Big data is not new in the market. We have known about it for a long time. It is only recently that we have seen a massive surge in its usage. It seems that every business these days is talking about big data. All types of companies are trying to implement it. And all of this is for a good reason. Customers are becoming more and more demanding. Technology has given them a wide variety of options. They now use their mobiles and other devices to shop online instead of going to a brick and mortar store. They can compare various products and find out which one is the best. They want more and more personalization. Customers are known to leave a brand if they have a terrible experience.

How can companies cater to their customers better? How can they know what their customers want and make it available to them every time they visit the business, physically or digitally? Companies use the massive amount of data that they have on the customers. It includes the customers’ mobile app usage, tracking and monitoring them on your website, their interactions on social media, and more. Businesses can find out precisely what the customers want with the power of big data.

Big data can either make or break a company. That is why people who have a degree in data analytics are in such high demand. Businesses want employees who know what to do with the vast amounts of data their users generate and use it to create more business. With a data analytics degree online, there is no limit to what you can make and what you can do in the marketplace.

Here are some of the reasons why tech students are doing so well in the corporate world and how you can do the same.

Advanced Skills and Hands-on Experience

As technology advances, businesses are on the lookout for employees who take their work seriously, are dedicated to their work, and are committed to lifelong learning. Students with tech degrees, especially in data sciences, have had the opportunity to learn from the best working professionals in the industry and practice their skills through various assignments and projects. They know the real power of analytics and what they can do for their companies with it. That is why companies scoop up such individuals immediately, knowing that they will benefit from them.

Knowledge of Emerging Trends

Tech students are also in high demand for their future knowledge based on their research and analytical skills. The more time passes, the more businesses realize the importance of data science and tech. With AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), ML (Machine Learning), and other technologies, people with tech degrees have a clear advantage over others as they are more in tune with these technologies. They can also safely predict, thanks to big data, which of these are going to be vital for a business in the future, and they can advise their companies accordingly.

Leverage the Power of Data

One reason why tech students are in such high demand and why companies look for them is their ability to manipulate data. Many businesses have already used big data for their benefits, and other companies want to do the same.

For example, some NGOs are now using AI and big data for fundraising purposes. They use the vast amounts of data they have on their supporters and send personalized and targeted messages. They use the data to find out what type of message their target audience will respond to more and donate freely.

Another example is the FC Bayern Munich team. They have been using big data to analyze their games and inform the players about game plans. The team used analytics software to find out all they can learn about their competitors and themselves. It included an individual player’s performances, ball possession, positioning, speed, and more. By collecting all this data about their competitors and analyzing it, the team came up with personalized feedback for all its players and sent it to them through an app to study it. It was way back in 2014, think about what it is now.

Improving Customer Experience

Every business knows that customers are the backbone of the company. But due to a myriad of operational mistakes, a lot of companies lose their customers by not providing them with a wholesome experience. It costs them brand loyalty. Tech students are in such high demand because they can apply tech and analytics to design a company’s processes to improve the customer experience and get what they want. Whether a company needs improvement in its products, services, daily operations, or supply chain management, tech students are in the right position to make that happen.


These are why tech students have a clear edge over others in today’s competitive corporate world. Businesses worldwide are trying to make their services more and more personalized and give the users an experience that they will not soon forget. Tech students are the ones who can make it happen.


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