Commuting during rush hour can be quite stressful. There are a lot of factors which can agitate a person driving. The office time coincides with most traffic since it is the usual time for many to arrive at or leave the office. You cannot avoid it even if you want to as hundreds of cars are suddenly on the road.

The public-transport commute could be an uncomfortable experience. You have to cram into a bus or train with a thousand others who are also traveling. The wait on the station and the long lines are quite tense for many people. However, if you can afford a personal car, it is better to use it. A private vehicle will not only save you a lot of hassle but will get you to your destination on time.

If you wish to improve your experience further, you can take the following essentials with you during a rush hour drive.

A Vacuum Insulated Cup:

A cup that can hold your morning tea or coffee can come in quite handy. You will not miss out on your morning beverage. Take care of buying a cup of sturdy built. There are a lot of cup designs and variants. Pick one which suits your needs. The cups come with their quantity indicator. However, you should make sure to get the one that fits in your car’s cup holder.

When the car stops during a red light or rush, you can take a few sips here and there and relax. Many people try this technique to pass the time. However, be careful to have a spill-proof lid on; otherwise, there is a chance that you might get burnt.

Lumbar Support:

If you are sitting in your car for an extended period, you have to make sure that you are comfortable. Although new vehicles provide seats that have proper back support. However, if you feel that your chair is not doing its job, you can get a cushion for lumbar support. The backbone is the most of your body, so it is essential that you provide maximum relief to it.

Different companies provide an assortment of back cushions which will give your back all the support you will need. Thus, even if you have to sit in traffic for hours, you will be able to maintain a good posture and avoid muscle fatigue.

Car Phone Holder:

A car phone holder is a compulsory accessory for you if you are a routine driver. It helps you place your mobile phone while you are driving. The attachment has an adjustable back which you can twist. There is a magnet holder as well, which are becoming very popular these days. The gadgets allow you the freedom to look straight ahead while operating it.

You can link your phone to your stereo and choose whatever music you like. You can even use the navigation application on your phone. If you want you can also use it to make dash cam videos or take your selfies for your Instagram account.

Polarized Sunglasses:

Wearing a pair of cool sunglasses helps you in bearing the glare of the sun for a long time. Try buying a nice pair of polarized one. Although they may cost you a couple of hundred dollars, yet they will protect your eyes from the intensity of the sunlight. You can get it in different colors, which can either match your clothes or the car you drive. The glasses are not just a preventive measure; it can also be a fashion accessory.  It may sound cheesy, but putting on a funky looking glasses can lift your spirits.

Essential Oil Diffuser:

The car can have a scented Oil diffuser which you can plug into your USB port or car charger. The oil diffuser will keep your car smelling fresh, and you will enjoy the scent. There are a lot of choices for you to choose so that you can pick any fragrance. It can range anything from oranges to peach, rose flower, and even bubblegum. You can easily use the device since it requires just a few drops of the oil and some water.

There is a different setting on it, so you can keep it running continuously or have ten-second breaks. The oil will work their magic, and you will feel relaxed even in a big traffic jam. You will be driving in a good mood for the rest of your commute.

Car Phone Charger:

The small devices come in handy when you are in a rush to get your work and need to charge your phones. The charger eliminates the need for you to wait and worry about whether your cell phone is charged enough. You can charge it on the go. It will enable you to use your cellphone freely without worrying about running out of charge.

You can charge other devices like tablets and notepads as well. Moreover, it can run many accessories that come with USB cables and run on low power. You can also run additional sound systems or LED screens with the help of the charger.


The car ride through a traffic jam can take a toll on you, especially if you travel daily. You will need to keep your spirits up so that you can perform your job correctly. To make sure that you can go with a relaxed state of mind, try the tips mentioned above. They will help you navigate the roads peacefully with a serene mind.

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