Social Media Contests

Running social media contests is definitely a big opportunity. It can help you amplify your brand message while highlighting the new products and services in the competitive market. Experts reveal that when you are interested to receive organic reach for your business, it is better to start with social media promotions. Contests can help you achieve maximum leads with minimal efforts and soon you will be able to enjoy enhanced returns at your business platform. Many big business brands even prefer to buy online award votes to stay on top of the competitors.

Social Media Contests

No matter what kind of business you are running, social media contests can support your promotions with ease. The idea is to develop a reliable social media marketing strategy that can help you engage your audience online. When contests are launched with a well-planned strategy, they can help you achieve an enhanced brand reputation online. However, those who are new to social media contests might be eager to find some trusted ways to impress the audience. Don’t worry! Below we have listed few simple steps that anyone can follow with ease to run social media contests for enhanced conversion:

Set your goals:

The first most thing you need to do is set up realistic goals for your contests. Start by updating your social media calendar so that you can be consistent with your contests. This is the best way to establish SMART goals for your marketing campaigns. There are so many goals that you can achieve with social media contests. The list includes boosting brand awareness, increasing followers count on social media, a growing list of email subscribers, encouraging community engagement, understanding customers, and getting user-generated content.

At the same time, you need to make efforts to set up your budget. There are so many things to consider while deciding a budget; the list includes promotion cost, prize, and other paid services. Do not forget to estimate your return of investment while expanding your business through contest marketing campaigns. When contest marketing campaigns are launched well, they can also help you buy votes in bulk amount.

Choose attractive prizes:

The next important thing for leading a successful contest marketing campaign is to announce some handsome and valuable prizes for the contest winners. Note that you do not just want entrants for your contest; rather, you need to enhance your conversion potential. Therefore, it is important to choose prizes carefully so that you can attract the most relevant audience to your brand. When people find your competitions relevant, they are likely to buy real contest votes in bulk amount.

One of the best pieces of advice from experts is to choose gifts out of your own products and services. You can also choose another product that is closely related to your brand or can serve the interests of your target audience. For many of you, offering a unique experience to the customers may be the best deal. You can also present them with money or gift cards as well. After making a selection for the prize, you may also need to decide the procedure to announce winners. There must be a clear strategy so that participants can make efforts to win as per the pre-defined criteria.

Choose the right platform:

While running a contest online, you need to accept entries from the target audience. The main goal of launching these campaigns is to receive the highest number of entries which is possible only if you choose the right platform to lead the contest. There is no need to stick to any one platform; you can launch contests on multiple social media channels to attract an extensive range of people. You can also promote your contests on different platforms to make sure that you receive enhanced participation. It is also possible to motivate people to buy votes online to ensure win-win conditions in the competition.

Depending upon the social media networks in the list, you can determine your entry requirements for the contest. In order to ensure an enhanced conversion rate, you should make the entry process quite simple. It will attract a higher number of people and this increase engagement can help you lead desired awareness in the market.

Type of contest:

There are so many types of contests that you can choose to run your marketing campaigns. Some of the best ideas are photo contests, video contests, caption contests, sweepstakes, and vote to win contests. The selection must depend upon your type of business and the launched contest must link to the interests of your audience. You can also consider submission-based contests where winners are selected on a random basis. Participants that are interested to win the battle may also love to buy votes for contest to stay ahead of competitors.

You can also integrate contests over multiple networks to enhance your reach. It can help you to achieve an increased reputation in the competitive market. Motivate your audience to spread awareness about your contests in their network, it can further help you to achieve enhanced participation for contests. Promotions can also help you to achieve more leads in the market.

After making all these decisions, you need to decide the length of your contests. They usually depend upon what kind of goals you want to achieve and how much excitement you want to keep among your audience. At the same time, you should create a feeling of urgency for contest participants so that they get eager to buy votes in bulk amount. Before you start, make sure you check out all the legal requirements for contests. It is necessary to check all the rules of the preferred social network, it may help you to promote and lead your contest with ease. You can also create contests over multiple platforms to enhance participation online. It is the best way to promote your business over a larger network. But make sure you can lead organic campaigns to boost your followers count online.

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