6 In-flight Skin Care Routines to Follow

Everybody must take good care of their skin. When we travel we often forget the need for proper cleansing and caring of our skin. A skincare routine may sound like high maintenance and is hassling to do, but in reality, the steps for good skin care are not only necessary, they’re easy to implement too. Your current mood and situation are mostly seen on the outside features of your body. Unhealthy skin tends to appear pale and dull, while healthy skin appears full and vibrant.

6 In-flight Skin Care Routines to Follow

Skin is constantly growing and changing, so you have to remain observant in taking care of it! Do the following guidelines to keep healthy and young-looking skin.

6 In-flight Skin Care Routines to Follow

1. Keep yourself hydrated, drink a lot of water

Drink enough water. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help get rid of your body toxins. Everyone will not agree that water consumption will improve skin, but it truly is. Claims have been made that drinking water gives you a more radiant, healthy, and younger-looking complexion, while others say it has no effect whatsoever.

But the fact is that skin is an organ and just like any other part of the body your skin is made up of cells. And skin cells are made up of water. And your skin is the largest part of your body. If your skin is not getting a sufficient amount of water, it will make your skin dry & dull. Sometimes it is really disturbing to drink a large amount of water during your travel because there is a need to use the bathroom later. But as many people say, if there’s a will there’s always a way.

2. Remove your makeup

Get rid of your makeup as soon as you board the plane or even during your arrival at the hotel. You can use the facial toner of your choice. If you prefer to do this in your seat you can use micellar water on a cotton pad instead. The oil-free formulation is the ideal toning product for normal, dry, sensitive, and tired skin. Regular removal of makeup and skin dirt will prevent you from having acne and other skin irritations.

3. Moisturize and pamper your skin

Moisturizing eliminates the chances of skin problems. Applying the right kind of moisturizer to your skin can help maintain its balance. When skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like rashes and acne start to pop up. According to dermatologists, if your skin tends to be oily, you should look for lotions with exfoliating ingredients or watery formulations instead of creams. If your skin tends to be dry, look for a cream because they tend to have higher oil in the formulation for intense moisturizing. The most sensitive areas of your skin are the face, ears, neck, and chest that need extra care. Moisturizing helps your skin to maintain its glow. It also promotes healthier and more radiant-looking skin.

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4. Mask Application

Usually, when you are in a long-haul flight, irritants are everywhere inside the plane. This is especially true when we are in the economic class, which many people can afford. Sometimes your face gets super tacky maybe due to recycled oxygen circulating inside the airplane. But no worries, because applying a mask can help to freshen up your tired facial skin. A sleeping mask is the best you can use during the travel. It provides extra hydration and nutrients to your skin where you are in a place with limited fresh air.  This is also a must-have especially if you have meetings and errands right after your arrival. Keep yourself looking great anytime and anywhere.

5. Having enough sleep

Humans are vulnerable. We need to recharge to renew our cells. Having an adequate amount of sleep helps your body to be more active and look good. Your body will ask for some rest when it already reached its limit for the day. Don’t forget to give what your body needs.

6. Food intake

Not only the skincare essentials will pamper your skin, but also food intake plays a major role in your in-flight skincare routine. Take your own food whereas plane food consists of preservatives and it does not suitable for everyone. Make sure to take solid and semi-liquid items to avoid spillage. Do not carry smelly food items on a plane. You can carry Food Items like pasta, sandwiches, salads, lentils, corn, potatoes, and beans, various snacks like dry fruits, crackers, popcorn, and almonds, spreadable like jam, peanut butter, oatmeal, instant noodles, and banana bread. Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for an effective skincare routine.

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Know your destination

You must know the present weather and climate conditions of the place you are going to visit. Sometimes beauty regimen that works for you in your residence may not work in some places. For example, if you come from a place with cold and dry weather, the need for a strong moisturizer with high oil content is normal to avoid dryness. But in some places with really hot weather and high humidity, it is better to use water-based or non-greasy moisturizer to avoid skin irritation due to excessive oil in the face. Types of weather and temperature have a great impact on product absorption and its effectivity.

Hope this article was helpful in getting some knowledge about skincare routines for beginners on the plane. Stay with our blog for more informative articles.

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