Epinephrine autoinjector, also known as an epi-pen is one of the most commonly used medical devices to provide an instant cure and relief to people who suffer severe allergic reactions to food, an insect bite or anything for that matter. Most commonly used to treat an anaphylactic shock, the Epipen, when injected releases a measured dose of the medicine epinephrine (adrenaline). What is an anaphylactic shock you might ask? Predominantly an extreme allergic reaction which can sometimes be life-threatening, it entails swelling of the tongue, itchiness of throat, swelling of eyes, lightheadedness, vomiting and much more.

One may wonder if an Epipen makes something horrible like an anaphylactic shock go away, shouldn’t it be deemed as the very best thing? Alas, like all things, Epipens too have their fair share of drawbacks and side effects. Keep on reading below to know more about the harmful and sometimes long-lasting adverse effects an Epipen has.

Breathing problems:

Some people, after using an Epipen, have trouble inhaling and exhaling. The condition of not being able to breathe properly may last anywhere from a few minutes to a full day even. Inability to breath entails shortness of breath and not being able to fill up your lungs with air fully. If the condition does not subside after a little while, (a few minutes to be on the safe side), it is advisable to get yourself checked and examined by a licensed physician without waiting any longer.

Psychological problems:

Another common effect that users of Epipen reported were psychological. Ranging from depression to anxiety, nervousness, and a myriad of other ailments are some of the significant issues in this area.

Epipen can be bought from online platforms like Click Pharmacy. It might very well be able to save one’s life in case of a severe allergic reaction; if you are, however, on medication for depression or anxiety, it is best to consult with your doctor first as a precautionary measure.

Nobody wants themselves in a situation where the need for an EpiPen is exceptionally high, but it might become counteractive by mixing with their already on-going medication. Epinephrine is known to influence antidepressants. Your physician might suggest an Epipen with mild dosage or may even change your regular medicine.

Stomach Problems:

A predominant side effect of Epipen is getting your digestive system upset. The symptoms may vary from stomach aches to an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen, especially the stomach area. In some cases, this may even result in diarrhoea.  Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water so your body may not get weaker.


The point above brings us to the following side effect, which is weakness. You may feel excessively lazy, or your body may feel like it is hurting. Weakness can also result in an irregular heartbeat because even the slightest movement might take a lot out of you. In situations like these, it is always advisable to keep someone you trust nearby. This precautionary step should be taken in case your condition gets worse; there can be someone who takes care of you or takes you to the hospital. If the condition persists, consult medical personnel as soon as possible.

Pregnancy risks:

If you are pregnant, then it is only advisable for you to take an Epipen as a last resort. The situation should be dire enough for you to justify putting the foetus at risk. Epipens can pose a significant danger to the foetus at any stage of the pregnancy. If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or even close to delivering a baby, you must consult with a doctor about an instantaneous treatment procedure in case you find yourself having a severe allergic reaction to anything.

In some cases, the use of epinephrine during pregnancy has known to be fatal for the foetus. If you have taken this medication before being pregnant, and if you take the drug while being pregnant, inform your physician right away. Especially in the latter scenario.

Uneven heartbeat:

The flow in normal pace of heartbeat has also been noticed as a side effect after the use of epinephrine. The symptom may present itself as a sudden fast thumping of the heart, followed by a normal pace. An irregular heartbeat can be seen soon after injecting the medicine lasting up to a day and in some cases even days.

Heart complications:

Speaking of irregular heartbeat, another rather severe effect is heart pains that sometimes lead to a heart attack. If after using the medication, you feel even the slightest bit of regularity with your heart or experience chest pain, get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. It is possible for people to experience a second anaphylactic shock shortly after the first one and if the use of epinephrine brings complication to your heart health, it is best to use the second dose while being supervised in a safe and controlled environment, i.e. of a hospital.


Adding to the list of side-effects of this life-saving drug, let us move onto another one, i.e. vomiting. Depending on the severity of the situation, a person may only feel nauseous but in some cases may even vomit time and again.

Some severe side effects include losing consciousness. While it may not be widespread but fainting after the use of this drug is not entirely unheard of. Depending on the situation, one may experience compromised vision (unclear and blurry), chest pains and seizures as well. While this may be the worst-case scenarios, it does not take very long for situations to get worse. To be on the safe side, always get yourself checked by a licensed medical professional after making use of an Epipen. In ignorance and haste, it is common for people to inject an overdose of epinephrine which can become a trigger for most of these ailments. Irrespective of you facing these issues, medical consultation is imperative.

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