Knee Scooter

There is nobody in a secure zone regarding traumas: either a professional sportsman or a child, a senior man or a high-heels lady, a driver or a builder. If you suddenly hurt your leg and had surgery, you may require this tool during your rehab. More about the main features and positive properties, restrictions, and recommendations, read below.

Knee Scooter

About the Product

Knee Scooter is a wheeled walking item, which aims to help people to recover from various leg traumas. It has many useful properties:

1) Accessible mobility solution: the best knee scooter is ideal for people who are recovering from a leg fracture, limb injury, leg surgery, or ankle joint operation. It is appropriate both for indoor and outdoor use, with four wheels for easy control and balancing.

2) Stability and control: These easy-to-use scooters are equipped with rubber wheels, two adjustable locking hand brakes, and two rear wheel brakes.

3) Fully adjustable and compact: The item also has handles with a quick-folding mechanism for easy transportation and storage. The walker has a steering wheel and a soft knee platform that can be easily adjusted for convenient use.

4) Reliable: It weighs only 21 pounds and can withstand a load of 300 pounds. The scooter is recommended for people with a height of 145-198 cm. Ideal for children and adults.

So, the idea of such a walker is to take off the weight from the injured leg, which makes its recovery faster. Moreover, it provides the necessary support to it, so you do not feel discomfort while moving. It easily substitutes crutches and creates all the opportunities to stay active.

Follow the recommendations

People who have already had or getting ready for knee surgery might get a recommendation to purchase the walker before the operation. It may bring you significant relief compared with crutches, just because it will be comfortably located on the cushion. However, you will still use the leg muscles to move it, so the body weight will be distributed well, instead of moving up with your arms on the crutches. So, you will keep more energy for your daily tasks including simple household duties.

For elder people, it may become an indispensable item when recovering from the surgery, as doctors always restrict from putting weight on the injured extremities. So, a scooter is a perfect solution either for moving around the house and going outside.

When it comes to knee surgery the situation is quite individual: sometimes it is not recommended to use the walker for patients who had above or below the knee injuries. So, do not make a purchase without a doctor’s prescription.

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At Your Service

Despite bringing wide assistance to elder people, the walker may be good in numerous situations. For instance, this is an excellent tool for preventing further injuries. Imagine how difficult is to have a shower with a broken leg. It always takes 2 times more time than usual. Knee scooters allow you to roll just next to the shower without injuring yourself.


The walker may cost you from $100 to $400, which is a normal price for medical equipment. It is always possible to sell it after usage to somebody else on the Internet. However, if you have an extra place to store it at home, you can leave it for other purposes.

There are also a lot of rental companies, which can give you the scooter for some time. It will cost you less, but be ready that it has been already used by somebody before you.

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In Conclusion

After serious injuries, part of the lost functions can be returned if medical rehabilitation is started on time. However, it is quite a difficult time which requires extra effort from the patient. We do not want to think about the unpleasant times, we hope that these concerns will not disturb us. But, when the accident happens remember that there are many medical tools able to make your rehabilitation easier. Consult with a doctor and ask your family members to assist you, a knee walker may be a perfect solution for you.

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