Owning pet birds is hard work at times but the rewards and companionship are all worth it. If you own or will own birds, bird proofing your house is essential!

Over 3,509,000 households in the US own a bird. Despite all the bird lovers out there, not many people realize their homes are full of dangerous hazards. By learning how to bird-proof your home, you can avoid a tragic accident ahead of time.

Here are the five steps you’ll need to take when making your home bird-safe. With these tips, you can enjoy the rewards of owning a bird without worry.Bird-proofing your home with these tips is easy, so read more below to learn what you need to know.

1. Check the Exits

First, you want to make sure your feathered friend can’t fly the coop. Consider using shades or blinds on all your windows. Check the screens for holes or loose wires that could harm your door, too.A bird’s toenails can get tangled in drapery or curtains. Make sure to have your bird’s nails clipped.

If you want to take the bird is out of its cage, make sure all doors and windows are closed first. You might want to consider having your bird’s wings clipped. Don’t worry; it won’t keep them from flying. Rather, clipping their wings will slow a bird’s speed.

2. Adjust the Temperature

Extreme temperatures could harm your bird. When bird-proofing your home, make sure to place their cage in a safe place. Keep them away from areas that are drafty. You’ll want to avoid areas with open windows, fans, or heat registers, too.When your bird is out of their cage, make sure all fans are off to keep them safe.

3. Avoid Crushing Them

Birds love hiding in small spaces. To avoid crushing your bird, make sure to keep an eye out when you walk around. You could injure or kill your bird by stepping on them. Don’t let your bird in rooms with mechanical devices. The moving parts could harm them. Make sure to check areas with multiple layers of fabric. For example, check your bed before putting new blankets on the covers. You don’t want them to get stuck!

4. Keep a Safe Distance

When bird-proofing your home, you’ll want to consider your other pets, too. Dogs and cats both can prey on birds. Never leave your bird in a room with another pet unattended.

If your pet isn’t behaving with a bird in the room, consider dog training. Learning how to train your dog now could prevent a dangerous encounter in the future. You can discover more dog training tips at Pet Educate.

5. Remove Hazards

Over 20.3 million birds find their home indoors. Don’t forget to check your kitchen and bathrooms for hazards. For example, you’ll want to prevent your bird from getting burned by kettles, toasters, or other appliances. Even smoke fumes could cause your bird harm.

In the bathroom, make sure to prevent your bird from accessing water. You don’t want them to drown. Keep them away from poisonous items like cleaning supplies or lotions, too. 

Don’t Fly the Coop: 5 Steps for Bird-Proofing Your Home

Protect your new pet! With these five tips, you can start bird-proofing today. Make your home a safe place with these five steps.

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