We all need to know how spy applications work and which ones are the best in the market that could help us in making the right choice. Whether you are suspicious about your children, spouse, or workers, spy applications are the perfect solution to leave your worries behind and help in finding out the truth.

There are numerous tools and software in the market, but most of them are scam. They claim to be the best ones but in reality they don’t work the way they claim to be. In case you are looking forward to some trusted application that will help you in spying on someone’s phone so you would be able to read their text messages easily then read this article till the end. Here you will find sufficient information to pick the best app according to your requirements. Just read this information and pick on your own. 

Below are some of the best 5 apps that help you in reading the text messages of the targeted device without even touching it:

1. Cocospy

One of the best one in our list is Cocospy. All over the world there are millions of people who are using it. It is becoming popular with each passing day. It is a monitoring tool that helps you in spying the targeted device easily. You don’t have to be worried about gaining access to the phone physically and this is one of the best things about this tool.

A few years back read someone’s text messages was hard for people, but with the passage of time as technology has advanced everything can be done using reliable tools and software like Cocospy. By using this software you don’t have to jailbreak or root the device and can read text messages easily. You can also check out the browser history of the targeted phone and find out what has been done on the targeted phone.

It is really simple to use and there is no need to take any professional guidance to make this app works for you. Just add iCloud account details of the device in case you need to spy on an iOS device, but if it is an Android phone, you have to install the application once. The thing I love about Cocospy is the advantage that you can now check out the demo by visiting their official webpage in case you are not sure whether you really need to choose this app or not.

This is the feature that not many other apps offer, and that’s why there is higher possibility whether the tool is useful or good for nothing. Apart from gaining you access to the text messages, you can also track their location, gain access to their contact numbers, names, social media accounts, pictures, videos, and everything else that is being shared and received through the device, including social media account’s passwords. What else is left there? 

How to Spy on Text Messages through Cocospy

  • As initial step make an account by visiting the official webpage of Cocospy.
  • Now enter the targeted device’s Apple ID and password.
  • At the end go to the Cocospy dashboard, scroll down to the option that says ‘Messages’ so you could get a complete list of all the messages that were being sent/received/removed from the iPhone.

2. Spyic

This is another well-recognized application that is used for spying. Whenever someone talks about spying the name of Spyic always comes up as one of the best ones. This app has incredible features and will help you in gaining access to the targeted phone so you would be able to read text messages without touching the device physically. If you need to spy on iPhone then you just have to add a few details related to the device’s iCloud account details, but if the device is an Android one then you are supposed to install the application once in the phone.

Apart from spying on text messages, this app helps you in tracking phone’s location. You don’t have to root or jailbreak the device to make this app work for you. The commands are very simple to execute and you don’t need to be worried about privacy concerns, as this tool does all the professionally, so no need to be worried about safety. Spyic works in Stealth Mode, so there are no worries of being exposed by the targeted device’s owner.

Another thing that guides people is its amazing customer support service. You don’t have to be worried about anything as the customer service team is really active and is always up for your guidance. You can easily enquire about anything from them and they will assist you with their best advice.

How to Spy on Text Messages through Spyic

  • As initial step just sign up for Spyic and check out a subscription plan for your targeted phone. It can be iOS or Android because Spyic works fine for both!
  • Go for the instructions that are available on-screen setup wizard. It will lead you through the procedure.
  • In case the targeted phone is iOS, just add the iCloud details of the user. You don’t need to have anything else to make this app work for you.
  • In case the targeted phone is Android just download and install the Spyic application. You also have the option to hide the application once you have installed it.
  • At the end press ‘Start’ and you are ready to read the text messages of targeted phone. Here you will be taken to the Spyic dashboard.

3. Spyier

There are numerous users of this application and people love this because of its amazing features and reliability. It is 100% secure to use this application. It also has a web-based interface and works in stealthy mode. There is no need to jailbreak or root the phone to make this app work for you. Apart from text messages, you can check out contact list, call logs, browser history and many other amazing things.

You can easily track the targeted phone by using Spyier and the person would not even know that you are spying on them. Now you can find out why your kids or partners are spending so much time with their phones. Their customer support service team is great, as they always assist you at any hour of the day or night.

4. Ddi Utilities

DDI Utilities is known as a developed technology of utility programs that allow a person to spy on any cell phone unnoticed better and easier than old times. This software can collect all data virtually that is presently on the mobile device. Even data that has been removed days, months, or even years ago this tool can help you in recovering it. There is another thing a person likes about this tool is that it permit you to recover everything that is available online including each and every piece of information available virtually on any cell phone. It is really low cost and the perks it offers are out of the ordinary.

5. Secure Teen

This one is known specifically as parent control software. It works in non-intrusive mode, which means to say that it monitors everything secretly and you don’t have to be worried about the being caught while spying. Another thing that is really appreciated by people about this tool is that it offers web filtering technology that restricts your kids not to watch things that are not for the kids of their age group. By filtering it only shows them the things that they can watch and the ones that are appropriate for them. This is something really different that not many other apps offer you.


By following this piece of information now, you would be able to make the right choice of choosing the best tool that could help you in reading text messages of targeted device. You are supposed to visit the official websites of these tools one after another in case you are not satisfied with any of the perks they are offering.

Pick something that comes up to the level of your needs and would work according to your requirements. Don’t rush in making your decision and do your side of research. We hope that this article would be helping for you in one way or another in choosing the finest monitoring app so you could spy on someone’s text messages.

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