The internet has been buzzing about 5G internet and its arrival. It appears broadband internet has lost its battle against fiber with 5G taking the stage. The internet data transfer speed is 100 times faster than broadband on the 5G Network and connected devices. You can also consider that all your text, images, and audio are the web documents come under WWW. High internet speed consumes less time while browsing on websites. So many website available to check Internet speed like

AT&T is setting up a larger network to capture the consumer market and are currently in a testing phase whereas the UK has successfully tested 5G bandwidth and the internet. 5G networks are the evolution of the 4th generation of mobile network technology that is far superior at delivering internet speeds when compared to broadband and fiber. For decades we have been requesting that cable service providers, like Spectrum internet which albeit offers exquisite Spectrum packages, should also get open to accepting such ideas.

The age of cable-based internet will be coming to end with commercial 5G technology expected to be commercialized in 2020 for consumer use.


Engineers from the University of Essex have announced the successful testing of the technology. The need of a wired network of fiber optic or coaxial cable to get internet service is almost a thing of the past. The ability of 5G will provide faster speeds than fiber internet, and like 4G, it will be compatible with the older network and will only be limited due to the range. You can take it with you on a camping trip, but don’t expect it to work 3000 feet above sea level where the oxygen is thin and the internet no longer matters.


The main consumers are automobile manufactures which require low latency and high bandwidth capabilities for self-driven cars. The importance of the testing being a success is so that the kinks can be removed and the technology can be streamlined, resulting in a dependable connection. Imagine that 5G can potentially birth the age of the general public purchasing self-driving smart cars! Coexistent and reliability with wireless routers are also being tested at the moment, therefore, the indoor test has been a success.

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Consumers can look forward to mobile broadband speeds up to 20 times faster than that of 4G. The United Kingdom will soon be blanketed in 5G technology which will end the demand to expand on the already-existing fiber and cable network, resulting in millions of pounds being reallocated to more worthy projects.

It’s interesting to know that testing is taking place both in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. I am sure that the other nations are also evaluating the cost, especially 3rd world countries, since the internet infrastructure isn’t as advanced as it is compared to that of Europe and America. Most of these countries are much more advanced with 4G internet being their primary internet connections. So, the benefits of 5G are not only relevant to developed countries but to the entire world. The way we use the internet on the go is about to change, and for the better of it too, with unity being dispersed to allow high speed, low latency, portable, and reliable internet.


Security is always a concern, and the same concerns apply when it comes to adopting new technology such as the 5th generation of mobile internet technology. As any new technology emerges there will be vulnerabilities and security risks are always a factor which should not be ignored. Early adopters will be rewarded with fiber-like internet in the palm of their hands, however, we will need to deploy an additional layer of security in regards to connecting devices to the internet. Additional firewalls, proxies, and antiviruses are always recommended with the most up to date definitions.


Many people will benefit but it’s the devices that will benefit the most, since the number of devices owned by a single person averages between 8-10, and with that number to more than double within the next few years. More people are taking advantage of home automation to remotely control the various components of the home security system, especially the live feed for when the doorbell rings.

The most useful of all the generations in terms of meaningful use of the internet comes from the Millennials. The Baby Boomers and Gen Xers know what it’s like to grow up with new technology but it’s the Millennials who have ruled the internet. Based on use, major corporations will employ the technology to cater to its needs, and some businesses are dependent on the internet such as cryptocurrency minors, gamers, and farmers, who have deployed IOT devices on their farms to improve the crop yield.


The unfortunate part of all of this is the fact that a majority of cable companies will have to adapt to a major internet service provider. The age of cable has come to an end, just as the age of the home telephone before it, because technology outpaced its need. Cable companies and DSL service providers will most likely reduce the cost of services to stay competitive or else they will dissipate just as Toys “R” Us has. However, the consumer may benefit from the fallout once 5G is commercialized which could result in a low-cost high-speed internet.

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It’s true that 5G is something to get excited about, however, it’s not for at least 2 years before it becomes available to the masses. The technology is very new and at the moment there isn’t a single device which exists commercially that could reap the benefits of the network. The hardware has yet to be developed and therefore we have to wait until it does. The only good news is that we don’t have to actually wait that long. The majority of us already have access to high-speed internet, but if you’re a homeowner that isn’t serviceable by cable, DSL, or fiber optic service then you will just have to tough it out for a few more years.

Look at the bright side you don’t really need the internet to survive and it’s more of a luxury that has evolved into a must-have necessity. I always envisioned my retirement in an isolated cabin in the woods with wolves that I have raised as loyal canines, but if I can have one gig high-speed fiber-like internet then that is a welcomed inconvenience, especially for someone living in the middle of the woods. The possibilities of the 5G network are going to change how we do things.


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