Where to Put Your Bike Lock When Riding

One of the biggest headaches, as a bicycle rider, is figuring out where to put your bike lock when riding. If you have been riding a bike for more than a few years, then you know the challenge lies in protecting your bike from getting stolen. And that’s why you may want to purchase a sturdy bike lock, depending on the model and make. Go ahead and review the rest of the post.

Bike security:

It only figures that as bikes got updated, so did the locks. With bikes getting more gadgets by the mile, it is expected that the latest versions will get heavier, sturdier locks protecting them. Well, the top bike brands are already aware of the security issue and have been coming out with slim, sleek, and sturdy locks instead of heavy ones.

As a result, there are a lot of sleek options when it comes to a bike lock. And the slimmer it is, the better it is for you to carry the lock with you while riding around.

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Frame mount:

When it comes to working out where to put your bike lock when riding, a frame mount is one of the easiest ones to use. Apart from using it with ease to lock up your bike, you can simply attach the same to the frame of your bicycle while riding around.

It is neither sturdy nor heavy. It is just light and of the right weight. What makes it easy to use is that the lock can be clipped, and slid over the frame and that’s that. One of the advantages of using this type of lock is that you can slide and lock over any part of the frame mount.

Chain Bike Locks:

When it comes to Chain Bike Locks, the common consensus is that most of them tend to be quite bulky and heavy to carry around. The only exception happens to be the Kryptonite Transit Tube. This version happens to be quite short, sturdy, and one that you can easily carry around, with ease.

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U – Locks:

Seeing courier bikers ride around, at top speed on their bike must be a common sight by now. And chances are, if you ride at top speeds, your frame lock may just slide off the end of your frame. Bike locks are quite expensive, which is why you may want to go for U-Locks.

This type of Lock, once installed properly on your bike frame – stays on. You can clock any number of miles on your brand-new bike, and the U-Lock will securely stay put.

Folding bike locks:

When it comes to securing your bike, you know you’ll need a bike lock that you can depend on. That’s why you need the folding bike lock. The great thing about this is that you can use the holes in the Bike Frame Mount, which you normally utilize for a bottle holder. You can use these holes to screw in the folding bike lock.

They are very easy to attach to the frame. Despite the long distances you may have traveled on the bike, these locks never come loose. The better part is that when you do not use these locks, you just fold them over close to the frame mount. As the name suggests, the folding bike locks have a center of gravity that’s close to the frame mount. You need not worry about them swinging wildly from side to side but remain secure for the whole ride.

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Where to Put Your Bike Lock When Riding?

Backpack or bag:

If you are in the habit of sporting a sturdy bag or backpack, then the obvious place for the lock would be to carry it along with you in your bag.

For starters, you would be physically carrying the bike lock with you. As it is, you would not have to spend hours on end, worrying about your bike lock. When you plan to use it, just open your bag, take out the bike lock, and use it, as directed. That’s it.

And the good news is that you can just carry your bag around. You will not have to take any additional security measures and rest easy.

Of course, you can always carry around your lock with you in your satchel or backpack. One of the advantages to carrying your bike lock in your satchel is that you can ensure it remains safe and in close proximity to your person. That way, you can access the bike lock when you need it the most. Moreover, you can secure it as well.

Hang it on your body:

Of course, the other option would be to hang the bike lock on your body. As long as the lock in question is neither too heavy nor bulky, you should be able to hang it around your neck, the belt buckle or your jeans loop with ease. Having it on your body should no doubt secure the lock from any threat including robbery.

The Pannier option:

If your bike comes with a pannier, side basket or saddlebag option, then you may want to opt for the same rather than a backpack. A backpack is not that secure, given the frequency with which they are robbed. That’s why it makes more sense to carry your bike lock in your pannier, sidebasket or saddlebags. Of course, given the weight of your bike lock, that should make it easier to select the option as to how you carry your bike lock with you when riding your bike.

Safety and security:

When it comes to protecting your bike locks, you may also want to consider other safe, secure options.  Apart from carrying it in your backpack, where the bag is protected by heavy-duty foam, you should be able to cart heavy bike locks. But carrying it around for a while can chafe at your shoulders after a while. That’s why the pannier/ side basket/saddlebag option makes more sense

Carrying it around:

Make sure you maintain your bike properly. And the same goes for your bike lock. Remember that bike locks are no longer dirt cheap and the extra functionality leads to a higher price tag. As you carry your lock around, make sure it is not too heavy or uncomfortable.

These are some of the places where you can put your bike lock when riding it. Make sure you install the bike lock as per directions and use it accordingly. Good luck!

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