Traveling can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you travel overseas, multiple concerns are running through your mind, visa being one of the most common ones. Thankfully, there are visa-free countries for Indian passports, so you can travel without any hassle. Visa-free travel refers to the ability to visit a country without first obtaining a visa.

Visa free countries on Indian passport are countries where Indian citizens are allowed to travel without a visa permit. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow in those countries:


  1. Before going to Visa free countries on Indian passport, get yourself a passport. Before entering a country, you should have a valid passport and identity proof to prove that you are an Indian citizen.
  1. Try avoiding unplanned trips to Visa free countries on Indian passport, especially when travelling overseas. It may cause problems in the future if you don’t have proper documents with you, for example, at immigration checkpoints, hotel registrations, etc. Always carry your original passports/citizenship cards along with photocopies of them when you are on a trip.
  1. Research about Visa free countries on Indian passport a week or two before you travel and gather as much information as possible.
  1. Always keep some emergency money with yourself.
  1. Keep documents handy (like passport/visa etc.)
  1. Try and avoid carrying big bills because it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
  1. Get yourself registered at your embassy/consulate so that they know where exactly you are going, along with any emergency contact information.
  1. Check immigration requirements and confirm how long you can stay in those countries without worrying about any paperwork.
  1. If you’re travelling alone to Visa free countries on an Indian passport, it is always better to carry some sort of an emergency card that includes: – A copy of your passport data page with the Indian diplomatic mission and their working hours. – Emergency contact information, including the phone numbers to call. – A picture of yourself along with a copy of your passport.
  1. Carry the proof of a travel insurance plan to Visa free countries on Indian passport, which is valid in all countries you are visiting and make sure to carry enough money along with you for emergencies, including any last-minute expenses like eating out or extra transportation etc.


  • Do not ignore the health regulation of a specific country
  • Do not miss to buy international travel insurance
  • Do not forget to carry the photocopy of essential documents like health insurance, passport

Why are some countries visa-free for Indians?

The reason behind these countries being visa-free for Indians can be attributed to 3 reasons:

  • Historical ties between India and said country
  • Cultural similarities
  • Commercial benefits
  • India has always been more than willing to extend hands of friendship to its neighbouring countries, resulting in some amazing visa-free travel opportunities for Indians.

What if you lose your passport when you are abroad?

Losing your passport can cause panic if you do not know what to do next. Hence, make sure you have the relevant information before you start packing your bags. In case you end up losing your passport, then get a legal affidavit from a passport issuing authority in India along with the help of the respective embassy. Otherwise, you can apply for an emergency travel document and restart the process of getting another passport.

Secure Your Trip

As per Statista, in financial year 2020, insurance companies in India issued gross premiums worth 7.58 billion Indian rupees under overseas travel insurance. This proves that the popularity of travel insurance is increasing day by day. However, it is important to buy the best plan. With trusted and reputable insurers such as Care Insurance, you can get comprehensive travel insurance plans at affordable rates.

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