Websites are very much required for each and every business in this digital world. The websites provide information to the visitors about your business and acknowledge them about the different products you sell and different services that you provide to them.

The websites help you to target a large customer base all over the world without doing much effort. This helps you to drive more traffic to the site and eventually increase the sales of your business.

Nowadays, business owners have also started selling their products online by using an e-commerce store. An e-commerce store helps business owners to increase sales by providing the required items to the customers directly at their homes and because it is very much convenient to the customers, they prefer using such online stores rather than visiting the bricks and mortar stores.

If you are planning to also have an online store then you can use a website builder for developing your online store in a very simple way. Shopify and Squarespace are two very famous website builder tools that are used all over the world. People usually get confused that which one to use and which one will provide more benefits in terms of simple and easy development.

Shopify is a very famous e-commerce website builder that is specially designed for selling products online. It is having a very good inventory system, excellent features, amazing business tools, and third-party apps too for scaling your business with ease. Any business planning to sell the products online can use it.

On the other hand, Squarespace is an all-around website builder. It has some added features that can be used for e-commerce. The sales tools of Squarespace are less advanced compared to Shopify and for that reason, it is more affordable. You can check this Squarespace review to learn more about its features and pricing.

It is also considered the king of design and so if you are looking for selling a few products online with some elegant and beautiful templates then it might be the perfect builder for you. Have a look at some of the pros and cons of both of them to have a better idea.

Pros of Shopify:

It is one of the best all-around e-commerce builders available.

It is having an excellent inventory system.

It is capable of selling products across all media channels.

Shopify has a handful collection of apps that help businesses to boost their sales! Apps like TADA help merchants in creating gamified email popups to collect more subscribers while keeping the store visitors engaged and happy.

Complete Guidance Of Shopify vs Squarespace

Cons of Shopify:

The monthly costs in Shopify get added up with apps.

It is having transaction costs for some payment gateways.

When you are switching themes, you need to reformat the whole site which is a major loss of time and effort.

Pros of Squarespace:

It is best for design and contains elegant themes and templates as well.

It has in-built integration for Instagram.

It is having excellent analytics system.

Cons of Squarespace:

It has limited payment options available.

There is no app store in it.

Which is easy to use?

According to a survey, many people found out that Shopify is very easy to use and most of the people gave it a score of 4 out of 5 for ‘ease of use’. The simple language, keyboard shortcuts and ‘undo’ button made the builder the perfect for creating an online store.

Many users said that is very user-friendly and you get complete guidance through the important areas.

On the other hand, the users found Squarespace a lit bit tricky to get a grip with. The users found out that it was the hardest ‘non-ecommerce-specific’ builder to use.

The homepage of Squarespace is very clear but it is not having any visual clues and so it is hard to rectify the errors after you save it. Many of the users enjoyed the creative freedom that the builder provides to them.

The users found out that it was actually easy to add the products compared to writing the product description or just adding text on the page.

So, overall our verdict is that Shopify is much easier to use than Squarespace as it offers a very good balance between complex business tools and simple design features. On the other side, the editor homepage of Squarespace is a little bit tricky for navigating as there are no visual clues for helping you out.

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Which has better sales tools?

The sales tools are very important as they help you to sell your stock online. So, let us have a look at which platform is having better sales tools.

Both platforms offer unlimited products, the ability for adding single or bulk items, direct email alerts for low stock, and in-house revenue reports.

Shopify offers a huge range of marketing, accounting, and shipping apps so that you can make your business more streamlined. You are able to sell the products across 10 different social media platforms.

On the other side, Squarespace doesn’t have an app market and you are only able to sell on Instagram.

So, according to a lot of reviews of the users about the sales tools, it is found that Shopify is having a lot of different apps for integration with the store and so it wins here. Squarespace is having a lot of exciting sales tools but when it comes to the app integration, Shopify edges it.

Which platform has a better design?

Now, if we talk about which platform is better in terms of design then Squarespace will definitely win. It lets your products shine with amazing themes that can be used for a wide range of industries.

Shopify has over 10 free and 50 paid templates but they aren’t that much attractive.

Talking about the final conclusion, if you want to make a more advanced online store then prefer Shopify and if you want a simple store then go for Squarespace as it is comparatively cheaper.

So, this was a complete guide to Shopify vs Squarespace comparison. Hope you have got an idea of which one to choose for your online store!

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