If you love travelling and getting out and exploring the great Australian countryside, have you ever considered joining a travel club? Even if you enjoy travelling solo much of the time, being a member of a travel club gives you the option of joining other like-minded people on an adventure anytime it suits you.

Let’s look at some cool reasons why joining a travel club is a fantastic idea.

#1. Experiences Are Often Better Shared With Others

Whether you’re looking to join the best travel club Sydney has to offer, or anywhere else in the country, there’s nothing like discovering new places and sharing adventures with others. After all, it’s hard to create truly memorable moments all by yourself. Watching that stunning sunset is still beautiful on your own but means so much more when the moment is shared with others.

#2. Make Some New Friends

We often make friends out of mutual interests, so when you become a member of a travel club you’ll discover just how easy it is to form new bonds and relationships. Your shared love of travel is common ground and reduces the instance of any awkward moments of being a part of a group where you know no one. Instead, you’ll have natural conversation ice breakers by being able to talk about your travel adventures, as well as future travel opportunities and aspirations.

#3. There Is Safety In Numbers

No matter where you happen to travel in this great nation. or even on overseas adventures. when you’re travelling with a group you know, you’ll all have each others’ backs. There is always safety in numbers, so no matter where your travels take you, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you’re among good friends.

#4. Share Expenses

When you travel with a group it can really cut back the cost. For example, if you all chip in and hire a bus or a van to take a trip somewhere, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it would be covering the cost to travel to that location all on your own, or with just one or two other people. The same applies to things like hiring a boat for a day out on the water, maybe doing some island hopping.

#5. Travel Clubs Can Get Group Discounts

Once again you’ll be saving money on your travels by being part of a group. When there is a certain number of people, often cheap accommodation deals can be negotiated, along with group discounts at restaurants, for activities, sometimes even for flights. Tour groups might even get group discounts at stores that sell souvenirs and that sort of thing. From a purely economic point of view, being a travel club member is very kind to your bank account.

#6. Discover Awesome Places You Never Thought Of Visiting Before

We’ve all heard the expression that two heads are better than one when it comes to dreaming up ideas. Well, imagine all the fantastic travel ideas that’ll be cropping up with a big group of travel enthusiasts. You’ll soon find yourself exploring. and enjoying. places you never even thought of visiting. Entire new worlds of experiences and opportunities will open up to you.

#7. Endless Photo and Selfie Opportunities

In a world with digital cameras and smartphones that can take professional quality photos, you really can take your travels to the next level with travel photography, and what better way to capture your unique adventures than by featuring all your friends in some of your photos each time you visit new places. Not only do photos freeze moments in time so you can relive the experience over and over when you view them, but you can also look back on all the fun you had at that location with all your friends.

#8. You’ll Always Know Someone Wherever You Go

Wherever you end up, there will be no moments upon arrival where you feel alienated because you don’t know a soul at your new destination. You’re arriving with a group of friends, so the travel party get started the moment you check-in

Travel clubs just make so much sense on every level.


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