Everyone has that one person in their social circle who is obsessed with technology and gadgets. When you have to gift your loved ones, deciding for your geek friend is not that complicated because you know they will love anything that is related to the latest technology.

However, even in technology, there are so many options you can choose. As technology has taken leaps, the number of tech gadgets has also increased tremendously. So how do you know which gadget your friend will love? We will give you some gift ideas that you can get for your geeky loved one.

1. Telescopic Ladder

Top 8 Freaky Tech Gadgets
Top 8 Freaky Tech Gadgets

Telescopic ladders are very popular as they are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport while you can get to the height you need to access. There is a wide range of jobs you can do with just one ladder. While you certainly need to be safe in all situations, these telescopic ladders have safety features built into them. Ladders are essential, and that is why you have to get the best quality telescopic ladders only. Navigate to this website to have a look at some of the best telescopic ladders you can buy.

2. SleepPhones

A lot of people have trouble sleeping at night, and some take the help of relaxing music. If you know a tech geek who is used to sleeping by listening to music, this gadget is for them. It is specially made for people that need to listen to music or some relaxing sounds to fall asleep. Headphones are not always the best option because they can be uncomfortable while lying down. SleepPhone might be a comfortable alternative to headphones. It connects wirelessly to Bluetooth and has a comfortable headband. You can listen to soothing meditation sounds, sleep-enhancing rhythms, radio, or any other preferred music. It has built-in sensors, so it also works as a sleep tracker and can change the volume and type of music as you fall asleep.

3. iGrill Mini

Cooking is not so easy unless you are an expert chef. Even then, cooking can sometimes go severely wrong, especially with meat. This gadget is a blessing in disguise for all those people who are scared of hosting large parties on Christmas/Thanksgiving. Stop guessing whether your meat is cooked the right amount, and with this grilling gadget, become an expert chef. Simply place this thermometer probe in the meat you are cooking and define the settings whether you want well-done, medium, or rare meat.

Top 8 Freaky Tech Gadgets
Top 8 Freaky Tech Gadgets

Even if you forget about the meat, your phone will alert you when it is done! No need to get stuck by the grill to look over the meat, and enjoy it with your friends. The best thing is that iGrill is compatible with all devices. If your geek friend likes the grill thermometer, maybe next time you can get them a similar device to monitor broiled, baked, or roasted meats. With iGrill Mini, cooking meat is no longer a challenge.

4. Smart Digital Assistant

Although smart home assistants are great when you need to talk to them, sometimes you also need the assistant to show you something. A home assistant is limited just to providing you with an audio assistant, but a smart digital assistant, like the Lenovo smart display 8”, combines a voice-activated touchscreen with Google assistant. It has two microphones, a speaker, and a camera, with which you can talk on video calls, watch YouTube videos, and control your compatible devices on the screen. This device is perfect for your home kitchen to view recipes.

5. SmartWatch

Top 8 Freaky Tech Gadgets
Top 8 Freaky Tech Gadgets

Smartwatches are quite common now, but we are talking about the best of the best. The Fitbit Versa has multiple functions and works as a fitness tracker too. This device monitors heart rate at all times and detects any unusual or different activities automatically, and you can use it as an iPod by storing hundreds of songs. It is also water-resistant, which means no more worrying about taking off your watch before swimming or while going on a run. You will get notifications from an iPhone or Android device. This is a great gift for someone who is a tech geek and wants the latest smartwatch tech.

6. Polk Audio Command Bar

With so many inventions and technological advancements, it just seems silly and old to still use your remote for the television. The Polk Command 2.1-Channel Soundbar System is an Alexa-enabled sound bar with built-in Dolby sound. There is even a wireless subwoofer that fills the room with its crisp and clear bass. The sound system has built-in support for Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, in case you were worried about that. This is a perfect gift for those geeks who appreciate technology and do not want to mount speakers on their walls.

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7. Power Wave Charger

Even with so much technology, we still have not figured out a way to make the battery charging last longer. The only solution to that impediment is to charge it. When it comes to charging your phone fast, without taking off the case, Anker PowerWave 7.5 provides you with an answer. Just slip your phone on this sleek stand in portrait or landscape mode. If you are watching something on your mobile, you can keep watching it while you charge. This device works with the newest Samsung and Apple phones, along with other phones that have wireless charging. This gadget can even charge through cases, which makes it perfect. If your geek friend wants an elegant charging solution without the extra wires, this is it!

8. myFlipShade

Is your friend always on his/her phone and cannot operate without it? There is no gift better than myFlipShade for it prevents the user from the glare even on the brightest days. The myFlipShade iPhone Holder will block any light and heat. Flip this shade underneath the phone, and it can work as a stand too.

9. Mini Projector

A mini projector is the best gift for your loved one who enjoys entertainment on the big screen. You can connect them even with HDMI and USB devices. Nowadays, pocket projectors will be controlled even by our mobile apps. You can connect the device to a Phone, Laptop, streaming devices, flash drives, and Game console. The interactive touch panel is there to control your device with just a touch. A useful gadget to enjoy big screen impressions at your home.

We are positive that if you choose to give your geeky friend any of these gifts, s/he will love it.

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