With 66% of marketers using email marketing for directing people towards their content, email certainly works as a great way of getting in touch with other people. It doesn’t only let you connect with your subscriber base but also gives you an opportunity to establish a connection with the influencers of your target market.

This is where email outreach comes in handy. Simply put, apart from assisting you to make connections with influencers, it also helps you create backlinks while generating leads and improving your overall customer experience. Further, it also works seamlessly towards driving traffic to your website and boosting your search rank through the effective use of the inbound link.

All in all, email outreach and link building go hand in hand. In fact, a dedicated link building strategy begins with a HTML email template. Now, the question is, how can you ace your email outreach strategy to improve your website’s SEO? However, before you dive deep into various email template examples that will help you outreach your prospects seamlessly, let’s look at a few simple rules that you must abide by before leveraging the email outreach strategy. Here we go.

Publish impeccable content

We all know how content is the king and how it can make or break your email campaign. Therefore, it becomes imperative to create content that’s exceptionally good, relevant, and has the ability to strike a personal chord with the prospect.

Proofreading is important

An impeccable content will do no good to you if it is full of grammatical mistakes and typos. Therefore, it is critical to proofread your work before you hit the send button. Once you are done with it, proofread some more. Remember, no matter how cliche it might sound but the first impression indeed is the last impression, and good grammar with a wise choice of words is something that resonates with bloggers and influencers easily.

Creating value is the key

Pitching for guest posts and backlinks is a common SEO practice. However, instead of pitching it out straight or asking a connection to link back your website out of nowhere, you can create value by asking your prospect if you can write something for their website or blog. In addition, you can even offer them new ideas for the content they are already working on. Such strategies will assure that you get your hands on some valuable and quality backlinks.

Target prospects individually

It’s a proven fact that personalization is the key to effective email strategy. So, don’t go for one size fits all approach. To put it in other words, adopting a mass email approach for your entire contact base is a complete no. Instead, do a little research and craft individual emails for specific influencers based on their interests, profile, and nature of work.

Precise subject lines always work

Everyone is busy. The prospect you are trying to reach is no different either. So, value their time and come to the point quickly through a precise subject line. Simply put, try conveying your message in fewer yet relevant words. It will help the prospect instantly get your message. Moreover, there are certain email readers that don’t allow the display of longer subject lines. Therefore, if you try using a lot of words, the chances of it getting cut off become higher.

Avoid extensive follow-up

Once you have sent your outreach email, have patience. Wait for a while. If you don’t get a response after a few days, do follow up but make sure not to take an aggressive approach. In short, instead of pestering your prospects with continuous follow-ups, focus on warm leads.

These are few of the many rules that can make your email outreach campaign top-notch. Now, let’s take a look at the various email template examples that will help you extract the benefits of email outreach to the core.

Give Them a First Preview Offer

A first preview offer is a great way of striking a conversation with a new prospect. Such outreach emails work seamlessly in sharing your content. All you need to do is ask the target influencer if they are willing to take a look on a piece of content you want them to link to. Consequently, make sure you have given your outreach email a personal touch with enough details to encourage the recipient to respond back.

Relevancy is the Key

You can make your email outreach strategy successful by promoting something relevant within your outreach email. For instance, if a prospect or influencer has posted an article that resonates with your business model, you can offer to add more value to that content but including some additional info. Remember, influencers and bloggers are always looking for new and fresh content. So, if they can get it for free without putting much effort, they would happily grab the opportunity. A pro-tip here is to add the links to your published articles and build credibility with the guest blog editor.

A direct offer always works

Sometimes a direct pitch is all you need to break the ice with your prospect. So, put your salesmanship skills to good use and let them know you are willing to write content for them. Also, make it a point to mention how your content is going to benefit your prospect.

Leverage social media

Do you have an insightful content piece that’s helping you drive immense traffic to your website or something that’s going viral on social media? If so, do mention it in your outreach email. After all, it is a social proof about your content being high-end, relevant and full of quality, thereby motivating the influencers to link back to it.

Do a broken link mention

Earning a backlink can become an easy task if you opt for the right strategy at the right time. This is where broken link mention comes in handy. You can make good use of it by checking the blogroll or the list of the articles of an influencer you are trying to get in touch with. Once you go through that list, you will find a few broken links for sure. Now, all you need to do is send an email to the influencer alerting them about the same while gently requesting them to link back your website. Now, isn’t that a smart strategy?

Wrap up

The above-mentioned points can surely help you create custom email templates for outreach that are not only effective for SEO but also go a long way in creating a long-lasting relationship with your prospects. So, if you have got some great content on your website, get hold of the email outreach strategy while improving your rank and overall business.

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