what is dsl modem router

These days we are automatically connected to the internet the very moment we open our phones, laptops, or computers. And as a matter of fact, there are several ways through which the internet can be accessed and made available, such as WiFi, broadband connection, or mobile data.

Coming to broadband connection access, one of the most widely used technologies is the xDSL technology.

In this article, we will explain to you with insights of what DSL modem router means which supports its function and technology and also some basic knowledge related to it.

what is dsl modem router

What is DSL Modem Router?

Before learning about DSL Modem Router, let’s get you familiar with the above three individual word means.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is one of the most common broadband connections that is used by people today. It is used to transmit digital data through telephone lines.

A modem is a device that connects your phone lines or cable, translating the data and information from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your respective connected device.

A router is a device that takes your data that is coming through the modem and sends it out using WiFi to your devices that are present in your homes, such as phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

Well, these two may be a separate device which is connected by wires.

A modem router is a single device that is a combination of the functions of both a modem and a router. You often need both a modem and a router to connect to the ISP which will provide the internet with other devices.

A DSL Modem Router is both a modem and a router built-in in one box. It converts the DSL line to an Ethernet connection, sharing the wireless connection directly. It is a two-in-one device that helps direct traffic around your home network.

Few DSL Modem Router combinations will also allow you, users, to wirelessly connect to your network, which is a great deal for tablets and laptops.

How Does DSL Modem Router Work?

A DSL Modem Router enables multiple types of connection as it combines both the features of a modem as well as of a router.

  1. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Connection- Usually a DSL Modem Router makes use of a phone line as a medium to directly connect to your ISP, providing internet to your devices via a wired or wireless connection. You will need a DSL Splitter to connect your modem router and your phone to the port of DSL.
  2. 3G/4G Dongle Connection- Few DSL Modem Routers with a USB port support 3G/4G dongles. It provides you with internet access wherever you are. It can serve you with the main connection or a backup connection if you have interference with your connection from your ISP.
  3. Cable/Fiber Access- The DSL Modem Router has a WAN port that accepts connection from a fiber/cable modem. It works purely on a wireless router in this case. Thus, it needs another modem to connect it to your ISP which will then provide internet connectivity to your other devices.

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Features Of DSL Modem Router

Some feature of the DSL Modem Router are as follows:-

  • Compatible With Most Service Providers- DSL Modem Router can work with most of the service providers as they support main ISP profiles.
  • Flexible Connectivity- DSL Modem Router meets various needs in different scenarios of networking. They support cable/fiber, DSL, 3G/4G dongle connections.
  • Lightning Protection- Lightning protection protects your devices from electrical damages that may be caused by bad weather or thunderstorm. You will enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted internet service.
  • High-Quality Telephone Calls- DSL Modem Router is supported by VoIP which allows the users to make or receive phone calls through the internet. They also support cordless telecommunications which enable concurrent connection for various phones without phone lines.
  • Various Functions To Meet Different Needs- The DSL Modem Router has multiple functions which can meet different needs. The functions are port forwarding, parental controls, QoS, etc. For better management and protection of your network, you will need to configure the functions according to your required needs.

Who Needs A DSL Modem Router?

DSL Modem Router is useful for the given applications:-

  1. DSL Internet Accessibility- As the DSL Modem Router has functions and features of both a modem and a router, its compatibility lets you enjoy stable and secure internet accessibility, making sure that all your internet connection requirements are met.
  2. Phone Service With An Internet Plan- You can receive and make phone calls through the internet just by simply connecting your device to your existing telephone setup. This is only possible because of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as well as the 2 FXS ports technology.

Difference Between ADSL And VDSL Modem Router

There are various types of DSL technologies such as ADSL, HDSL, SDSL, and VDSL. These are also referred to as the xDSL protocol family.

The main differences between several technologies of DSL are on the basis of signal transmission distance and rate, symmetric characteristic, and asymmetric characteristic.

The difference between ADSL and VDSL Modem Routers:-

  1. Upgraded Edition- VDSL (Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line) is the upgraded and quick edition of the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line).
  2. Speed Capabilities- Transmission speed is negatively proportional to the transmission distance. The higher the transmission rate, the shorter is the transmission distance.

VDSL has the fastest transmission speed as compared to ADSL in the xDSL protocol family.


DSL Modem Router is a two-in-one system that offers you, users, multiple types of connections meeting with diversified needs of the internet. It has features of both a modem and a router.

We let you know in detail about the DSL Modem Router. We hope you have found what you came looking for.

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