top apps for rappers

Rapping has gone mainstream these days. Every second person who’s living the dream of becoming a rapper is putting their energy and creativity into writing their rhythms. They are popping out amazing music and encouraging all to step out on the dance floor.

top apps for rappers

This, on the one side, has confirmed the higher potential of stepping into this domain. While, on the other side, have made everyone raises the question – ‘How to prepare for this battle? What are the best resources to practice rapping?’

No wonder there are various institutions, rappers, and others who are helping others polish their skills and gain fame in this field, there is an easy way too.

Today, there are various mobile apps that are giving rappers sound knowledge about rapping, practicing, and even entering various competitions. In short, these applications designed by the best mobile app development companies are opening new doors of opportunities and helping these newbies to win the game of rapping. And the best part is that most of these applications are available for free of cost.

Knowing this, if you are experiencing butterflies in your stomach and are eager to know what applications can you download on your smartphone to enter the world of Eminem, Drake, and Jay Z, this blog will be a good read for you.

Here, we are listing down the top 10 applications that both newbies and struggling rappers can you to make their presence in this field.

So, here we begin with the first one.

Top 10 applications for Rappers to improve your skill

  • Rap to Beats

The foremost application that someone who wishes to enter the rap world must have is Rap to Beats.

This application, available on both Android and iOS, comes loaded with a vast collection of quality beats that you can pick to record your own rap. This recorded audio file can be stored in your demos in mp3 format or can be shared with others.

What’s more, this application also allows you to upload any song from other apps and employ it for recording your rap song over the available library.

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  • Rapchat: Social Rap Maker and Recording Studio

Rapchat is yet another amazing mobile application that enables you to record your rap and share it with your friends and others.

The app, available for both Android and iOS devices, come loaded with over 100 beats and various other exciting options, including listening and rating the work of other rappers. Something that is a great thing for the one you wish to make their own rhymes and build their presence in the world.

  • Music Maker JAM

Though the application is meant specifically for rappers, it can be a great tool for budding rappers to scale up their skills.

The application lets you create your own authentic beat, collaborate with different other types of music, and much more. In fact, there are various prepared samples that can be considered for getting motivation, however, most of them are not available for free.

  • Gully Beat

Designed to promote the movie, “Gully Boy”, this is also one of the best choices to enter the rap world.

The application encourages users to bring out Murad in them and live rapping. It offers them a set of features and functionalities that help people showcase their musical side and jumpstart their careers in this field.

This music app encourages users to create their own rap, upload it online, join different groups, and appreciate each other’s work.

  • Battle Me

Battle Me is also one of the most popular digital mobile apps used by rap fans and enthusiasts. The application provides an environment where rappers can record their authentic tracks and grow their talent by participating in and winning various contests.

  • Rap Wars Free

Available on Apple Store, this application gives budding rappers an opportunity to record their tracks using 100s of native beats and publish them on Facebook and Twitter. It also encourages them to meet other rappers, listen to their tracks, and battle with them to grow their skills to eventually become the Rap King.

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  • AutoRap

Another application that you must download today is AutoRap.

This music app turns your speech into rap using 100 beats from rappers like Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Nicki Minaj and offers various other features such as auto-tune your freestyle verses, taking challenges from other rappers, sharing your work on different platforms, etc.

In this way, the AutoRap application lets you find out the rapper within you and make a better presence.

  • Rap Studio

Rap Studio is another mobile app for rap that can help you enter this domain easily and effectively.

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this entertainment mobile app encourages users to mix tapes and song tracks to create their own rap album. It, in collaboration with the BeatPad app, also lets users change the tempo, pick the right music loops, and produce HD vocal tracks on 4 tracks.

Besides, the app lets users to export and share their work on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms effortlessly. And this way, gather accolades for their creativity.

  • Instrumental Rap Beats

Instrumental Rap Beats or simply Rap Beats is also one of the best applications for those who love rapping.

This music app offers a complete list of instrumental tracks accessible on your smartphone and other devices using which you can write and record your own rap song.

  • OffTopStudio

Last but not least, OffTopStudio also lands on the list of best mobile applications for rappers.

It gives them an opportunity to explore the extensive in-built library of fresh instrumentals and sing over them. These beats come from different categories like hip hop, electronic, pop, rap, and R&B.

Also, the application enables you to upload your own private beat and create a rap that can further be made publicly accessible to the whole world.

While these were some of the 10 popular applications that are helping rappers to enhance their skills, make their own groups, and outshine the rap world, there are many more available in the market. So, it is suggested that you explore those too and see which one fits your needs and contribute to the process of satisfying your desire to rule the rap world.

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