How to use Can Opener

The use of a Can Opener has become more and more prevalent in the common household with the introduction of more canned food products. However, since most can openers are hand-operated there can always be some room for improvement in the ways how to use them.

How to use Can Opener

There are various makeshift ways to use the can opener and mostly it works in a good enough manner. Other than that there are several factors that are necessary to be observed to oversee the perfect use of a can opener. This will entail a clean removal of the can lid all the while not touching or endangering the internal contents of the can.

It can be actively ensured that there are issues that are often concerned with the safety of the user. As such proper use of the can opener will ensure that there are no instances of injury. Improper use of the can opener might often affect its longevity as well. Therefore it is advised to properly use the can opener to maintain its longevity.

Lastly, there are several types of can openers which of course are used in different ways. An understanding of these types and ways is necessary to make sure that the can opener is used safely and properly.

How to use Can Opener

Handheld Openers

The handheld openers are largely used by most households and are referred to as the most preliminary types of can openers. Most of these tools are built with a rotating blade in conjunction with a handle. The use of these openers is done by:

  • The can is first placed on a stable platform.
  • The cutting wheel is kept on the edge of the can lid from any side.
  • The cutting wheel must be in alignment with the feed wheel.
  • The handles are to be pressed tightly to ensure the rupture of the can lid.
  • The opener is then gripped and rotated in a clockwise manner.
  • The cutting wheel will continue cutting through the lid throughout the rotation.
  • The knob is continually turned to ensure a clean tearing of the lid from the can.

It can also be mentioned that the handheld openers are still fairly easy to use manual can openers in the market. However, they are still known to cause certain injuries. Yet it still stays as one of the most used can openers within the common household. Proper handling of these can openers ensures a neat partial or complete removal of the entire can lid which is one of its advantages. The butterfly can openers are a common choice under this category.

Smooth Edge Can Openers

The smooth edge can openers are a safer alternative to the handheld can openers. These can openers are often fit to be used even in households with small children due to their safety features. They are normally used to remove the can lid starting from the sides as well. The can opening process with the use of these smooth edge can openers is very similar to that of the handheld openers. The steps are:

  • The can is needed to be placed on a stable platform.
  • The opener is then placed on the edge of the can lid.
  • The opener is then turned to puncture and rip the lid open.
  • Once the cut is made the opener will automatically remove the lid in a rotary motion.
  • After the lid is cut the pliers are used to lift it off.
  • The lid will come off naturally at this point.

The smooth edge can openers are much easier to use when compared to the handheld openers and are also far safer. The opening process is a bit slower when compared to the handheld openers. The key openers fall under this category as well. This category of openers is also famous in the market for its safety features.

Countertop Electric Openers

The countertop electric openers are the most premium can openers available to the customers. It is not only extremely easy to use but also saves up time for opening up multiple cans in quick succession as well. Several issues are made easy by the use of these electrical can openers. They might be a bit more expensive than the conventional can openers but they are well worth the investment. The steps to use the electric can openers are as follows:

  • The opener needs to be plugged in for usage.
  • The lever or switch is to be turned on before placing a can within the snaps.
  • The lever is then cranked after ensuring the position of the can.
  • The magnet will hold the can in place while the blade punctures the side of its lid.
  • Once the lever is released the can will automatically start to rotate.
  • The cutting motion is stopped after the scan completes its rotation.
  • The can is to be collected by lifting the lever.
  • The magnet is then finally removed from the lid of the can.

These electrical can openers completely negate any risk of injury altogether as well. This makes them a great choice for spacious kitchens because they tend to take up more space. These openers are also very efficient in effectively boosting the rate of an opening. The can opener is however required to be operated by the use of two hands. This may be one of its limiting factors. Still, it tends to far outweigh its limitations to the customers.

Claw-Shaped Can Opener

These can openers are the most common and primitive options that the customers have for their can openers. These can openers possess a claw-shaped blade which is used to puncture the lid of the can and then is used to remove it by employing a thrusting and rotating motion to cut through.

The claw-shaped can openers are known to cause several injuries due to their hard-to-use design. It is also not the neatest option to remove the can lid. Still, it is necessary to know how to use it just in case of need. The steps are:

  • The opener is held over the can lid diagonally.
  • The curved knife is then used to puncture the can lid on one side.
  • Tilting the tool towards the user is ideal to ensure better and cleaner removal of the lid.
  • The handle is then used to thrust and guide the blade to slice through the lid from below.
  • The cutting motion is then positioned and adjusted at the rim to ensure proper removal.
  • The position adjustment is to be repeated until the entire lid is cut open.

Due to the complexity of its operation, the handheld claw-shaped opener is not a popular choice among customers. However, it is still known to be quite useful but is a time taking process.

So the above-mentioned types of can openers and their usage varies in accordance with their types as well. The steps of their usage are also covered in detail in the above-mentioned review.

Based on the details mentioned steps, it is clear that the safety factors of the contemporary can openers are necessary as well. Without which the usage is greatly reduced. As such the modern can openers focus on safety features as well as ease of usage.

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