Is a Car Splitter the Right Accessory for your Vehicle?

After purchasing a car, it is quite tempting to spruce it up a bit to make it more of your own, rather than it being a generic piece of engine cruising down the highway. With so many accessories available in the market today, it can be very confusing to choose which one would be the best accessory to outfit your car.

If you are looking for a car accessory that is more on the safer side of things in terms of costs and functionality, why not consider getting a car splitter?

What is a Car Splitter

A car splitter can easily be confused with an airdam or simply a part of the lower bumper. An attachment to the body of the car, the car splitter can be found on the bottom of the front bumper. Looking like flat scoops that extend forward in the bottom of the front of the car, a splitter can sometimes be called a front spoiler. It is usually made out of carbon fiber or other materials with the same durability. To keep it looking parallel to the ground, some car splitters have support rods that are connected to bumper and splitter.

What are the Functions of a Car Splitter?

While a car splitter may sound like a rather complicated or complex piece of car accessory, it isn’t. A splitter is just a hard extension of the front bumper but how in the world can it affect your vehicle’s performance? Your car reaching high speeds can have an impact on the front bumper, with air pressure building up. This high pressure build up (which is also low speed air) finds its way under the car. Meanwhile, at the top of the top of the car, there is low air pressure; this has a very minimal effect on the car, causing it to lose traction on the road, as there is a lift. The front of the car lightens.

This is where a car splitter comes in handy. The high pressure build up in the front won’t be finding its way underneath anymore, but instead will be forced upwards because of the car splitter. The low pressure, high speed air then moves towards the bottom of the car, causing the vehicle to have more traction. Lifts are reduced and it produces a net positive downforce. Many car owners combine their car splitter with other accessories, like a front air dam, which positions the extra air into the other parts of the engine like the radiator or brake ducts.

Imagine the car splitter as a wedge that forces the high pressure upwards. This movement of pressure results in a better performing car that have a much more minimal effect on the tires, especially in the front. Some car enthusiasts will go as far as adding splitters to the sides of the car as well, increasingly making their vehicle a high performance one.

Typically, any body upgrades focuses on realigning the air flow to be able to support or change various car functions.

Are They Effective?

While adding an accessory here and there may sound tempting, especially if you have just recently started to appreciate the beauty of automobiles, upgrading your car by installing a car splitter sounds like a dream now that you are aware of how it improves the car’s overall performance.

Whether or not they are effective is a different case. If you have purchased your car at a dealership, chances are that there are original and authorised accessories at your disposal whenever you feel like shelling out some cash. Do keep in mind though that some of these car upgrades (and yes, including the splitter) are usually just an added bonus and not necessarily an accessory you would need to make your car perform better. In other words, some of these accessories may be bought just for the sake of making your car look even better that it already is.

Having a car that has already been pre-installed with a splitter by the manufacturer is a different story. You are lucky enough to not be spending extra cash anymore, as the manufacturer has taken the consideration to add a splitter to enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamics to allow you to better enjoy its handling and performance.

What is the Difference Between a Car Splitter and a Lip Kit?

Car splitters, while aren’t as costly as other car upgrades, can bring a lot to the table in terms of vehicle performance. However, there is another alternative in the market that can perform as well as a splitter: the lip kit. The lip kit is a much more affordable choice than a splitter. It is also installed on the bumper and affects traction and aerodynamics. When you are in a position to choose between a splitter and a lip kit, there are only two factors to consider: your style preference and your budget.

Lip kits are generally a breeze to install, compared to car splitters, so that is another factor that you might want to take into consideration before making any purchases. Even if you have no previous experience in installation, putting a lip kit into your car shouldn’t be hard work. With proper care and installation, a lip kit can last as long as your car does.

In terms of the materials used, car splitters use alumnite, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, among other things. Lip kits, being the more affordable choice, is made out of very strong rubber. Aesthetically speaking, car splitters provide your automobile a more attractive vibe. Because of its materials though, any wrong turn, wayward pebble, or bump on the road might cause dents on the car splitter. A lip kit, being made of rubber, can easily avert such road and car hazards.

A car splitter or lip kit might be on your wish list and it isn’t hard to see why. How it affects the way your car performs and its overall look and appeal are already good enough reasons to buy either one.

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