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The world’s leading app builder platform

Our app builders have delivered over 100,000 apps to app stores globally

  • Mippin App Generator (Blackberry edition)
  • Appsme
  • Mippin App Factory

Our vision is an app for everything & everyone

Apps for Media Owners

Mippin App Factory

Create your app in five minutes

Brilliant apps on every platform made by you

  • Enables any media owner to build a native, cross-platform app in minutes
  • 100,000+ apps built and published in app stores globally
  • Positions Mippin as the world’s leading app builder platform

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Apps for Small Businesses


Make an app for your business in minutes


  • Enables any small business to make an app that works seamlessly on every phone
  • Making an app is an easy 3-step process that takes about 10 minutes, no technical skill required
  • Tears down the barriers for small businesses to have their own mobile apps

Apps for Products

  • Enables any business to build a cross-platform app for every one of its products or services
  • Apps distributed via physical locations at point of sale (e.g. with QR codes and NFC tags)
  • Potential to make brochures a thing of the past

Our goal: to reach over one million apps published within the next twelve months