8 Best Health Website WordPress Themes

There is no hiding the fact now that websites and online presence are a must for any business. With the exponential growth of the internet over the years approximately half of the world is on the internet and people use the web to look for their day to day needs regularly. Try to remember the last time you tried to find some service or some shop by asking people about it?! That’s right! We Google everything now.

In any need we look towards the web to provide for answers and the suggestions provided by the search engine is our go to. Now how will a business expand without being on the internet? The answer is simple. It cannot. In this age of technology, one needs to have an online presence to be in business.

The medical profession is not different either. With thousands of medical professionals out there you need to do something to stand out and having an online presence is just a start.

A website is a must for any medical professional to add that professional look to yourself and also it makes contacting for the patients much easier.

But now comes the difficult part. How a doctor will build their website with no prior knowledge of anything technical? Well, thanks to frameworks like WordPress that let you create websites with the help of templates and with just a few hours each day for a month or so. WordPress comes packed up with various Healthcare website templates that could make the job easier for you. Being a doctor does not leave you with enough time so you can also hire someone else to handle your website and you can help them choose the template that you find most attractive about your website. So here are some of the best templates that a medical professional could use for their website.


An efficient drag and drop option for the creator makes it very easy to create the website with this. A header builder makes it very convenient to create your website. There is a demo available specifically for medical sites which makes the work a lot easier.

The header of the demo will have everything in it that a visitor may need to reach out to you. There is also a clear way for the visitor to book an appointment with the doctor without any hassle.


One of the best and really simple theme out there for a developer. It is crafted especially for medical related websites as you would have guessed from the name. Medicare has your back no matter if you are a dentist or a gynecologist, Medicare will be able to create an interactive and powerful design for your website.

Rapid composer plugin allows the developer to develop the website very effectively and with ease. It requires no knowledge of coding and has an effective panel setting which helps further in making changes and improving the site.

Using Medicare is as simple as picking up a demo from the catalog. It has various types for header layouts and provides features such as customizable typographies.


Another theme that is directly based upon the medical sector and provide easy and customized sites to the user. It is a premium WordPress theme for doctors, hospitals, clinics or other medical professionals.

It comprises of three content types which makes it easy to add sliders, personnel, and services to the website. Drag and drop homepage builder is also present which easily lets you create a page according to your needs. So start your custom website with Medi already!


Divi is a spectacular theme hand down and it will make you fall in love with it in an instant. Divi can be used to make websites related to any field that you may want to but it also works really well with medical websites.

The already designed template is also a way to go for many website developers as it is really attractive in itself but if you are looking to customize it then it can be done to its very last detail. Custom layouts will help you get a new version of Divi for yourself. And the best part is that you need no prior to knowledge of either coding or designing to work with Divi !!!


The pleasant, stable and decent theme for you to build your medical website upon. Layouts in this theme are provided with a built-in page builder that allows the drag and drop in option for people who want to add that custom touch to their websites.

But if you don’t want to customize it and save your time when there are a lot of pre-designed layouts available too for you.

It also features a built-in appointment system that lets the visitor book an appointment with the doctor on the go.

Medical Pro

Medical pro provides a complete website building experience to the user through its attractive and very well featured themes. Medicare offers four different header layouts to the user and also a dozen of page templates to choose from thus giving a variety of options.

The bundled visual composer plugin can be used to tweak the layout or the page as per your needs and customize it so you can get what you want of it. There are various other plugins such as displaying timetables and enabling patients to book appointments online.


Though not only limited to the medical use the theme create is one of the most stylish and popular among developers who want to add attractiveness to their pages without much hassle.

Its main feature includes various header layouts, built in mega menu navigation, fonts, contact forms and much more.


A very powerful and fast theme to create your website. Medlink offers four-page layouts and in all those layouts it offers footer and header space to put up your logo, name and contact info for the visitor to contact you and know you better.

The popular drag and drop feature is also present into Medlink thus providing you with better options for adding sliders, panels and more onto your pages. Medlink stands out among most of its kind of themes as it has an edge in giving more information to the visitor which they may need before visiting you.

Final Words

Thus these few templates offer a vast variety of options to the user and it also saves time by giving the user pre-defined templates. The themes provided by WordPress are widely used and most of the templates based websites are made using this only. Thus if you want to outshine your competition and be different from the others a website is a must and there is not a better place than WordPress for setting up your first website without prior knowledge of coding or even designing.

So what are you waiting for?? Go get your domain name and hosting and get your first website out for the world to see!!!

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