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Are you considering joining our blogging community? We constantly seek outstanding writers to collaborate with us on appliances. We want to welcome you as you write for us if you have something to share about appliances. We provide with you a platform to share your ideas.

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What subjects should I cover?

We are seeking expert and knowledgeable writers on a wide range of appliances. Kindly check out our rules to understand what we are searching for. Your content may be about:

  • Tips for using appliances
  • Reviews of kitchen & home appliances
  • Guide to using an appliance
  • General information about an appliance
  • Comparison between appliances

What do we look for in your writing?

Guest posts should have a greater reach and must be instructive. Ensure you contribute if you ease your chances of being featured on our page. Before submitting content, please check if you follow these rules:

  • Is pertinent and contains useful advice in a well-researched post (preferably 1000+ words).
  • Make sure that your piece is original and should pass Copyscape. We will not publish if your content is plagiarised.
  • Only makes claims backed up by reputable case studies or academic research. Avoid mentioning competitors and omit any irrelevant marketing links.
  • Support your arguments with facts and illustrations. Avoid using stock photos that don’t enhance the content.
  • Use smaller paragraphs, bullet points, and subtopics to make the entire text easier to read.
  • Make sure your content is easy to read.

What you get

Below are the following advantages you will get from us:

  • You will receive the do-follow link with DA 50 authority.
  • We will share your social shares.
  • The article will be permanent and not temporary.
  • You can reach a larger audience.
  • People will recognize your brand.

Do I need to use images in my content?

If you have any of your photos or graphics, feel free to add them to your piece of writing. Don’t add pictures that you don’t have consent to share. If you cannot locate any relevant photographs for your content, we will add them. We can use other photos if you submit an article with pictures.

Where should I share my work?

Use [email protected] to send your home & kitchen appliance article suggestions. Our team examines all submitted article ideas. Our team will analyze and check your writing. If your content fits our website well and meets our requirements, we will email you to discuss the next steps.

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