If you’re thinking of enrolling for online schooling, there’s never been a better time to do it. With the COVID-19 epidemic in resurgence here in the US, some schools are debating whether or not to even open for the fall semester. Online schooling also offers some distinct advantages over in-person education, which we’ll outline in this short guide.

Here, you’ll find the top five reasons why you should enroll in an online school. Whether you’re finishing a degree or just getting started, online schooling can offer a flexible, affordable, and cut-and-dry method for obtaining your degree. Online schools offer everything from associate’s to bachelor’s programs, and some even have master’s programs you can sign up for!

Let’s take a closer look at why you should choose online schooling for your education.

1. Social Distancing

COVID-19 has swept the globe, and, unfortunately, the US still has the highest number of cases and deaths in the civilized world. Just a few weeks ago, the country set a record for the highest number of new cases, falling in at around 55,000 nationwide. This means the need for social distancing is higher than ever, and if schools and universities do re-open in the fall, we could be in big trouble.

Social distancing is easier when you’re enrolled in online schooling. Anywhere you can find an internet connection becomes your classroom; whether it’s your living room, bedroom, local library, or even at a park using a hotspot connection. You’re not tethered to the classroom, and you certainly don’t have to go near any people if you don’t want to!

A packed university classroom is the perfect breeding ground for a virus like COVID-19, so before you sign up for the fall term, consider online classes instead.

2. It Can Be More Cost-Effective

Certain online programs are actually much more affordable than traditional university classes. If you’re looking into something like pharmacy technician training, you’ll definitely save money on the cost of the program(s) by going online. Traditional universities can cost 2-4 times as much, and will also take a greater amount of time to complete.

With online training, you can get your pharmacy tech certificate in as little as 10 months, depending on the program. Most pharmacy tech programs run for about 1-2 years, which is still quicker than traditional universities. Just be sure your organization is accredited and meets all of your state’s requirements.

If you choose an online pharmacy tech program, you might pay as little as $1,500 for the entirety of the program. As compared to the average cost of a university per year, which comes to about $25,000 for an in-state student. That’s quite the difference! Imagine leaving your program with little to no debt as opposed to a price tag of nearly $100,000 for four years.

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3. You Can Study On Your Own Time

Not everyone’s schedule can support traditional college hours. Some of us only have free time in the dead of night, or first thing in the morning. Whether you’re a working parent, trying to pay off your house, or just lead a busy life, you need a program that works around your schedule, not the other way around! College shouldn’t have to be a stressful experience full of moving around dates and important events just to attend classes.

Online schooling allows you to attend classes from anywhere, and many programs are “work at your own pace” style programs. You’ll complete the course when you’re ready to complete it! Working at your own pace means you don’t have to rearrange your entire life, and that’s something anyone can appreciate.

4. College Isn’t For Everyone

Big classrooms, hundreds of people, not much individual attention from professors, and not to mention the cost; college just isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Some of us simply don’t feel comfortable in a huge college classroom or surrounded by people we don’t know. Some thrive and others flounder in the college environment, it all depends on the person.

If you’re someone who’s not quite cut out for the hustle and bustle of college life, online schooling is a better option for you. You’ll still get the quality education you’d expect from a university without the added social aspect of a traditional college.

5. You Can Circumvent The Weight of The College Industry

Unfortunately, education is a business. That means universities are looking to get the most money out of each student, and this means things like general education courses to keep you in school for the first two years before you ever start on your degree, as well as plenty of off-topic classes. One of the great things about online courses is that they’re often straight to the point; you’ll be training specifically for what you want to do. Why drag around all the extra weight to pursue your dreams?

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