Bearded dragons are among the calmest pets. These are terrestrial but the baby bearded dragons are semi arboreal.

The pet likes to climb on the higher terrain. If you are new owner and you do not know much regarding the bearded dragons and building the right habitat for them, this would be absolutely helpful for you.  You will need a tank and light and some of the additional products to create the home like feeling for their beardie pet.

Things to consider before buying the hammock

There are a lot of factors that play a part in determining the quality of the hammock. If we pay attention to it we see that it becomes easier to buy a Bearded dragons hammock with reviews if we know what aspects are to be considered. It also helps in saving money as we get to see the best.

  • Installation: The product should be easy to install on the walls of the tank. You need to find the one product which is easy to assemble without any hassle.

You should be able to install it on the walls and also remove it whenever you feel like. You can even use the same hammock for bugger terrarium.

  • Material: You also need to consider the material that you are shopping. This is because the material used in making the hammock will determine the quality of it. Mostly natural sea grass is used. This is because these are comfortable as well as help the reptiles. The rough exterior is also suitable for the skin.

You might even find hammocks of nylon, but they are not useful to them. So be sure that you purchase the correct material.

  • Hammock: There are various hammocks available. You need to find the best. There are hammocks with ladders, natural ones and even the nylon ones.

Along with that you even need to see the method of instalment used. Make sure to read reviews before shopping.

  • Adjustability: Some of the hammocks even change their shape in presence of some temperatures. So it is important that you ensure proper insulation for your pet.

Hammocks can help in maintaining temperature even after the temperature outside is altered.

  • Safety: Most of the hammocks are safe to use. But due to the features of insulation and strength they are the best addition to a tank. So they can be attached to the walls of the tank with suction cups. The cups appear to be delicate but are strong enough to hold the bearded dragon. It is also an important segment for the condition when the bearded dragon shed their skins. To further secure your commitment to their well-being, exploring exotic animal insurance quotes offers a strategic way to cover all bases of your pet’s health and safety. This ensures a thorough approach to care, covering both their living environment and potential health needs.
  • Maintenance: The hammocks can be easily removed and maintained too. You can use one hammock for a long span but it is very important that you clean it properly.

The cloth hammocks can be cleaned in the washing machine as well. But those which are made of mes need to be cleaned with a cloth.

The Bearded dragon hammocks:

Niteangel bearded dragon hammock

The product appears to be woven and a handmade one. The design is similar to a triangle which involves a space in the terrarium.

The material used in designing it is very soft and strong. The product can be used as a hammock or even as a chair. The hammock also has a rough surface that can be used rubbing the hammocks in case they get skinned.

There is a strong suction cup available which comes with a leather strap. This can be easily attached to the tank.


  • Good size
  • It fits perfectly
  • It is strong and sturdy


  • Difficult to clean

Triangular HUYAYA hammock

The product is handmade and is made of 100% natural sea grass fibers. The strength of the products is very high and it is suitable for most of the reptiles. Reptiles like bearded dragon, lizard, hermit snake would find this hammock very appealing.

The product has 3 durable cups along with suction cups that help the hammock to hold itself against the acrylic or plastic walls.

The size of the hammock is large and it is ideal for the lizards.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Has high strength


  • Suction cups get warm with the heat cups.

Penn Plax lizard lounger hammock

The hammock is very helpful in creating the comfort as well as freedom for the pet reptiles. These are also made of the sea grass fibres and woven by hand.

The straws can easily attach to the glass wall even if the tank is moving. The size of the hammock is ideal for the reptiles like bearded dragons, iguanas and even anoles.

The temperature can be easily adjusted on its own when you move it farther or closer.


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Good quality
  • The size is large


  • The hammock does not have the ideal size according to some customers.

PIVBY hammock jungle climber

This product comes with 1 bearded dragon hammock, along with a vine branch and some leaves.

These are great for the reptiles and the bearded dragons, like chameleon, tree frogs, geckos and much more.

The bent branches are available with the suction cups that can be attached easily to the walls of the tank. The hammock is made of the sea grass fiber and is highly durable. It is enough large that it can fit to the cattle. It comes in beautiful colours.


  • The branch is extremely  realistic and flexible
  • The hammock is strong
  • High durability


  • Some customers do not like the attachment of suctions.

Wuhostam reptile hammock lizard lounger

The hammock is soft and also very durable. The material is 100% hand woven and we also see that it creates a unique and comfortable environment for the reptiles which they will surely enjoy.

The material is soft and 100% durable and is made from the sea grass yarns. IT creates a comfortable environment for the reptiles and they enjoy sitting on it.

It is suitable for the Iguanas, hermit crabs, dragon beards, anoles and much more.


  • High durability
  • Great for terrestrial species
  • Can be easily cleaned


  • The hooks cannot be repositioned

Zoo Med Mesh large hammock

The hammock has a ladder and it also allows the lizards that they can travel easily in the lake. It has a rugged design and might be positioned in the glass tank.

It is god for the reptile ladders. It helps in taking advantage of the free space.


  • Easy to use and has good durability
  • Flexible and strong


  • The suction cups do not stick properly

Kathson reptile lizard hammock

It is woven by hand and the material used I manufacturing it is natural seaweed. The material is soft and firm. The suction pipe is strong and can be fixed to any position on the tank.

Similar to hammock or the chair the surface is a little rough and that allows the lizards to rub themselves when they are skinned.

The dimensions are 7.8, 7.8 and 11 inches.


  • Thickness and fitting is good
  • Is strong


  • Might detach after sometime

CDL Reptile lizards hammock lounger

The product is soft and has high breathability. the material used for making it is strong nylon.

The product involves 2 hammocks with 6 strong suction cups and along with that the metal rings which helps in fixing it to the wall.

The hammock is designed like a triangle which has the size of 12, 12 and 18 inches.

It is the best for hermit crabs, lizards and even dragons.


  • Soft and strong
  • Good durability
  • High breathability


  • The suction cups don’t stick

KHLZ US hammock lizard lounger

The material used is 100% natural grass. It is soft and very durable. It is woven fully by hand and the shape of the hammock is very comfortable and is very suitable for the reptiles. It has 4 strong suction cups, a fixation glass as well a hemp rope for easy fixation.

Suitable for Iguanas, crab hermit and anoles.


  • 100% natural
  • Suction cups stick properly
  • Soft and also durable


  • Suction cups are large

Hammock for bearded dragon, blue green lavender

The hammock comes with three suction cups which are worth 3 pounds. The product is made of soft fabric and it creates a comfortable feeling for the lizards.

The decoration is done with beautiful motifs and it attracts the attention of the reptiles. The cleaning is east and is better as compared to the other hammocks of plastic nets or sea grass.


  • The size is perfect.
  • The hammock is soft and strong.


  • Hooks are not strong enough.


We have listed few of the hammocks, however you can find review of more on mypetcarejoy. Bearded dragons love to be an elevated spot in their tanks. They feel safe and even closer to their habitat. If you are finding a hammock then you need to be sure that it is strong and big in size. It should also be comfortable so that the reptiles can easily use it.

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