Traveling is something everyone wishes they could do more of, but can’t. It’s often a direct result of not having the means to do so. The cost of airfare, car rentals and hotel stays are already high and doesn’t even include spending money. There’s no denying that a vacation can cost a lot depending on where you’re going, how many are traveling with you, and what you plan on doing while you’re away.

That’s why many people save for a vacation. By putting money aside in increments, they eventually accumulate enough to get away. If the money you’re saving isn’t quite enough just yet, however, you can take things a step further. Below, are a few ways you can squeeze a bit more money for your vacation savings.

Switch to Vaping

Do you have a habit of smoking cigarettes? Unfortunately, lots of people do and it’s not only unhealthy but an expensive habit to have.  A pack of cigarettes costs about $6.28. If you smoke a pack each day you’re looking at $188 a month. Wouldn’t that be a nice chunk of change to add to your vacation savings?

Kicking a habit as smoking on your own may not be easy. You can, however, try to quit smoking by switching to a vape system. Vapes are a lot healthier than cigarettes and a lot more affordable so you can kill two birds with one stone – kick cigarettes for good and save for your vacation.

Make Your Own Coffee

Raise your hand if you need that dose of caffeine in the mornings (and sometimes afternoons and evenings) to get you through the day. As delicious as a cup of joe can be, it sets you back a few bucks every day. On average, a cup of coffee costs more than $3. When multiplied by 30 days in a month, even if you only drink one cup a day that’s $90 down the drain.

If you want to save for your vacation, you should make your own coffee. Coffee makers come in an array of price ranges to fit your budget and supplies to make coffee are also very affordable. You might spend half of what you’d normally spend on coffee if you go to a nearby cafe or national chain.

Bring Your Lunch

Lots of people are guilty of this money-guzzling habit – eating out for lunch. It may be tempting to head out and grab a bite from a nearby restaurant or jump in on a group order with your coworkers for some delivery, but it’s a lot of money. Chances are you’re spending about $7-$10 each day on lunch. Assuming you work 5 days a week, that’s $35-50 each week.

Add a portion of what you would spend on eating out for lunch to your vacation savings and start bringing your lunch. You can pack leftovers from dinner or look for some simple lunch recipes online.

Hang Out at Home

Who doesn’t love the idea of being entertained? When you’re not at school or work, you want to be out doing something. Entertaining yourself, however, costs a lot. A trip to the movies could set you back a hundred bucks between admission and snacks. While you don’t always have to stay cooped up at home, hanging out in the house can save you money.

Find ways to be entertained at home. Watch movies through streaming services, have a barbecue in your backyard, play games in the family room, invite guests over for dinner, etc. This is a lot more affordable and sticking to the plan is easy when you have a vacation as motivation.

Vacations cost a lot. Unfortunately, this causes some people to put off going away for months or even years. If limited funds have prevented you from being able to travel as you want, perhaps it’s time to start saving. As you start to see your vacation savings increase, consider making financial changes such as those listed above to help you squeeze even more into your budget. The best part about each of these tips above is that they also improve your health and reduce stress, which is an added bonus to the vacation that lies ahead.

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