There is no denying the fact that HubSpot and Marketo are undoubtedly two of the best Marketing software that marketers are constantly using for improving their businesses. It is practically impossible to compare the two because both of them have been serving wide user bases for quite some years. However, you must understand what the platforms are capable of providing and what they are not so that you can decide which one you can use for your business. 

Marketo vs. HubSpot

Overview of the products

Marketing automation is undoubtedly the best friend of every marketer. Marketers have to concentrate on building campaigns, monitor the campaigns, send emails, automate emails, and make everything easier. With the help of the marketing automation tools, it will be easy to simplify everything. This is why more than 51% of the organizations from different parts of the world are responsible for using marketing automation tools. Both Marketo and HubSpot are responsible for coming with several important tools, which include:

  • Optimization as well as SEO tools
  • Blogging tools 
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • CRM integrations
  • Social listening feature
  • Third-party integration

Marketers already know that both these platforms are big players but it is important to choose between both of them. 


This platform started gaining popularity when it had been helping the technique of inbound marketing to receive relevance. Inbound marketing is one of the most important techniques, which is responsible for drawing the customers to services and products with the help of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and branding. 

HubSpot, with the help of its software, writing, and blogging efforts, has helped in turning this inbound method into something that the marketers prefer constantly. These efforts were great and the inbound focused automation tools are precise, which has helped the platform to gain all the popularity. This is why most of the marketers are using HubSpot right now. 


This automation software started in the year 2006 and it is considered to be one of the well recognized and lauded automation tools that are being used by marketers from different parts of the world. It is responsible for delivering powerful performance, irrespective of the size of your business, by utilizing several important tools like strong integrations, email sequences, and SEO optimization. 

Product comparison

Given below is a list of the product comparison of both the marketing automation software. 


Filtering means considering the pool of leads and assigning important variables and tags so that you can focus on sending relevant experiences to them. These experiences are also known as campaigns. 

With HubSpot, the process of filtering is not only simple but also easy. You can filter based on the behavior criteria of the leads, which include location, traffic source, and the time on site. It can help in identifying mismatches as well as discrepancies in the data. It is a gradual and analytical approach, but still, HubSpot has failed to beat Marketo. 

With Marketo, marketers will not only be able to filter leads, but they will also use the data for personalizing the experience of the customers. This is also extremely simple to use. 

Both the products are responsible for performing admirably, however, it is important to provide the advantage to Marketo. Marketo is highly effective and simple whereas HubSpot is responsible for providing features that other marketing automation tools are also responsible for providing. 

Automated program

An automated program is not only responsible for focusing on automation but the marketing automation software should have the capability of automating more than only campaigns. It is the responsibility of marketers to work with the sales for nurturing leads. According to several analysts, marketing automation tools should be capable of automatically classifying the leads based on the sales-readiness. It should be capable of understanding the leads along with the intent that they have. 

Starting with HubSpot, it is important to understand that this web-based platform is responsible for providing a fantastic flow of work for understanding the leads as well as building a completely automated workflow right from scratch. You will also be able to establish workflows in a structured and better manner based on the buyer persona and the goals and objectives of the leads. 

On the contrary, the customer engagement engine of Marketo is an amazing kit, which is responsible for letting marketers develop relevant dialogues, which can be built simply. All these dialogues can be customized and can also be used as an important part of the basic drip campaigns. 

It is impossible to pick between the two products because both HubSpot and Marketo are responsible for providing amazing automated experiences. Make sure that you know everything about Marketo vs. HubSpot to choose only the best for your business. According to, Marketo is cloud-based software. 

Customer retention

When you are running your campaign, every point is responsible for presenting a drop off for the leads. If you are sending a wrong message at the wrong time, the lead count will plummet to a great extent. Therefore, customer retention is focusing on keeping all the customers engaged and interested in the messages that you are sending to them, even after they have converted in the process of sales. You should not forget that the best customers are undoubtedly going to be your repeat customers. 

Marketo has been helping marketers work on long-lasting and effective campaigns, which can be personalized deeply. This software has allowed leads to remain engaged with unique and relevant content like targeted emails and blog posts. This is why Marketo attained a perfect score in the case of customer retention. 

HubSpot is one of the best inbound marketing machines and the platform has been helping marketers to create lead nurturing campaigns, which can be managed automatically. This takes away the hassle of filtering manually and sending customers’ experiences. Emails can be fired based on time triggers. This is why HubSpot has also received a perfect score. 

When you are thinking of getting a product, which has amazing features of customer retention, you will find it extremely difficult to choose between either one of the software, because both of them have great customer retention features. 


It is always important to evaluate the needs of your business or your organization before you are choosing marketing automation software. Make sure that you are going through the comparison of HubSpot and Marketo before you are selecting which one will be right for you. 

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