Technology is in nearly every part of our lives now, from laptops and mobile devices for work and entertainment, to watches and personal health tracking devices. Wearables are the new norm, and many of us wake up to alarms on our phones, which also contain details and infrastructure for the rest of how we manage our lives.


Technological advances afford us amazing advantages in communication, organization, tracking and navigation. While many choose to unplug from their devices and reconnect with friends, family and self on vacations, there are a few key items that can make your next vacation run very smoothly and happily.

  1. The basics: chargers. Without charging cables for your phone or tablet, your navigation and communication devices can be very short lived, especially if you’re traveling in an area with limited service and few stores to buy replacements. Packing these ahead of time is often on the top of the packing list for most, to ensure a full charge at all times. Whether packing charging cables, or including extra battery packs, these are an essential item for many travelers.
  2. Headphones or earbuds. If you’ve got a long flight, or long period of time when you can listen to an audio book or some podcasts, or heck, even your favorite music, having your best pair of earbuds can make the difference from filling your mind with great information, or hearing the ambient sounds of kids crying on the plane for 6 hours. These can be lifesavers if you’re sensitive to noise, like many people are, and you can escape into another place, right in the middle of the gate’s waiting area in a busy airport. Do not worry if you forget yours at home, you can always grab a pair once you get through security, or at nearly any store at your destination.
  3. A portable record player. While this might not be the most traditional of choices, it can really make memories of your trip very powerful and special, especially if your vacation destination is a relaxing location like a beach house or mountain cabin. Vinyl is making a slow and steady come back with music lovers from all genres, as many bands offer their album releases in multiple formats now, including vinyl. Record players make their way into homes of people of all ages, and having the option to let your travel companions know you have one of these gadgets to bring on your next vacation, you’re sure to be the life of the party once you arrive! Vinyl albums need only a flat safe space to travel with, so are easy to toss into your suitcase for some musical vibes.

What are your must haves to take on vacation? Whether you’re a simple traveler with just your phone and charger if you remember it, or a more sophisticated tech-loving traveler, you’re sure to be a favorite travel companion for trips to come if you show up with something as cool as a record player. Having something to play music on sets the tone for your stay, and can help make special memories you might not otherwise have the opportunity to create for you and your travel mates.

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