There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a major auto repair project. Whether you’ve just lost your suspension or you’ve taken apart your engine before realizing it, there comes a time when you need a specialized tool for a project. If you aren’t planning on using a costly, specialized tool for more projects in the future, find out how your local auto parts store tool rental program can save you money and give you the professional tools you need to get the job done.

Choose a Project

Before you get started, you need to pick a project. Not all auto repair projects require specialized tools, so go through your set up list before renting tools. Some projects, like removing your fuel pump or repairing your air conditioner, require specialized tools that you may not have in your garage.

If you’re away from your garage and don’t have access to your basic hand tools, look for a program that lets you borrow the torque wrenches, pliers and other basic tools you need to perform simple or complex auto repairs.

Determine Your Tool Needs

Before you take advantage of your local loan a tool program, consider whether you need to rent or buy a tool. If you’re looking for tools for a routine maintenance project, consider investing in purchasing a tool. For unique projects that you may only perform once or twice in your vehicle’s life, renting is an excellent way to save money on high-value tools.

Depending on local availability, there are many auto repair tools that are useful to rent. Here are just a few tools that you should consider renting rather than purchasing:

  • Exhaust tools
  • Fuel pump removal tools
  • Steering and Suspension devices
  • Pullers
  • Air conditioning and cooling system tools
  • Diagnostics

Many of these tools and accessories require a significant investment, but aren’t used for routine maintenance or projects. When you come across a specialty DIY project, pick up the latest brands and specialized tool for the job.

Find a Great Rent a Tool Program

Not every tool rental program provides the same selection, quality of tools and affordability. Many rental programs require you to pay money for the wear and tear on the tool. Some, however, offer this service free of charge.

Select from a range of premium tools and simply pay a deposit for borrowing your tool. Once you’ve completed your DIY project, you can return the tool and collect your entire deposit. Even if you’re working on a routine maintenance project, it’s hard to beat free tool loans.

Look For Discounts

Instead of investing in a wide range of specialized auto repair tools, save your money and use it to invest in premium auto parts. Shop online for excellent deals on your name brand parts for your vehicle. Check for any discounts, like a military discount online, to enjoy even more savings. Whether you’re popping the hood for the first time or tackling a more specialized project than ever before, find a quality tool loaning service to keep your vehicle performing at its best all year round.

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