Since the world has transformed drastically into a digital world in the past few decades, people need to have the right coping mechanism to adapt to these changes. Elderly professionals who are attached to conventional ways tend to be less techy. Young students who are not fully knowledgable with electronic documents have difficulties too.

The youth are strongly focused on video games and forget the value of basic computer programs widely used in the professional level—namely, Word, Excel, PowerPoints, and the portable document format or PDF. PDFs, especially for newbies, are somewhat challenging to handle, for it is less modifiable by nature.

We are living in the 21st century. Do you feel left behind? It is not a shame to admit that you do not fully know how to utilize your PDF documents. This is a light guide to maximize your PDFs—a guide for intermediate computer users. Thanks to PDF Bear, things are more convenient when it comes to handling your PDF documents.

Split, Merge, and Compress

PDF documents are easy to view, share, and print. But given its less modifiable characteristic, it will be troublesome for starters to edit the file once in the PDF format. Introducing PDF Bear, a versatile PDF file converter tool, free and can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as you are online. If you have problems with the sizes, you can use the PDF extract with these steps:

  • Select a file or drag your file to PDF Bear.
  • Choose the pages you want to split it to, from the original PDF, by clicking on the page.
  • After selecting the pages you want, click to refine the pages you chose and export it into an individual PDF.
  • The Split PDF will be ready for you to download.

Aside from extracting or splitting your PDFs, PDF Bear also has an efficient compression tool. With its sophisticated technology, you can reduce the size of your PDF file without compromising its quality, and therefore letting you share the file much easier via email or web.

As you can see, PDF Bear is very convenient to use while saving your time. Another function of PDF Bear is the merge; it has similar steps with the PDF extract or split. Merging PDF files is used in combining PDFs from separate locations. You can also modify your files during the process, then combine them to one compact file.

Convert PDF to Different File Formats and Vice Versa

Have you ever tried to copy-paste the content of your PDF to Word? And end up having a muddled version of the file instead? How about for your Excels and PowerPoints? And your photos in the JPG format? Well, you’re not the only one. For starters, converting PDF to different file formats is really a struggle—no doubt about that.

PDF Bear allows you to convert these files with two easy steps: First, choose your file or drag them to PDF Bear, then wait for a few seconds. Two, download the converted file. If you have these kinds of files and want to convert them to PDF format, the process is the same. Easy as ABC! By the way, all platforms are compatible, including Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Keeping Your Files Safe

Since this is done online, it is understandable when one is worried about data privacy. In PDF Bear, all the files you have uploaded to the server will be deleted within 60 minutes of conversion. Your content is only exclusive to yourself. Plus, it has an extra “protect your PDF” function, where you can also encrypt your PDF with a password to keep content confidential.


While you should not allow society to dictate what to do or who to become, it is vital to learn new things and adapt to change to keep on moving forward. Start with the basics, and gradually work your way up. With technological advances such as PDF Bear, life has been made easier for you.


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