I recently found a snake in my house. When I told my family and friends about it, I was bombarded by “what it means”. It got me thinking about how bizarre it is that in this day and age, there are still people who believe in these strange and unusual superstitions.

Whether it’s an ant, a bee, or a spider, there’s a superstition to match it. Everything from snails and their ability to cure warts to spiders bringing luck. Of course, your first instinct when finding a nest of these creatures is to call pest control. Who wants to live with a home full of assorted pests? But while you call them, have you heard of these stories?

8 Crazy Superstitions about the Insects You Find in Your Home

Strange Beliefs about the Insects That Inhabit Your Space

No matter where you live, your home is without a doubt surrounded or inhabited by strange and unusual insects. Some may be familiar to you, such as cockroaches, ants and spiders but you definitely don’t want them around. In more rural parts of the world, superstitions are still upheld and you really have to think twice before squashing a bug!

If the traditions are to be believed, are you passing up a string of good luck when your pest control contractor exterminates the spider nest under the sink? Let’s hope not! Some of the strangest superstitions are mentioned below.

Termites = Bad Luck

Here’s one superstition we can all agree with. Some cultures believe that termites in your home bring a great deal of bad luck. Termite infestations destroy the wooden structures of buildings, which results in a lot of repair or replacement costs.

Termites can often nest in wooden furniture, walls, and other wooden items and will require the expertise of pest control services to remove them.

Spiders = Increased Financial Luck

Spiders are among the creepiest creatures around. Many people would actually prefer to never encounter one. However, many cultures claim these creepy little pests are actually symbols of money and good luck that lie in your future. It’s considered very bad luck to kill a spider. Spider charms are often worn on jewellery to bring the wearer luck.

Bees = Success

Bees are the insects with the most folklore attached to them:

  • Greek folklore claims a bee landing on your head will result in a very successful life.
  • Irish folklore indicates that a bee buzzing around your home means a visitor will soon arrive.
  • In American folklore, giving a bee a piece of wedding cake will result in a happy marriage.

From a scientific perspective, a beehive should not be destroyed. Bees are crucial to the survival of or ecosystems. If you have a beehive in your garden, request a beekeeper to come and safely remove them.

Red and Black Ants = Rich or Poor

Ants are probably the most common insects to invade homes around the world. With the many ant species in existence, it’s not unusual to come across them. Black ants running around in your kitchen supposedly symbolizes an imminent increase in your current wealth. On the other hand, their cousin the red ant is said to cause money losses.

Snails = Ward off Different Illnesses

The belief that snails can ward off illness comes from age-old folklore that started in France a few centuries ago. In those days, villagers had to go to the local chapel to harvest snails to cure their illnesses. In Wales, snails were harvested to cure warts.

For illness, you’d wear the snail around your neck in a little bag. For warts, you simply rub the snail over the wart. Considering that some beauty products contain snail gel these days, it would seem there might be some truth to the power of the slimy product!

Mosquitos = Increased Love

West African folklore says a mosquito buzzing around your ears is a symbol that your true love is searching for you. They should then not be swatted, because your love will remain unfulfilled. Folklore has believers eating green vegetables from Monday to Thursday. This will supposedly prevent mosquitos from snacking on you while you sleep.

Dragonflies = The Devil’s Sewing Needle

Ancient folklore cautions that if you were unfortunate enough to fall asleep next to a dragonfly, it would sew your eyelids shut. German, Danish, and Swedish folklores all share this same belief. Norse mythologies, however, believe that dragonflies bring love and fertility.

Ladybugs = Good Luck

Many cultures associate this cute little red and black bug with good luck. The instruction is to catch a ladybug without harming it, then count the number of dots on its back. Depending on the culture you believe in, the number of dots will either tell you how many months of luck you’re going to have or the number of children you’ll be parenting!


It’s important to distinguish between “good” and “bad” insects. Good insects will not harm you or your home, and like bees, can be beneficial to the environment. Bad insects may cause disease, death, and even damage your property. Always ensure you differentiate between the two before you allow these little creatures in your home. A few ladybugs for luck can only be a plus!

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