With advanced technologies, businesses have no boundaries. They get the right set of circumstances to reach customers. Hence, creating the website became a roadmap to reach each corner of the world. This sounds exciting, but it takes a lot of effort to make it.  Thus, it became the utmost business priority to have a business website. For creating the website as your brand face. Its Framework, theme, designing, development & programming languages equally play an important role.

In the past few years, for developing a website, technologies & methods hatched up. But still, PHP technology stands rigid at the top as 79 % of the market uses PHP development services. In fact, it has been ruling the development market for more than 25 years. Perhaps, you may wonder, how it is beating the emerging programming languages.

To help you in this, we have discussed such a touchstone- Why PHP Is Still So Important for Web Development. So, please read all the parameters to get a clear vision of it.

What Is PHP?

Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf introduced PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) in 1994. It is an open-source scripting language used to develop a website. And the first server-side language that can be embedded into HTML. It becomes easier to add functionality to websites devoid of calling external files for data. It released version 8.0  in November 2020 with the latest features to unlatch advanced opportunities.

These days, PHP web development services are still incredibly utilized for web development. Some famous website platforms like WordPress and Drupal still follow it. Over recent years, when a new programming language or tool comes forth, it has been foreseen that PHP is dead. Even after such criticism, PHP proves every saying wrong and still holds the first choice for developers.

After lots of deliberations on PHP Development, Let’s proceed further to the top causes for PHP consistency over the years.

Why is PHP Still So Extensively Used?

PHP development services is a vigorous programming language used for web development. There is a lot of justification to make it famous altogether. The simplicity, quick expert guidance, a gigantic database of references with tutorial materials, and fast development abilities are significant advantages of this language. Let me now turn your attention to the top benefits.

Why PHP Development Services Is Still so Vital

Before going any further, If you have your Development team, then well and good, but in case not. Consult with the best PHP Development Company for robust solutions for your business. We have discussed some causes here, so go through them carefully.

1: Simple to Understand & Use:

Working on PHP is simple and more manageable. Indeed, people with basic knowledge or experience in web development can quickly build a website without many hurdles. Because of its easy syntax, command functions & continuous improvements, it took less effort to understand compared to other languages. And thus, these could be the causes for why PHP is as yet the popular choice for so many tech companies or among the dev community.

2: Enhance Simplicity

These days WordPress is the most famous & used to create and run a website built on PHP language. It has become so simple and quick to handle massive databases, process files, and manage errors efficiently with PHP. It covers high flexibility to customize the website in the most efficient ways. With PHP, the coding is like a breeze; you need not go through with complicated and bulk coding. That is why it rules 80 % of the development market to build a website. Some examples like WordPress, Drupal, and more.

3: PHP is open-source (at zero cost):

Web developers can access it for free, which is the primary benefit that led PHP to still stand at the top. Moreover, it took zero investment to install it without any hassle. In short, it helps to control the costs of web development. Anyone can create a business website, eCommerce store, or web application budget-friendly. Also, the dev community ensure to maintain relevant & latest web development trends

4: Dynamic & Versatile

It is platform-independent, indicating that it supports all browsers and can efficiently run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It also ensures all the major web servers. Furthermore, At the lowest cost, you can deploy on different systems and platforms.

5: Vigorous Community Support:

Php is one of the oldest programming languages used for building a business website. So it has an enormous database & references of tutorials, FAQs, and tips. You can quickly get your queries resolved with the help of its community support. Also, it used the community to announce any updates and new plans, which automatically enhanced its trustworthiness.

6: Deep Code Base

The Internet has a vast database where you can quickly find PHP code. Famous websites like WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla use PHP based platforms & plugins.

7: PHP Is fast & secure:

Having a website that is working slow, then it’s better not to have it.

A slow website can turn down a business in no time. So it is crucial to have a responsive business website or application to be equally fast and secure enough. And PHP deploys exactly the same. In the past years, few concerns arose like PHP security, but it proved itself parallelly safe & secure than any other programming language. Eventually, to fight against cyberattacks, it is equipped with various tools, frameworks & best practices to help so.

8: Flexible & Robust  Databases:

Another benefit of choosing PHP for web development is that it is easy to connect with any database. In this way, developers can freely work on the database as per their project requirements.

9: Effective functioning with CMSs

It breaks all the boundaries and hurdles for getting excellence in web development. We have already discussed the uppermost CMSs, embracing WordPress, Drupal, Magento & more. Which is a PHP-based framework, and it is running top among all. This shows its high popularity among developers and businesses. Hence. You can work with different CMSs if you go for PHP as your PHP website development project.

10: Tried And Tested Practices

PHP stands still in all kinds of real-life testing environments. With the support community, you can resolve the bugs & become more stable among developers. Its frameworks and tools make it harder to build a website with all advanced features. Some of the major frameworks are CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel & more. Which helps to make top-notch web apps or websites. The majority of frameworks follow MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. Which hastens to code & assist developers in making enormous websites and applications.


The PHP Web Development Services is the best choice for you if you want to run a web application with advanced features for free. You can customize or get default themes and templates to protect you from tedious & complicated coding.

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