Interior Design

When you love home decor, you might consider going into the interior design field. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that can be used to enhance their interior design career. Plus, you need to decide what you are willing to do or not do. You can create a new interior design business that will help you change your career, and you might want to start a business that allows your children to participate.

Interior Design

Do You Have An Art Background?

If you want to be an interior designer, you might have an art background. When you have an art background, you might enjoy creating designs for people or drawing. You can use your art background to create color palettes for houses, or you could use that background to design furniture, drapery, or even art for a house. Some people like to draw murals on the walls, or they can write script on the walls.

Your art background gives you a bit of credibility because people tend to trust artists who handle interior design. However, you need to know how to do more things if you want to become a successful interior designer.

Do You Know How To Build Things?

Many interior designers have a construction or carpentry background. If you can build things for your clients, they will be impressed by your skills. You could make furniture for the house, or you might make things that will serve as picture or tapestry frames in the house. You could complete repairs around the house that make it easier to paint. Plus, you could repair steps or banisters in a client’s home.

Do You Have A Painting Background?

If you have a painting background, you can paint the interior or exterior of the house for the client. You can paint patterns on the walls, or you could paint large murals for the client. Plus, someone with a painting background can add colors to the home that will add to the design. You might prefer to stain wood for your clients, and a background in painting makes it easier for you to handle all the wood in the house. You could stain the deck, stain furniture, and stain the hardwood floors in the house for the client.

Do You Know How To Choose And Use Fabrics?

A quality interior designer should know how to manage fabrics. You need to know how to make the drapes that will fit in the house. You could create canopies for all the beds, and you might create nice shower curtains for every bathroom.

Do You Know How To Work With Tile?

You could create a tile backsplash that makes the kitchen look nice. You could use tiles to decorate a table, or you could use tiles in the bathroom to make the room look beautiful. You should use tiles to make the house feel much more sophisticated. You might want to use the tiles to make the lights in each room more effective. Also, you could add tiles to a shower or tub, and you could add tiles to the patio or the pool.

Do You Work With Electrical Wiring?

You need to know how to wire the lights and fixtures in the house. You should learn how to hang a ceiling fan, and you might want to know how to hang lights in the house that can be connected to existing wiring. You might want to add new lights or fans in the house, and you should show your clients how you did it.

Know What You Cannot Do

You need to know what you cannot do, and you can hire several people who will do some of these jobs for you. The best part of this is that you can hire these people for all the jobs that you do. You can establish relationships with the people in the community that will help you, and you can get more business from these professionals.

You can work in a group of people who can help you get more business, and it is simpler for you to grow your business because you are working with people who clearly understand what you can do. They will call you when they need help with tiles or painting. They might ask you to make furniture for a client, or they might want to bring you in because they need to design the interior of a new home.

You Should Learn How To Manage A Business

You need to learn how to manage a business, and you should use that information to create a company that is strong, organized, and marketed well. You can manage social media accounts that provide you with an online presence. You can learn how to use accounting software to make your business healthy, and you can get members of your family to work with you. You can grow your company to include the people you love, and you can give jobs to people who need them.


If you can paint, draw, build, or design, you should become an interior designer. You can help people make their homes look beautiful, and you can make money doing it.

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