home repair

It seems like home repairs always seem to come at the worst time… they always seem to come when you don’t have the money to spend on them too. That’s just one of the many things that come with homeownership.

If you live in an apartment and need some kind of repair done, you could easily put in a work order with maintenance and they would have your issue resolved within a day or so… it’s not that simple with homeownership.

home repair

Home repairs, depending on the type of home repair you need, can be very expensive. So what do homeowners do to keep from having to pay a professional? They try to fix things themselves and that’s the worst thing you could do. Now, there are definitely home repairs that you can do by yourself and don’t require any meticulous skills but there are also home repairs that no YouTube video or tutorial will teach you how to do. If you’re a homeowner, take a look at the top home repairs that you need to leave to the pros.

Electrical Repairs

You would think that attempting to work on anything electrical in your home, especially not having any electrical education or formal training, would be common sense to stay away from it and make you call an electrician to take care of everything for you but know, there are people out there who are graduates of YouTube university and think they can fix anything.

Trying to make any type of electrical repair, being inexperienced, can do great harm to you too… it can even kill you. It’s almost like watching an action movie full of suspense that has a bomb scene where if you cut the wrong cord, it would be a massive explosion. Well, note to self, that type of explosion isn’t just in the movies… it can become a reality real quick if you try to do electrical home repairs not knowing what you’re doing.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs are one of the most common home dilemmas that are typically pretty easy to fix, which is why so many homeowners attempt to fix the issues. Simple things like a clogged toilet can be fixed with a plunger and maybe some Draino most of the time but when the plunger and Draino aren’t working like they normally do, that’s when you know it is something a little more serious than what a plunger can fix… that’s when it’s time to search for the best plumbing repair companies.

Your plumbing system could have issues where it needs rerouting or extending pipes. Trying to do those types of repairs on your own could leave your house to experience serious water damage and more, leaving you with more home repairs to get done than what you started with.

Roofing Repairs

Did you know that the number one cause of roofer deaths among construction workers was due to falls? The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health confirms it. So, in knowing that, do you think it would be safe to hop on your roof and make repairs? Hopefully not. Anything from cleaning gutters to trying to cover a hole in the roof poses the potential for falling, whether it’s slipping off the roof or missing a step on a ladder. You can not only cause harm to yourself but you can also damage your home as well.

Mold Removal

This type of home repair is definitely best left to the professionals. People tend to think that if there’s mold, you can get rid of it by cleaning the area with bleach… they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, if your home has mold, it’s one of the biggest tell-tale signs that there is an even bigger problem going on in your home. Mold in the home is a direct result of moisture leaking into the walls of your house from somewhere.

So with that, you could always invest in an air purifier that protects against dust and mold but the mold is already in your home… you’re going to need to hire a professional for mold removal and they’re going to have to find out where the moisture is coming from. Once you know where and how the mold is forming, there’s going to be water damage so you’ll probably have to hire another professional to fix or rebuild the area where moisture was leaking in. Once you get the mold situation fully taken care of, you can then bring in the air purifier to help prevent any more mold from coming in the future.

Use Your Better Judgement and Play It Safe

There are obviously things that you can easily do on your own without needing to hire a professional. YouTube and various other DIY blogs are very helpful resources to many people and have saved them thousands of dollars in repairs. The thing about these home repairs is to use your better judgment. You, of course, don’t want to spend money on repairs because they seem to always come during the worst times but you HAVE to be smart about these things and play it safe.

The key to being smart and using your better judgment is to be realistic with yourself. For any type of repair that needs fixing in your home, you have to ask yourself if you have any type of experience in doing that type of repair. If the answer is no then the next thing you would need to do is watch some type of tutorial video on it and then ask yourself if you understand how to do it based on the tutorial you just read or watched. If your answer is still no, then you have to bite the bullet and bring in the professionals.

Hiring a professional doesn’t make you look any type of way or is a sign of weakness. If anything, it’s a sign of being smart and knowing when to ask for help. The great thing about hiring a professional is that when they come and do the repair, you could watch them and ask questions as they do it. That’ll be your hands-on lesson in learning how to fix that particular issue. If the problem happens again in the later future, you’ll then be able to better recognize the signs and really know when to call the pros.

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