Dewalt V20 Chainsaw

The Dewalt V20 Chainsaw is quite the turnaround saw when it comes to competition between a gas chainsaw and a plug-in electric chainsaw. While a gas saw packs more power than a plug-in electric chainsaw, there has been not much hassle for when it comes to the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw as it packs a power of its own that places it far ahead of your average chainsaw.

It comes with a powerful battery, and a great set of safety features and the design is quite stunning and compact, to say the least. Using the saw requires a slightly lengthy how-tp manual so before we get there, let us dive deep into some of the intricacies of the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw.

How to Use the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw

  • The Dewalt V20 Chainsaw is designed for a set of particular applications such as cutting of beams and roughing out openings as well as doing some hardcore demolition work
  • The Dewalt V20 Chainsaw can handle up to a solid 10” of logs in diameter.
  • It has a brushless motor that gives a power efficiency of 57 percent more than a brushed motor.
  • It has a 12” Oregon bar as well as chain
  • It has a chain tensioning that is Tool-less
  • It can weigh up to 7.6 lbs without a battery and weighs 8.8 lbs without one
  • 90 cuts that can be received with pressure treated 4 by 4 wood made of pine

Let us see the setup and the how-to of using the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw:

  1. You must first prepare the chainsaw. The first thing you must perform after unpacking the chainsaw is to fill the chainsaw with bar and chain oil. You must purchase the oil separately as it does not come with the chainsaw itself.
    You have to lift the chainsaw and twist open the chain oil cap and fill it to the right amount with the oil.
  2. The second stage involves setting the tension to the right amount. The manual says the following:
    “The tension is correct when the chain snaps back after being pulled 1/8″ (3 mm) away from the guide bar with light force from the index finger and thumb.”
    Usually, the chain tension will be set to the optimal level when you unbox the chainsaw. You may have to tighten the chainsaw after some usage though, which is not uncommon.
  3. You can adjust the chain tension by unlocking the bar. It is as simple as it is since it claims to be a tool-less chainsaw. After unlocking the bar, you first have to lift the lever and turn it one turn to the anti-clockwise. Then, you must adjust the locking knob and then turn the smaller tensioning knob in such a way that you have the tension you is seeking for. Finally, you must tighten the knob once more and set the locking knob.
  4. You must know that before using the chainsaw, you must always have to test the chain brake that comes with it. This can be done by initially inserting the battery into the saw, then releasing the chain brake, turning on the saw and finally flipping the chain brake in such a way that the chain brake is forward.
  5. Before you actually start using the saw, try to get the feel of using it, as well as tension of the chain by sampling it a bit with some broken branches or logs. Use a sawhorse to clamp down the logs for better functionality. The working of the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw is definitely better than the gas saw and is almost as good as the powerful plug-in chainsaw. This one offers more portability is lightweight and compact, and works wonders when it comes to all your chopping activities.
  6. You can work it up quite easily after that. Try to go into your backyard and work up some logs so you get your work done.
  7. You must notice that the chainsaw is not the most powerful of chainsaws when it comes to sawing for a long period. This chainsaw is battery-powered and working on anything with this, makes it less of a hassle and more of a quick routine of things. Working on the chainsaw, even to an extreme is not that hard to handle for it.
    Think of it like a chainsaw with great working capabilities but begins to show signs of limitations after extensive usage. You must always remember to set the tension of the chainsaw before getting to any extreme grunt work.

The chainsaw works very well with the first 6-7” of the woodwork that you do. Anything after that takes a bit of effort to chop down, especially in the middle of the tree. You can work it down easily again toward the end of the log. While this is no contest winner for fastest chain sawing, you can still use this little, compact tyke to do all your basic to medium backyard work. Need a tree cutting down? This is good. Need a door to hack down easily and chuck it in the trash? Needless to say, the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw is the real deal.

One more thing that we would confess to is that the chainsaw is quite lightweight, so much that it may surprise you. When you lift it off the store shelves, it may seem a lot like a toy and that may surprise you with the quality of it. You should know that this is usually without a battery and the chainsaw weighs a decent bit, although still very lightweight with the battery.

The oil lid may seem wonky to use but the design of the saw overall is quite a mix-up of all the good that can come out of a chainsaw. We would say that this is a dream design when it comes to working up a sweat in your backyard with all your log work and hacking activities. We cannot recommend the Dewalt V20 Chainsaw enough for your daily saw needs.

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