Radio-controlled quadcopters have come into fashion for a reason. They are easy to manage, and models for beginners do not require special training, but electronic stuffing is not inferior to semi-professional copies.A weighty argument in favor of flying drones is cost: multi-rotor models have become more affordable than airplanes, gliders, and even radio-controlled cars.

In order not to get confused in the variety of choices, we suggest focusing on the purpose with which the drone is bought.

Size and weight

The larger and more massive – the more stable in the wind, but also the more expensive.For indoor flights, drones with a diagonal from screw to screw of 200 mm have been created. Weight up to 250 grams is considered safe.

Models with an interaxle diagonal of about 250 mm are designed for flying outdoors in calm weather. The weight of such devices is from 0.5 to 1 kilogram. On board they have a camera and other sensors.Quadcopters larger than 350 mm in diagonal are adapted for flying and shooting on the street. The camera in them is either built-in or mounted on a suspension. Weight – from 2 kilograms and rest in unlimited possibilities.


For amateur shooting, a camera resolution of 10-15 megapixels is optimal. Devices with a 4K camera are much more expensive.

The camera transmits video to the remote control monitor in online mode, if the quadrocopter is equipped with an FPV system. Otherwise, you can see the footage in the recording and only after landing.

For clear photos and videos, stabilization is required on at least three axes (three-axis) – pay attention to the technical characteristics of the drone.


Most drones come fully assembled. But there may be options, pay attention to the marking:

RTF – assembled and ready to fly, you only need to recharge the battery;

ARF – requires assembly, almost ready for flight;

BNF – there is no radio remote control in the kit, the equipment is bought additionally and is “tied” to the device.

Protection and Propellers

The protective frame for the screws will help protect against collisions with people, well, and keep the furniture and walls in the apartment intact. He himself needs protection for the drone, if a beginner is piloting – during falls without a frame, the screws simply cannot survive.

An additional safety measure during landing will be the landing legs of the drone. If the apparatus is heavy (more than 1 kg), then legs with rubber nozzles will soften the blow when landing.

Massive propellers for drones for shooting – with them the device is more stable in flight, small – for racing quadrics and for acrobatic stunts.

The propeller with three blades gives more speed, but also adds vibration. Keep this in mind if you buy a drone with a camera and are planning to shoot.

Radius and Flight Duration

The standard distance for simple models is from 30 to 100 meters. Further – an order of magnitude more expensive. But will you fly on? Professional models fly away from the remote control for 3-5 kilometers. But they are like an inexpensive car.

The flight of a standard amateur drone is designed for 7-25 minutes. The price of a radio-controlled model directly depends on the battery capacity. To extend your flight, it’s sometimes cheaper to buy extra batteries.


The speed of the flight is not important if the plans are shooting the surroundings or spy games in the apartment. To overpay for a speed of 40-50 km / h declared by the manufacturer is a waste of money.

Control equipment

A remote control is usually included. In the case of a BNF configuration, you need to buy it separately.As an option – control via a smartphone after installing a special mobile application.For beginners, the best option is the remote control. It is more convenient than a smartphone.

When choosing a quadrocopter, remember that the best drone is your drone. And little depends on the brand. But, in fairness, let’s say that the most popular $200 and under Drones are the most affordable drones people buying these days.

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