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Can openers are a very common kitchen tool that has been in circulation since the introduction of metal cans. This is due to its ability to seamlessly cut into the metal cans for the users. This added to the degree of convenience when it came to using any sort of canned food. The use of a Can opener is done mostly to tear into the top of the can and rip it off from the rest of the structure.

can opener

Thus making it easy to access the Internal components of the can thereby. With the increasing popularity of canned food products, the use of can openers has only increased similarly. There are several types of can openers that are available to the customers. Each of these comes with features unique to them as well. As such a proper understanding of these features can help the user to understand which opener they are looking for. Some of the commonly used can openers are :

Lever Type Can Openers

The lever-type can openers were one of the first categories that originated during the early introduction of the can openers in the market. With time this can opener has also established itself as the most commonly used can opener in the market. Lever-type can openers are shaped like a meta claw which has earned them the name of Claw Type Openers to the users as well.

This can opener much unlike any other modern can opener comes with only a single sickle-shaped blade. This blade helps to easily rip the can top off in one fell swoop. Due to its ease of access and usability, this can opener has quickly achieved a significant customer base.

Pros and Cons :

Pros Cons
  • It can get rid of the can lid very cleanly.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It does not touch the internal contents of the can itself.
  • Improper handling can lead to serious injuries.
  • The claw-shaped blade is often susceptible to wear and tear.

Butterfly Can Opener

The butterfly can opener is one of the modern can openers which provides the users with greater safety and ease in the function of opening cans. The structure of the butterfly can opener consists of a pincer grip which allows the user to safely use the opener without fear of injuries.

The butterfly opener also does not rely on sickle blades for tearing the can lid. Instead, it uses a rotating blade that can effectively break off the can lid very efficiently. The plier-like handle allows the user to prevent any issue of mishandling which further adds to its usability. On a separate note, these can openers often come with a separate key to ensure a proper rotation of the can during its opening.

Pros and Cons :

Pros Cons
  • Very effective execution of the opening process.
  • Safer when compared to contemporary can openers.
  • Comes with a rotating blade.
  • Is more complicated to use.
  • The rotating blade is often not very durable.

Church Key Opener

The Church key openers play an important role to be used in household beer parties. This is because of their popularity as the best-in-class beer bottle or can opener. The Church Key Opener is a very simple can opener that is extremely effective in opening flat beer can lids. Due to the same reason, it is extremely popular among campers as well.

On a separate note, the Church key openers are completely hand-operated which makes them a very handy tool to use. Another great addition to their handy utility has to be the compact design. The compact design allows the Church Key Opener to be considered a pocket tool as well. It is mainly a piece of pressed metal with a sharp corner that is employed to slice off the lid of the can.

Pros and Cons :

Pros Cons
  • The Church Key is a very handy opener for beer cans.
  • Hand operated for extended accessibility.
  • Compact in size.
  • The use of pointed edges can often result in injury.
  • The church key openers are often susceptible to wear and tear.

Single Wheel Opener

The single-wheel opener as the name suggests is a can opener that consists of a single-wheel-shaped blade. The blade is magnetically attached to the side of the opener which ensures a quick can opening experience.

The single wheel opener is also very useful to smoothly get rid of the can lid which allows for much easier slicing of the lid as well. The single wheel is often used to attach itself to the can lid and then the user turns the key to rotate the wheel. This results in the removal of the can lid in a much smoother way.

Pros and Cons :

Pros Cons
  • The magnetic blade is easy to operate.
  • Get rid of the can lid cleanly.
  • Very safe to handle.
  • The single wheel is often seen to not work properly.
  • The magnet may become loose over prolonged use.

Electric Can Openers

The electric can openers are the latest addition in the can opener category which provides the customers with maximum safety and ease of access. Normally these can openers use magnets to hold the can in place and then use their blade to cleanly rupture the can lid and tear it off along the sides.

The blade is not exposed to the user which eliminates the issues of injury that are commonly associated with contemporary can openers. The electric can openers are also very useful to open multiple cans in very quick succession. This has made it an important kitchen tool for large-scale restaurants and is becoming increasingly common in the household.

Pros and Cons :

Pros Cons
  • Very quick in operation.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Completely safe operation.
  • The practical design ensures better usability.
  • More expensive when compared to other can openers.
  • Engage both hands to fix the can.

Key Openers

Key openers are a modern type of can opener which are famous for their key-like appearance. Their compact size and ease of access have enabled them to become one of the most used can openers in the common household. The opener consists of a metal handle and a curved metal piece at the top.

This metal blade is used to puncture the can lid neatly and remove it with minimal effort. The process also will not require heavy thrusting and can be done by the use of simple rotary motion. This makes it a very practical choice for a common household can opening an operation.

Pros and Cons :

Pros Cons
  • Very compact and is ideal for easy storage.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • The metal edge can cause injury
  • The metal piece is not very durable.


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The above-mentioned can openers are the most commonly used in the household. As such it is necessary for the users to understand what are the types of features that come with the separate models.

Also with a new introduction in the market the portfolio the customers are given more choices than any other tools used for kitchen purposes. These different types of can openers excel at separate features which makes each of them special in accordance with any specific need of the user.

This, therefore, makes it necessary for the user to ensure a proper understanding of the pros and cons presented for each of these can openers. That way the users can find the best experience they are looking for.

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