect Grammar

Checking for proper grammar and phrasing is as important as a timely plagiarism check, so there are no grades deducted for poor writing mechanics. Grammarly is an AI system that detects wordiness, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and even logic flaws to a certain degree. While it may not detect every existing mistake, there is a guarantee that any typos will be highlighted. It is especially useful for international students who learn in an English-speaking environment. Even if this application does not sound inspiring, think of those times on campus when a college professor asks to participate in online debates where you are stuck with a little text window to write in. Grammarly helps to get rid of mistakes the very moment you type a word. It is no wonder that it is so popular both for students and educators alike since it can be used basically anywhere for free.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

Since most college tasks and lecture notes are stored online these days, students use too many similar applications. The best bet is using not more than 2-4 assistants that are fast and reliable. Always start with something that may act as a reminder, then proceed with editing tools. The only thing that is obligatory for your academic safety is using the best plagiarism checker all the time. Even if you have a great paper with all references documented, do not hesitate to check again and keep your academic future safe!

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